Restaurants and cafes in Belarus

Today, Belarusian cooks try to follow the main European trends: revive the vintage medieval recipes, adhere to the seasonality principle – create a menu for each season, using only fresh local products.

However, the restaurant world of Belarus can be found a unique variety: along with modern institutions, in which the menu is put by the famous trained specialists in the West, meet and miraculously lived to our time classic samples of the Soviet catering with an unassuming interior, an ordinary assortment and, most importantly, with a very low level of service. Although it is worth recognizing that such places are becoming less.

Features of Belarusian restaurants

Restaurants in Belarus and even in Minsk are not so many, but all the necessary set of kitchens in large cities There are: like all over the world Japanese restaurants, Italian pizzerias, there are Georgian and Azerbaijani, American and Bulgarian, Indian and French, German and Ukrainian establishments, as well as places where the chefs work on wellene or fusion.

Try local dishes (such as Dianki or Machanka) in Belarus will not work. In the menu of many restaurants, you will find a local flavor – Kushans cooked through ancient traditional recipes. And this is spelled out by law: if the institution officially does not specialize in food one of the foreign cuisines, it is obliged to include in the range of Belarusian dishes. Often the national topic in such cafes is also reflected in the interior, it is used stylized underground dishes. By the way, the discovery of such places is in every way is supported by the government, so there are more and more.

In more expensive, claiming to the sophistication of institutions (which are often discovering in the former gential estates) of the cook can offer something from "High Belarusian cuisine" – As a rule, these are a few adapted to modern tastes of exquisite and unusual enough in the preparation of the Kushan of Polish and Lithuanian Panov and Shchelchichi.

If it makes time, then to meet this folk cuisine, it is worth going to one of the agroworks, where the hostesses for all the rules (and sometimes in the most real furnace) will prepare delicious datars, sorcerers and other treats from their own freshest products produced in the same farm.

Anyone who wants to get acquainted with local gastronomic traditions should not be overlooked and another opportunity. On the territory of modern Belarus, an excellent beer cooked, and recently there are more restaurants-brewing, where you can taste the unfiltered and nonpasterylized chimney drink.

There can be no language problems in any of the restaurants of Belarus.

Mostly in restaurants and cafes you can pay a plastic card.

While the unequivocal ban on smoking in establishments in Belarus, but soon the government of this country is going to take it.

Cheating in Belarusian restaurants is rarely found: if you are checked, then, most likely, due to misunderstandings, and not for evil intent.

Restaurants and cafes in Belarus

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes

As in Russia, in Belarus, it is customary to eat three times a day, and the time of work of restaurants is not very different from domestic: in the morning, from about 8-9 hours, you can count on breakfast in the coffee shop, and more solid places start taking visitors who have come to dine, watches from 12. And about 16-17, it is usually possible to use special offers for business lunch. From 17-18 pm, the time of dinner comes, after 20 in some restaurants live music sounds, which continues until closed, that is, until 22-24 hours. A number of restaurants on Fridays and Saturdays finishes working later – at 01-03 hours.

If you decide to visit any remote restaurant in an old estate or agriculture, it is better to call the owners in advance, find out the time of work and report your visit. Often such institutions are open "on demand".

Prices in restaurants of Belarus

Despite the fact that prices for products in Belarus are on average lower than in Russia, the cost of dishes in the restaurant menu is, unfortunately, does not affect – it differs little from the average Russian, and in the capital restaurants – from Moscow. In low-cost places in the type of pizzeria, dinner will cost about $ 10-15 (without alcohol), but there are also fashionable expensive restaurants, where to dine one person without wine will be able only for $ 50 and above.


Leave remuneration to waiters in Belarusian restaurants is completely optional, the staff is not spoiled. However, if you like it all and you want to somehow thank you who helped you, decent it is considered to add to the final amount of about 5% of the count amount.

Restaurants and cafes in Belarus

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