Rest the way you want.

Aircraft, train, car – anyway than – go to Finland! You will feel a completely different taste of life and feel absolutely different times of time in the environment of amazingly beautiful nature – chains of mountain sills, pine forests and crystal clear lakes ..

Cottage, sauna and boat – "Sacred Trinity" Summer holiday in Finland. It was the Finns that created a unique culture of recreation in summer cottages or Finnish "Mökki".

For some holidays in the cottage – this is a refuge for solitude, for others – this is a base for outdoor activities. You can relax near the lake or the sea coast, to do small in the ascetic house in the protected forest or enjoy modern amenities at the luxury villa, rent a private island, a secluded wagon or an old fire station, transformed into the cottage. On the website collected more than 4,000 cottages across Finland – the choice is yours!

And whatever the choice you do, surround you will be amazing, the unique nature of Finland, which has an active rest.

  • Holidays on the lake
  • Cottage
  • Fishing in Finland

One of the most popular types of rest in Finland – Fishing. 2006 years ago, the English lovers of fishing were discovered for themselves "Salmon river" Teno, and Russian aristocracy attracted the majestic threshold of the Uceauxy with Kumzha. Fishing in Finland is equally good and in the south, and in the lake edge, and on the distant north of the country. Of course, the inner waters and marine peasants are omitted from each other and scenery, and the types of fish inhabiting in different places. But after all, it is in diversity and a secret is the secret of dripping!

Water everywhere crystal clear, and fish is just delicious! What exactly will come to you on the hook – pike perch, north sea bass or freshwater perch, which is called "National fish Finland" – It depends on luck, weather, and from where you are fishing – in the inner waters or on the sea coast. It is possible that you will find yourself the owner and more valuable catch – if your bait is trying to taste your bait.

But, in any case, we wish you Finnish’s’ Kireita Siimoja!’, What means "Good luck and good Kleva!"

Recent years in increasing popularity among tourists acquires Forest golf. During the game on a real golf course, the ball can easily please into the forest, which, of course, does not cause joy from a unlucky player. But now a new type of golf is invented, where the player does not get out of the forest all over the game. Play metal sticks and tennis balls. Since the game field retains its natural coating, the wells have an increased size. Distance looped on a variety of relief. Dry Pine Forest – Lovely Scenery for Fresh Air Adventures. On the territory of golf a lot of paths, and the branches of trees are located high, which makes it possible to perform blows from a big distance. Often you have to send the ball along the lifting or on the Skat, which involuntarily reminds the player that he is in the forest, where the success in the game is largely dependent and from the simple luck. Come play in the forest golf, which has become a new hit, against the background of the magnificent lake and forest landscapes of Finland!

And after the game – get into the bath "in black", To at the same time Share Impressions with other players.

Amateurs of romantic adventures must definitely go to Aland archipelago, To find among thousands of islands the most mysterious – the island of Chokar. Once all here were pirates, drank rum and shouting "car-r-rabba!". And although already in the Middle Ages, the monks built a monastery on the island and saved the lost souls, Aura sea romance to this day envelops these places ..

Aland Islands are a favorite destination for lovers Bicycle tourism. By the scholar route you can get to the mainland of Finland. Familiarization with Finland during cycling hikes every year conquers more and more supporters. The reason for this is simple – idyllic routes, hining forest paths and exciting complex routes for Mountain bikes offer many options for both bike vacation and short cracks.

Rest the way you want.
  • Hiking
  • Traveling on quad bike
  • River threshold descent

No less popular in Finland hiking.

In the region Kyumi, is the National Park "Repovesi" And the forest reserve adjacent to him "Vigra". Deaf harsh forests, rocks, fir and pine swamps and crystal lakes – wonderful entourage for a fascinating campaign – it’s like computer charms, only around real wildlife and fairing fresh air.

While walking through forest paths you will probably meet people with ski sticks. And air temperature at the same time + 25c ° and, where, by the way their skis? Do not wonder. They are just doing Scandinavian walking, Special sport invented in Finland. Be sure to try. This is a magnificent aerobics in the fresh air.

Sopgia, Hills and Heath-covered Plains of Finland can, of course, study on a bike or explore on foot. But nothing prevents traveling here and on a quad bike or jeep. And on the slopes of Finnish Sings, you can experience all joys high-speed descent on cars. For greater orphanage to descend on the slope, a car without an engine is used, which is an excellent toy for lovers of acute sensations wishing to experience their own fearlessness.

Find for adventure lovers on water and rabid speeds – RIB Gunning Boat – This is a rubber boat with a solid bottom, equipped with a 550 liter engine.with. Boats of this class are used in marine rescue operations worldwide. In Finland, special safari are organized for lovers in speed and extreme. On the boat you can go with a standard safari tour, and it is possible after the preparation of an individual program – where you want.

Often think that River threshold descent – It is fun only for cold-blooded amateurs of acute sensations. But in Finland, under the right leadership, this may experience anyone. You can learn the descent on the thresholds yourself, but you can participate in a superpopular safari, which is always accompanied by fun bustling and surprises.

Tourist routes in Fidangia can be found not only on land and water, but also. on the trees! This summer "compulsory" is visiting new season – Thematic Park Flowpark. Become free like birds in the sky! – Finnov is a mental state called "FLOU". If you have a desire to be a Tarzan or Jane couple of hours, or you just love active rest, Flowpark is just for you! Absolutely new entertainment park Flowpark provokes its guests to get rid of prohibitions and offers many active entertainment. Here you will find a specially equipped route for traveling by trees.

  • Theme Park Flowpark
  • Water Park Serena
  • Summer sunset

The largest in the Scandinavian countries Aqua Park Serena It offers such an attraction that for passionate admits of rest on the water of one day may not be enough. For lovers of extreme sensations, the park prepared water slides and huge waves, roaring and raging waterfalls. Lovers "Beach holidays" Soul reassuring pools with deep water. Adventure seekers will not be able to resist "call" water pipe called "Black hole", where the light and sound effects add impressions even those who seemed already saw everything!

And in the park of Serena, it is necessary to test your courage in the pool with huge artificial waves, relax in the tropical atmosphere, ride in the wilderness from 140 meters of the height of the Willivirt and experience pleasure from a unique sauna in a cave cut right in the rock.

Formula 1 fans invites PowerPark, Created around the world famous "Ring Route Mika Salo", PowerPark Multifunction Park is more than 30 exciting attractions, Europe’s largest closed karting hall, breathtaking american roller coaster and many different cafes and restaurants. If there is no effort to leave PowerPark, there is no reason for anxiety – there is a cozy hotel on the park.

And do not forget to include in your plans a simple enjoyment of sunrises and sunsets – the sun is only slightly "diving" Over the horizon and very soon almost at the same point floats back into the sky, arranged about the occurrence of a new day – an exceptionally picturesque picture, testifying about the outstanding talent of the artist named "nature".

Rest the way you want.

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