Rest on the wave: Best seats for surfing

The sun has just risen, but the sleepy ocean is already calling his faithful disciples &# 8211; The best waves for those who early rises!

Unpolluted Paradise &# 8211; Galicia, Spain

Beaches of Galicia are behind the burnt hills, fields and isolated villages. But this is not just another place on the map, here you can take the board and sail where the wave will lead. Hidden from the rest of the world beaches without exaggeration can be considered National Host Gallego (Galician people). The best waves are broken down at the foot of the 600-meter cliff, and the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean creates a pleasant cool contrast with the hot Spanish sun. On the Pyrenean Peninsula morning skating on the waves deserves dinner with delicious seafood at sunset. It is best that untouched landscape meets a lone surfistist without hordes of wild tourists.

Famous Indian Ocean &# 8211; Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, washed by the Indian Ocean. The southern coast has the most beautiful beaches, such as Kambouroughamuva, Gurubibila And charming bay Veligama. As if the gods of surfing created the perfect place for the board &# 8211; Dry climate from April to October and two-meter waves in gorgeous greenish waters.

Surprise &# 8211; Prefecture of Tiba, Japan

The coast of Tiba Prefecture offers some more complex waves and interesting tasks for more experienced surfers. About 2 hours drive by car from Tokyo, this area Specializes in growing colors and strawberries and littered by beaches with a casual rural atmosphere.

From August to October, local residents are waiting for the waves brought by the Typhoon season. On weekends, the beaches are filled with crowds, and all scream at the sight of surfers on the water. However, if you go on a wave early, the only crowds that can be seen, &# 8211; These are flocks of cormorants on nearby rocks.

Beach holiday lovers &# 8211; San Onofre, California

Each of the three regions (TRESSES, OLD MAN&# 8217; S, Trail) offers Amazing waves of different levels of complexity. If you do not pay attention to the nuclear power plant, you can join California playboo, which are engaged in air surfing.

Newbies and veterans waves fight together on the water, the beach and on car picnics, where food is served directly from the chests. Board in one hand and taco with fish in another &# 8211; perfect combination for summer.

Surfer dream came true &# 8211; Nuki, Colombia

Abandoned beaches, ideally suitable for snowboarding, really exist. To get to Nuki on the plane from Medellin or on a boat from Guachalito, you need to either know the locality well, or love to cross the thick jungle.

On the beach, Pico de Loro, you can get a great pleasure from the hunt for a wave at an interesting rock education, and in Cabo Corrientes Waiting for a small test. During the break, you can always explore the rocking palm trees.

If you get tired of surfing, you can replace the chalk. From July to October, raising is very nice, sometimes accompanied by migratory whales.

European Surfing Mecca &# 8211; Biarritz, France

Biarritz &# 8211; City of contrasts: The 19th century architecture is combined with modern hotels, bars and clubs. Before going to the beach, It is worth staying in Roshe de la Vierz, To pray for big waves and try fresh oysters in the market.

Biarritz, open surfing pioneers in the 1950s, whose love for the board awakened the American documentary, is considered a cradle of surfing in Europe. Beautiful climate, strategic location and Atlantic Ocean Waves &# 8211; It is not surprising that surfing still flourishes in the south-west of France.

There are countless beaches in Biarritz for both beginners and for those who have lost in the world of enthusiasts. Moreover, in San Sebastian You can catch the waves in one step from the Spanish bars and narrow alleys.

Summer has not yet ended &# 8211; Tagazut, Morocco

Water with temperature above 20 degrees Celsius even in winter, waves even at low tide and cheap service &# 8211; In Morocco there is all, What you need to samples for happiness. The fishing village of Tagazut regularly attracts young people from all over the world, thirsty adventures on the wave.

Alcohol is not for sale here, so from agadir, which is located 20 km away, you can bring everything that is required. On the way you can make a stop for a photo shoot with goats, climbing on the tops of the trees in search of nuts.

Rest on the wave The best seats for surfing

Land of surfing gods &# 8211; Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

Uluwatu &# 8211; One of the most popular windsurfing places on Bali. The ancient temple of Luhur Ulwatat overlooking the ocean makes it unique. Going down 70 meters down from the temple, you can reach the water edge, the height of the wavelength of which ranges from 90 cm to 3 m, which makes it an ideal place for both beginners and experienced surfers. Sometimes There are crowded here, Especially when the waves are not too high. It is better to come in the morning to enjoy the beach alone.

After the surfing you can go to a massage or snack in one of the small varung (family stores), which are often found on the shore.

Dive into the southern ocean &# 8211; Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Jeffreys Bay &# 8211; a great place for surfing just an hour drive from Port Elizabeth. Waves here pass along the coastline at a depth of up to 800 meters, which creates an impression, as if they carry endlessly.

One of the main strengths of Jeffreys-Bay &# 8211; The combination of constantly changing waves, which will ensure excellent entertainment for both newcomers and professionals. In addition, there is a surfing perspective In a close company with dolphins and an unforgettable adventure in the waters on the very edge of the Southern Ocean.

When leaving the water, you can admire the magnificent white beaches and charming shells surrounding the coastline.

Iberian magic &# 8211; PRIAY DRU-AMADA, PORTUGAL

Thanks to the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is known as one of the best surfing sites in the world. And newcomers, and experienced fans of boards will find something for themselves.

Especially it is worth mentioning one place &# 8211; Praia do Amada, Cult beach in Algarve. Stable waves allow surfing all year round. This is the perfect place for beginners who want to practice their skills before going to more demanding Portuguese destinations for boards lovers.

For stronger impressions should go north Along the coast in Eriseir, where you can experience both light and much more complex waves. Professionals noted that the fishing village of Nazare, 45 minutes by car from Lisbon, offers the biggest waves, on which you can ride at an altitude of up to 30 meters above the water surface.

Rest on the wave The best seats for surfing

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