Restaurant Kampong Kata Hill on Mountain between Kata Beaches and Karon

Phuket restaurants are sistering by their variety, ranging from low-cost roadside cafes and ending with the best places of the island. I love you to acquaint with interesting places in which there is a raisin. The best restaurants in Phuket are suitable for a family celebration or celebration of arrival in Thailand. Today I want to tell about the restaurant Kampong Kata Hill on the beach of Kata. If you are looking for a restaurant with a special Thai atmosphere and a magnificent kitchen, then you are exactly here.

Kampong Kata Hill is located in the tropical garden environment on the hill between kata and caron beaches. The entrance to the restaurant is two: from the street Taina, not far from the mini market 7-11, and from Karon Street, next to Starbucks. You need to climb the steps upstairs, on the hill, overlooking the Kata Beach area.

The restaurant was opened more than two dozen years ago. It is suitable for a romantic dinner or dinner in a special atmosphere of Thai old. You can choose where to sit out: in one of the three big halls under the roof or in the tropical garden in the open sky on the hillside. There are no air conditioned premises in the restaurant, only numerous fans, and the roof of the pavilions is built on Thai canons and retains coolness throughout the day.

The interior of the Kampong Kata Hill restaurant is decorated in traditional Asian style. There are many antique objects, vases and painted cabinets brought from China, ancient Thai tick-tree furniture, shapes and statues from Cambodia, Chinese lights, carved scrolls and massive doors. The restaurant’s owner also owns an antique store. Dinner at Kampong Kata Hill can even remind the evening in the Asian Museum.

Soft light, floral compositions, carved walls, and classic Thai music complement the atmosphere of the exquisite restaurant.

The restaurant menu is decorated in several languages, including Russian. Surprisingly in the names are not so many mistakes, the main meaning of the dishes described from the first time. Popular dishes are represented by colorful pictures. Make an order in the restaurant is quite easy, but choose something one of several pages – it is already more difficult. Restaurant staff Responsive and Ready to prepare any of the selected dishes in vegetarian design with vegetables and tofu. And so on the menu only meat dishes and many seafood, including tiger shrimps, crabs, lobsters.

There is no special children’s menu, but you can order something from European dishes: spaghetti, fries and other potatoes. By default, Thai traditional dishes are prepared by moderately sharp, if you need farthetern, ask to add more chili.

Recommended to try a whole fish cooked steam in lemon sauce or chili sauce. Good mussels baked in clay pots. From Salads Take COM there with blue crab or LaaP – minced chicken, pork or beef with Thai herbs. From the snacks, order spring rolls or fish pancakes, and from soups – Tom holes with shrimps, tofu soup and minced meat or soup with stuffed cucumbers. And, of course, a variety of Curry: red, green, Massan. Each dish is prepared here on the traditional classic Thai recipe. That is, the volume will be like you expect it, without unexpected ingredients and additional tastes.

Restaurant Kampong Kata Hill on Phuket - Menu, photo, description, opening, on the map of Phuket

From drinks in the menu features fruit cakes, alcoholic cocktails and drinks. A wide wine list includes white and red wines from Chile, South Africa and Australia.

The cost of dishes in the Kampong Kata Hill restaurant is above average. For example, Tom holes per person – 170 baht, papaya salad – 170 baht, cashew chicken – 230 baht, whole fish with various sauces – 410 baht, curry – from 230 baht.

I hope you, like me, like me, will enjoy the restaurant Kampong Kata Hill of your Thai cuisine, an old interior and a pleasant atmosphere of exquisite Thailand. Middle account per person 400-500 baht. Or look into other interesting restaurants on the beach. Bon Appetit!

Address: 4 Karon Road, Tambon Karon, Muang, Phuket
Coordinates: 7.826533, 98.297425
Opening hours: with 13.00 to 22.00

Restaurant Kampong Kata Hill on Phuket - Menu, photo, description, opening, on the map of Phuket

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