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For a long time I wanted to tell you about the chain of restaurants Black Canyon in Thailand – a place where you can drink a cup of coffee and taste all sorts of excellent fusion styled dishes. The menu shows European cuisine: soups, salads, paste, sandwiches, American snacks, as well as Thai classics, adapted for European taste: Toms, Som there, seafood, sharp salads and much more. Such a combination of the East and West gives rise to some eclectics: Spaghetti with green curry sauce or shrimp in curry Pangang. To date, only throughout Thailand has more than 230 Black Cafort restaurants, not counting the franchise abroad: in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, UAE and the Philippines, where the brand has long become associated with Thai fusion and good coffee.

The first Black Cañon Coffee Restaurant appeared in Thailand in 1993. While now, most coffee beans come from the north of Thailand, where in the 70s the royal project was founded, replacing opium fields on organic coffee plantations. The Black Cañon Coffee Restaurant menu provides a wide coffee card: espresso, cappuccino, latte, in Wensian coffee, moc. You can order hot drinks and ice. Do not miss the chance to try frapps with coffee, green and black tea. Fans of cold drinks are offered milk cocktails, berry smoothies, fruit cakes and juices.

Menu dishes in BLACK CANYON COFFEE restaurants diverse. All vegetables are grown with hydroponics and without pesticide and herbicide applications. If you opening the menu, lose your choice and you can not stop on something one, boldly order the recommended dishes. From European cuisine, I can highlight a wonderful pumpkin soup and a salad with a grill salmon – this is my personal choice. Many like sandwiches, pork steaks with mushroom sauce, from salmon on the grill, chicken wings and carbonara pastes.

If we talk about Thai cuisine, then in the Black Canyon Coffee restaurants, it is adapted for European taste. This does not mean that you will bring some incomprehensible Thai dishes. Toms will definitely be in moderation to be acute so that you do not have to cry over each spoon, and shrimps in a grain with a tamarind sauce and pad thai with shrimps are also tasty as the generally accepted option. If you are a lover of sharp dishes, try an acute salad with a salmon or an unusual som there with pieces of apple. Traditional chicken with cashew nuts here makes above all praise. In addition, you will find in the menu fried wide noodles with shrimps, Tom Kha with chicken, crispy wrappers with shrimps, fried fish pieces with celery, fish fillet with seafood sauce, gentle shrimp pancakes and fried with tuna in green curry rice wrapped in an envelope from omelet. Fusion-style dishes that are proud of Black Cafort restaurants. Try spaghetti with green curry and chicken, pasta with tom and shrimps or steak with Inean sauce.

For dessert, you can order ice cream or pastries. Since this is a Thai restaurant, here are served by traditional sweets, which, in my opinion, are quite specific to European taste. For example, tarot balls in coconut cream, assorted beans in syrup or water chestnuts in coconut. Try you may like it. Or order traditional ice cream.

Restaurant Black Canyon in Thailand - description, menu, photo, where to eat on Phuket, Phuket restaurants

The Black Cañon Coffee restaurant chain is constantly expanding, they can be found in many large shopping centers of large and small cities. Prices here are acceptable, restaurants are very popular with the Thai population. Middle Check per person 250 baht. On Phuket Restaurants are located:

  • Centra Ashlee Hotel on Patong Beach
  • In the shopping center Central Festival in Phuket Town
  • In the Jung Ceylon shopping center on Patong Beach
  • In the trading orders of K Plaza on Patong Beach
  • In the Lotus shopping center in the Talang area
  • In the shopping center Lotus in Phuket Town
  • In the Lotus shopping center in the Riveva area
  • In the Lotus shopping center in the Songong area
  • In the shopping center Lotus on the street East Chaof
  • On the beach of Kata near the hotel Kata Beach Resort & SPA

If you are interested in Thai coffee options, read my article about this drink. In Nim, learn about the most popular brands, which varieties are noted by prestigious awards, how much coffee costs in Thailand and much more.

Restaurant Black Canyon in Thailand - description, menu, photo, where to eat on Phuket, Phuket restaurants

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