Rest with children – reasoning

Let’s talk about holidays with children. Not with those who try to try beer by all truth and inconsistent with the German girls, knowing only a few words in English. About real children 2-12 years.

Just recently, I shared my knowledge with several ladies who made a ticket and asked the same question: "Where to go to children it is interesting?".

What surprised first

Make your child’s rest interesting – this is a comprehensive task. However, all tourists are concentrated only on one aspect, without paying any attention to the rest. The most popular problem on which the parents are "docked" is some excursion an interesting child.

Where to go with a child

In each country there are where to go with the children, and they will be delighted. Take at least the Dominican Republic. Yes, there is a great place – Manati Park, a large zoo with exotic beasts and animal representations. It would seem that the problem was solved, but remember what Dominican is where this country is located. For those who do not know geography well, we will remind you that 9,300 kilometers are separated. How your child will withstand 12 hours of flight time Moscow-Dominican? Whether there will be a rest for him interesting if he starts with such torture?

In each country there are, where to reduce children. First of all – this is water parks. There is no good and entertaining water park on the resorts of Tunisia, but there is a magnificent Zoo Frigia with all famous African animals and dinner with dancers of Zulus dancers.

The best water park with a children’s zone, in my opinion, is Albatross Aqua Blue in Egypt, there is the largest zone for children with small slides, and personnel for a small fee can even look at children. He is also the largest water park area in the resort of Charm El Sheikh. By reference at the beginning of paragraph you will find a photo gallery from this place, there are many photos of the children’s part.

What to take a child at the hotel

This problem should worry much more. A trip to Waterpark or Zoo is half a day, and the hotel time is everything else time. It is worth thinking about what your child will do all day.

All this time is divided into two categories. The first thing when you yourself have to entertain him, and the second – when it can do it for you. Let’s start with the possibility of third-party specialists. First of all, think, and whether the animators will know the animators? In the same resorts of the Dominican Republic, no one knows. Animators will simply not understand what does not like the child, or what he wants. He wanted to the toilet, and how he should say about it? By the way, by the aggregate of the above factors, I would not recommend tours to the Dominican Republic to relax with children in general.

In Tunisia or Morocco, the situation is symmetrical, not to mention Thailand or Sri Lanka. If you want to leave a child with animators, choose Turkey or Egypt, there are no problems there.

It is worth paying attention to a set of special programs for children. It is a modeling of clay, dance lessons and all the similar, suitable animators. They will not take your child, but half an hour of rest guarantee. Here immediately remembers the work about. Henry "Leader of Redhead" or the Soviet film on this work with George Vicin in the lead role. Remember, "half an hour I guarantee you" and "I will have time to reach the Canadian border". Children have a lot of energy, and adults need to relax from this "atomic reactor".

Even if you yourself will spend all the time with the child, he needs to do something. And for this, the hotel should provide the appropriate infrastructure. Best hope for sports facilities. Tennis court, mini-golf course, football or basketball – here are your saviors. And the sport yourself is plagued and the child entertain.

Rest with children - reasoning

If there is no infrastructure, it is sad, but you will be helped by the beach and walks. It is very useful to have a wide range of walks, as you answer the question "Pap (Mom), and what is it?"You will have to constantly. The case when the children would not have picked up their parents with such asks, I remember only one. It was in Tunisia in the resort of Port El Cantaui. Next to the hotel there were shops with fancy figures made of scrap metal, with them even a child was everything clear. By the way on the link there is a gallery photo where you can watch this magnificence.

On the beach you can take a child for a long time, but you need to follow them. Even the construction of sand castles An unpredictable occupation.

By the way, about sand castles

I remember when I was small, almost all children were engaged. Now, how much did not go to different resorts, I did not notice this. What is connected? Here everything is simple, modern children are not tuned to creation, they have everything.

Why we built in childhood in the 80s robots from the Soviet designer? Because we did not have these robots, but there was a designer. Children are now everything, they simply do not need to build anything. It is sad, I think it will not end.

Other excursions with children

They need to choose carefully. Remember even, Dominican Altos de Chavon – City of Artists. There is no particular sense to go with children, as they will understand little. Charm of the recreated city of the colonial era! For children, this is an empty sound.

And the excursion to Saon Island in general is contraindicated. Don’t need to look at our tourists. During this event, it was necessary to drink rum, but some of our tourists manage to drink not only during, but, before, and after, and some are managed instead.

Rest with children - reasoning

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