Rest with baby: practical advice

Each trip with the child should be It is thought out and planned. It is primarily about the health and safety of the child, but also on the rest of the parents &# 8211; Although it is known that with a small child it is difficult.

If there is a dream of a trip to the mountains, and there is an 8-month-old child, then it is worth thinking whether this time is for climbing adventures. Perhaps worth it For the first time think about about staying in the valley and joint travel to places where you can comfortly take a walking stroller or carrying.

Many places where you can relax and have fun with children. Here you can mention the beaches of the Baltic Sea recommended by doctors thanks Favorable microclimate, Mazur Lakes surrounded by meadows and forests, cities and towns, ready to take small and large tourists.

The choice of a foreign course requires much more attention. To get rid of unpleasant surprises, before leaving abroad, you should familiarize yourself with the geopolitical position of the selected country: check the website Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where data on the directions not recommended for the tourist movement are constantly published. These may be alerts as a result of hostilities, epidemiological situations or natural disasters.

Even if there is an extreme traveler strip, I should think, Is it worth risking the health or health of the loved ones for their own hobbies.

Quality of medical services in a particular country or region. Children are often sick, and simple poisoning may require advice to the doctor and purchase drugs.


Each Must remember, What is worth putting a child’s medical record in a suitcase or a private clinic card. The medical record is not mandatory, but it contains many important information about the health of the child and the suffering diseases. In the hospital, the map may be asked upon registration.

Additional formalities are waiting for the border:

  • The child hasThere must be a document, Certification personality. In the case of the countries of the European Union, this may be an identity card that receives after submitting an appropriate application no later than 30 days in the office of the city, or district.
  • Rest with kid practical advice
  • If the vacation is not planned in advance, in the country outside the EU, you will also have to wait for no more than 30 days to receive a passport, which We are interested in kid’s trip.
  • Necessary learn in advance, Does an additional visa need, vaccinations or other references for a child. If the rest organizes a travel agency, a sweetheart lady will take on most formalities in exchange for signing the Covenant in the form of a contract for the provision of tourist services, but will have to pay for it in cash or bank transfer.
  • Take a European Medical Insurance Card, which gives Right to treatment In accordance with the rules operating in this EU country. You can get EHIC for free in the NHF branches across the country.

Tourist insurance

Costs for treatment in the case of a sudden disease or injury can be very large, especially if with a child abroad. Even the arrival of a whole package of drugs does not guarantee the opportunity to cope with any situation without professional assistance. Just in case it is worth Make a tourist insurance At the time of departure, as well as to cover the child:

Insurance of medical expenses &# 8211; It will be useful if a person got into an accident or fell ill during the trip so seriously that the treatment with a specialist or hospitalization will be required. In this case, the insurer will cover the costs that everyone again stood on his feet. Check that the insurance amount is high enough &# 8211; This will not pay extra for medical services abroad.
Accident insurance &# 8211; ensure compensation for harm to health as a result of an accident. Compensation size &# 8211; the corresponding percentage of the sum insured &# 8211; Depending on how seriously the insured person is injured. Therefore, it is important that the insurance amount is as much as possible. Help &# 8211; This is a range of services that the Insurance Company provides when something unexpected happens on vacation. It may be the organization of medical transport, a visit to the doctor, help in case of early return to the country or even the organization of care for a child, if something happens.
Civil liability insurance May be useful if children break something or damage the door in the hotel room. In this case, the insurer will pay compensation, and you do not have to spend money from your own pocket on damaged items.

As part of tourist insurance, you can also Arrange baggage insurance, Insurance of tourist equipment and much more. Usually people themselves decide how much can afford and what risks want to go.

It is important to read the overall insurance conditions before paying the policy. The contract may include exclude responsibility that Eliminate benefits, For example, if you do extreme sports during vacation. Being on vacation with a child, it is also worth taking care of your own security &# 8211; For the whole family.

Practical advice

Several Practical Soviets Before going on vacation with baby:

Rest with kid practical advice

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