Rest! Under the water. With aqualung

In recent years, the passion for underwater swimming with aqualung is becoming a massive character. The vacationer already has little simple beach pleasure. Underwater world give him. And I must say, for such restless many opportunities appeared to learn to conquer the underwater kingdom. There would be funds and desire – everything else will teach you.

Before admiring the underwater world and receive true pleasure from this, you need to buy at least elementary skills to do without risk for life. Athletes-instructors on underwater swimming, and diversa-lovers, who today have already been a lot, in one voice they say: learn better at home is cheaper and more reliable. The course of study at the resort, in a good dive center, will cost 250-350 dollars. In addition, there may be difficulties in dealing with a foreign-speaking instructor, even if you know the language well. In Moscow schools, the cost of the course fluctuates from $ 130 to 200. The price may depend on the number of people in the group, on the qualification of instructors, on time of classes (in the evening more expensive), from the financial condition of the center, as well as how long ago it exists.

Today in Moscow "operates more than 20 dive centers. But really clubs who have enormous experience and strictly withstand all standards provided for by training systems – about five. The most common diving training system developed in the United States is Padi (Professional Diving Instructors Association). More than 65% of underwater swimming centers in different countries work on these unified and clearly debugged standards of training and maintenance. It is not surprising that most Moscow schools use this system to study.

Learning the wisdom of immersion with aqualung can be at any age, the main thing is to be able to swim. It is also available to children (from 10 years old). The most important or basic course of study is 5 days: theory, immersion in "Flaggy", Then six-meter pool. Mandatory program – 5 dives with an instructor and thirty-minute stay under water, further – by means and desire. After that, the diver receives the transfer sheet to another instructor, rides "Open water" (on some exotic sea), plunges 4 times and becomes the owner of the card "Open water diver" (after paying 20 dollars for it). Actually, this is the order provided for by standards. In practice, in some clubs (especially in those who use other training systems) give a dive card immediately after diving in the pool. Experienced instructors do not welcome. Not only the pool, but even our reservoirs – muddy, small and cold – do not give the feeling of depth. Therefore, dropping immediately to the bottom of the sea, not long and confused.

However, "Path to bottom" can be cut to one day somewhere in Turkey or in Egypt. But at the same time, you should not forget that if knowledge and experience is not enough, there may be various barryravums, and then caisson disease. It should also be said that some centers in resorts violate the standards of training. It happens completely and next to this happens in Turkey, for example, a group to one instructor is gaining 15-20 people, although the instructions have a maximum of 5-6 people. As a result, the instructor is not able to monitor everyone, and even more so pay time individually to everyone.

Experienced scablasts, as a rule, prefer not to the place, but a dive center. By the way, in a good Moscow center you are always oriented by countries and clubs and, you should not take it for self-task, schools will value with your reputation.

Rest! Under the water. With aqualung

Perhaps the most affordable and interesting place, especially for the beginner, – the Red Sea. In Egypt and prices are quite moderate and fly not far. Most of the entire centers in Hurghada, and there is enough space for diving. The most famous Carlos Reef, Peter Reef, Abu Ramad and many more. However, in the season, each reef is collected from a dozen bots with divers, so that underwater sights may have a queue. Somewhat less people in Sharm-Esheich, because it’s more expensive there, but next to the unique fish reserve Ras Mohammad. "Daiversky" Day (yacht, lunch and two dives) are approximately the same – 50-60 dollars.

Seriously "Sickness" Swimming with aqualung seek the Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia, on the island closer to the equator: Maldives, Mauritius, Tahiti, Bora Bora. The underwater world there fantastic and dive centers are very good, but the prices are higher (dive day from $ 70). In the countries of the Mediterranean Sea diving centers, too. But the sea itself is not as interesting in terms of underwater life, although the programs themselves can be very exciting. For example, walks on flooded ships or night diving. True, the European service is worth 20-30 percent more.

Last: Choosing a dive center, it is better to give preference to those whose management German or Italian. Order in such centers more.

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