Rest without car. How to be?

Planning vacation worth leave the car at home. These tips will help save money and power.
The most important difference between the journey by car and public transport – This is planning. Since trains and buses cannot be at our disposal, you have to find out the date and time of travel before departure. It is convenient to sit in your own car seat, right in front of the house, pack everything that fit in the car under the roof, and move forward. One side, Automotive travels give a feeling of freedom and independence, But on the other – limit the perspective. They block human contact with reality and interaction between people, limiting the circle of communication.
It is much more interesting to try a completely different perspective- use public transport. You can afford to organize a holiday, during which general, unusual and unforgettable moments will appear!
For longer travel, there are usually several alternative types of transport: bus, train, plane, ship, stop or blablacar.

2. Journey on land

The ultimate advantage is the ability to perfectly compactly pack suitcases. Surprisingly, how much does it fit in the backpack! The need to minimize the packages at first can be painful and impossible, but soon he will feel great freedom while traveling. It’s nice to realize that there is enough movement of one hand and all the most needed is near. Buses – the most common means of movement. They can be used not only while traveling between countries or cities, but also when visiting cities. Depending on the selected communication operator, you will need a backup power supply for electronic devices (cameras, phone). The bus will offer portable power supplies, electrical outlets. Also, there is an onboard toilet and you can buy the necessary snacks. If a child is taken on the trip, it will be necessary to entertain it for several (- tenges) travel clock. A small kit for drawing or puzzle is useful! Finally, you can compare the cost of the ticket with the cost of a similar car trip. The first memories of visited places – stations appeared and, perhaps, remember the stories of fellow travelers. Stoyed Lie?

At Railing railway opportunities a little bigger. You can, for example, choose a sleeping compartment. In this case, the ticket cost will be higher. But on a trip with a small child, it will be filled with additional comfort. Perhaps you will be able to take a little cheaper double coupe without travelers. When driving in public transport often provide various discounts. Unfortunately, delays happen, but then they offer a partial or full refund of the ticket value. If doubts have been doubts and other questions, will help the answers to frequently asked questions On the web operator’s website and confidence.

3. What to pay attention to the stations?

First of all, do not panic among the common turmoil and messages about the outgoing trains. It is possible to achieve this under certain conditions. In time take care of your baggage and get acquainted with the schedule and information for travelers. All information is provided by employees in each cashier. You can also use the latest technology (at large stations) – vending machines and, of course, own smartphone. Oddly strange the station similar to the theater: it is better to come early and wait a bit, how to be late! The view of the departing "our" train or bus awakens a whole range of feelings: From irritation to anger, but it can be the beginning of an adventure ;

Rest without car. How to be

4. How to behave in place?

Without your own car, there is anxiety about local rules of road. During a walk in the park or center of the city it is easy to use the most versatile means of movement – our own legs! In a variety of cities (for example, in Krakow), it is also easy to rent a bike. Now you can go there, where the car does not pass or missing parking space. So it will not be for nothing that time is lost, and you do not have to drive around in search of a free parking space.
Nevertheless, it is very important to learn about local public transport. If you plan to travel over long distances, you need to try to purchase day or weekly tickets.
One more thing you need to remember is – This is a readiness for changing weather conditions. Because at hand there will be no tightly closing machine, we should consider the weather forecasts and armed with the appropriate equipment depending on them. It is important to plan your trips so that the rain does not find in the middle of the desert.

Finally, perhaps the most important thing – Buy paper map. Regardless of whether there are access to Wi-Fi and the Internet in the phone, the map will give confidence and calm. It can confidently rely on it, and often it turns out to be more accurate and informative than GPS.

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