Restaurant Bubba Gump on Bali – Shrimp and Forrest Gump

Talking about the countries of Southeast Asia, I can not get around the topic of the best restaurants that I liked and which I would like to advise you to visit you. I’ll start with the restaurant chain Bubba Gump. This is a major American network with restaurants in America, Mexico, England, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Philippines. I was in the Bubba Gump restaurant at the Indonesian island of Bali, on the beach of Kuta, opposite the Bali Garden Beach Resort, you will tell you about it.

From Forrest to restaurant

The network of restaurants received its name from the cult film Robert Zemkisis "Forrest Gump". Remember, there was black healthy babba, with whom Forrest met in the army? Babba delirious shrimp and persuaded the main character after the war open a restaurant, lizing the ways to prepare them: "you can fry, cook, bake, stew, make a kebab, Creoles shrimp, gambo shrimp, mixed with vegetables, with breading, with pineapple, lemon, coconuts, black pepper, you can cook soup from them, make stew, salad, shrimp and potatoes, burger or even sandwich". Unfortunately, his dream was not destined to come true. Babba dies in the Vietnamese War, and Forrest after demobilization, as promised to a friend, engaged in shrimp fishery and becomes a real magnate.

Completely different people embodied the dream of Babbit into life. After a couple of years after the release of the film in California, the first restaurant Bubba Gump opened. Now the network has more than 40 restaurants around the world. It can be said that the dream of Babbit about a shrimp restaurant became a reality.

Restaurant menu

The Bubba Gump restaurant menu embodies the full range of dishes, which Babba told. Shrimps in all kinds of types and forms: Creoleski, with breading, popcorn, with lemon, kebab, fried with vegetables, with rice, with pasta and even in sandwich. In addition to them, other seafood, pasta, burgers, salads, steaks, soups and desserts are presented. You will easily find dishes for your children, and for vegetarians are prepared only a couple of items. While the kids are waiting for their order, can paint with multi-colored pencils of cheerful shrimps.

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  • Restaurant Babba Gump - description, photo, how to get there, Bali Guide

Unusual design and your chips

The interior design reflects the atmosphere of the 70s of the American Sauch, on TVs Show Fragments of the film, the photos of the main characters hang on the walls. On the tables are shiny aluminum buckets with paper towels, snacks are served traditionally on a napkin-newspaper, at the same time and fresh news read. The menu with drinks is represented in the form of a tennis racket, remember which forrests had hobbies?

But the most interesting thing is that the tablets on the tables. Any visitor to the Bubba Gump restaurant is delighted with such a show. Blue sign "Run Forrest Run" means you don’t need anything yet. But as soon as you reinfeit the sign on the red "Stop Forrest Stop", Running past waiters will immediately roll to your table. Here is such a fun way to call the waiter.

Restaurant Bubba Gump is popular with local foreigners and tourists for birthday. How many times was in the restaurant, I watched the funny congratulations to the birthday age from the staff and all visitors.

Near the entrance in the restaurant there is a small bench with souvenirs – a great addition to the atmosphere of the film "Forrest Gump". What is here just not! T-shirts with quotes from a movie, caps, socks, license plate, handles, mugs, magnets, shrimp toys, key chains and more. On the street in front of the entrance there is a bench with a suitcase, a box of chocolates and beloved sneakers of Forrest.

Before visiting a shrimp paradise Bubba Gump Be sure to review the movie "Forrest Gump", to keep abreast of all the details of his amazing life. Enjoy your meal!

Website: Bubbagump.Com
Address: Jalan Kartika Plaza No. 8x, Kuta, Bali, Restaurant is a painter from the shopping center Discovery Shopping Mall Bali on the beach Kuta.
Coordinates: -8.727876, 115.169643

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Restaurant Babba Gump - description, photo, how to get there, Bali Guide

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