Restaurants and cafes in Estonia: personal experience

Returned to the Town Hall Square, but only to go through it, go to the famous and tourist beerhouse.

By the way, an interesting point: At the entrance is a turn in the wardrobe, as the people in the room, although quite large, but, very much. It seems everyone is waiting for the released places, and they are, if you go inside without undressing. How did we do. Came during and hit the lucky clock (like from 12 to 14) and received discounts on beer and sausages, which was also nice.

Beer is boiled right there, you can walk around the brewery with the excursion and see all production. Beer is excellent, although expensive, but also the place is traveling;)

Nuremberg sausages to beer. In Nuremberg, they are certainly others, but these are very similar and themselves the taste is very good.

Restaurants Rating in Tallinn: Beer House, Compressor and Olde Hansa

The first place in the three winners in my personal ranking is BEER House. Here, after the first two dishes ordered – lamb in the dough and duck legs, we did not stop, and they ordered a cold snack from herring and lamb with vegetables, very tasty, soulfulose. The interior is just amazing, the staff in national costumes, which gives the place an even more authentic spirit, Mulled wine Delicious, beerooking on the spot – pours the river just.. Of all the above, the least pleased with the lamb with vegetables. Fish and duck were excellent. Portions are not large, prices are average.

Silver Medal I give the compressor. As far as I seemingly indifferent to the pancakes, but such pancakes never elaborated before! Cheap, appetizing, a little resembles a student dining room (many young people), an excellent atmosphere, have been satisfied. Filling pancakes for every taste. Just be easily converging.

Well, and the bronze medal, again I repeat, in my personal ranking, is Olde Hansa. I emphasize the Word "Personal", Since the place is immediately warned – very popular, but an amateur.

The fact is that the menu includes moose meat dishes, boar, bear, hare beyond others. For those who want to taste such exotic, a straight road to Olde Hansa. For lovers easier and familiar food (for people like me for example), visiting is not necessary. But, we must pay a tribute to the interior and atmosphere, there are absolutely no lamps in the restaurant, only candles are lit, the costumes, medieval music, animal skins and cold weapons hang on the walls.

Ordered assorted moose and boar and still saving dish. Assorted I did not try, but my meal had to taste. I did not like salmon, next to him lay some incomprehensible piece of dry dough, the side blades and buckwheat did not surprise me. Taste and color, but the prices of Olde Hansa, to put it mildly, overestimated.

Knight’s tournaments in the restaurant PepPersack in Tallinn

In the restaurant PepPersack at 20.00 Begins the show – something like knightly tournaments. If you book a good table, you can enjoy the sim spectacle. We went there not at 8 pm, and somewhere in an hour or two days. There were no queues, friendly waitresses held us in place. And here we finally smiled at luck with a good beer.

Beer there was a half-walled ("Red"): "Bronze" and "Honey". Both really good beer, and not analyzes some, as in other institutions. They took there still a swinewhell, which is recommended to take two. Yeah! What two there are? On three minimum. But we do not differ skinny. In short, never daft. Most likely, after breakfast, there was still little time. Ah, yes, we still have a plate with a soup there they took, in my opinion, cheese. Tasty. We wanted to get drunk on 20.00 table to watch the knightly tournament, but then something changed his mind.

Restaurant Maikrahv in Tallinn: delicious soups

New Year’s banquet in the Tallinn Restaurant BEER HOUSE

After the walk, we went to the hotel to prepare for the New Year’s banquet, which was supposed to take place in the beer restaurant "Beer House" (also near Town Hall Square).

Restaurants and cafes in Estonia Personal experience

Banquet there started at 21.00, however, we thought: and what, in fact, there it is so early to do? But on the other hand, suddenly all good places work out. We wanted to go there for a taxi. But the taxi driver who was on duty at the hotel, gone as much as Chirik. No, there is such happiness in FIG, we will come. In general, we pulled out there somewhere in 21.thirty. And here the evening was almost spoiled: at the entrance, the guard asked me, do we have tickets. We showed a booklet with a discount card, but he said that this is not a ticket. But then he asked what, maybe we are among the invited. We said yes, and he missed us.

As a result, we planted us for a table in one of "Separate coupe", Where is the table, and behind him 8 people people. In general, if someone had to go out, others had to release it. And since the beer there was raised by the river, to leave everyone accounted for enviable regularity. Saved the situation just that some guests from our table hanging out in the hall, participating in various contests. The buses were quite a lot – and hot, and cold. Beer was 6 varieties, and 3 they were poured for free. In the reviews that we read before the trip, many praised this beer, but I don’t share the opinions of these people. I don’t even know how to describe it beer. Here you know, poor-quality tea in which a lot of dust usually gives a mop. But here’s how the mop beer can give. However, by analogy with tea, such an impression is created. By the way, one light, one dark and one was exhibited from free varieties "Red". I have thought sinful things, they say that you wanted to freeze? Looking ahead, I will say – the assumption turned out to be erroneous.

There was a massacre in the masquerade suit of a Major General, who spent all sorts of contests. For example, such a special wooden spoon is taken, with a ball recess at the end. A ball on the rope is tied to her. Ball need to throw and catch, t.E. he must fall into this deepening. Total is given 5 attempts, of which the ball need to catch at least 2 times. As a rule, no one has done it, even the soldier itself did not always catch this ball. I also decided to try. And even time caught this ball. In case of success, a prize was relied – a knitted hat, but for participating a scrooch-soldier gave me some kind of elastic ribbon on the neck. Will be at least our cat another toy.

Other contests were held there, for example, for the best song. And the accompaniment was there, in my opinion, in general. Nevertheless, someone like the first place occupied. And the soldier there was leading. Then the soldier changed Santa Claus in modern interpretation: in leather shorts and sunglasses.

But on champagne there quite well got out: the bubble was worth the Jews 40. We did not behave for this, in the end, we are in Birhaus? In the beer house we or not? So right with a calm conscience can replace champagne beer that we did. The new year was noted 2 times: first Moscow time (under the congratulations of the Russian Presidency), and then on Tallinn.

The famous medieval restaurant Olde Hansa: very tasty!

The people in Olde Hansa had quite a lot (as in all local good restaurants at such a time), but the table for us was quickly found (the benefit of the restaurant is large, 3-storey). The situation is in the style of the Middle Ages, everything is illuminated with the help of candles, and even in the sorter (by the way, the sorter is also pretty "ancient": There are no mixers there – only the collaborator in the form of a kettle, which needs to be tilted, then water flows out of the nose). A polite and friendly waiter communicated with us in Russian, albeit with the Estonian accent. From draft beer there were 3 varieties: dark honey, dark with herbs and bright with cinnamon.

With cinnamon – so, nothing special, with herbs – nothing, but somehow bitter, but honey – the most. Food took game, baked trout, and to beer – dried losyatin. Everything turned out very tasty. After sitting in Olde Hansa, we walked a little in the center.

Restaurants and cafes in Estonia Personal experience

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