Restaurants and cafes in Estonia

Estonian cuisine is not very famous in the world, and it is unlikely that any of the foreigners can immediately recall at least three or four typical dishes, however, being in the country on the shore of the Baltic Sea, it is necessary to visit as many local restaurants as possible. Believe me, this gastronomic experience will remember you for a long time!

Features of Estonian restaurants

What does a typical Estonian restaurant look like? In any city of this country, you can find small institutions with a pleasant stylish interior, where local cuisine are prepared in their modern or even in the author’s interpretation. The fact is that Estonian culinary traditions were formed under the influence of neighbors – the Germans and the Swedes, so the dishes were originally simple, satisfying and rather fat. Today, many people consider such disassens to be harmful and oversaturated cholesterol, and the cooks seek to follow the fashion for a healthy lifestyle, use as much varied vegetables as possible and create useful dishes. Fortunately, culinary manages manage their creations also incredibly tasty!

In addition to restaurants, the country is famous for its coffee shops, confectionery and shocked, where you will be offered to drink a cup of excellent coffee or cocoa and to enjoy with delicious freshest cakes and cakes.

Unusual restaurants and institutions offering dishes of exotic kitchens of the world can only be found in large cities, especially many of them in Tallinn, where you will prepare food in-style "Fusion", We will be invited to the Middle Ages and recycle the disasters of that time, we will see the beer in the restaurant-brewer, will be offered Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, African, Georgian and many other menus. Exception – omnipresent Italian restaurants: pizza you will find even in small villages.

At the same time, unique institutions can hide in a deaf province. Example – The most famous in Estonia constantly occupying the upper lines in all rated Restaurant Alexander is located in the manor Padaste Manor on the tiny island of Muhu, located quite far from the Estonian capital.

To any order in most establishments, it is customary to serve a basket with bread or fresh-chopped hot muffins, sometimes oil and small snacks can be on the table – all this is usually not included.

In general, Estonian waiters are quite honest, cases when they are deliberately trying to calculate the client, almost never happens. If you are traveling with children, do not be afraid to take them with you in a restaurant: Quite often in establishments for them there is a special menu and even have children’s game corners, where your child can have fun. However, Estonian cuisine is unsolving, so you will easily select a treat for siblings from the usual list of dishes.

Bad news for smokers: according to the law, in the premises of clubs, bars and restaurants to train themselves and the surrounding smoke is prohibited, so tobacco lovers should find a place on the open terrace or be content with visiting a special smoking room.

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes

Set of food intake in Estonia. Usually people have breakfast before noon, there are no clocks until 5 pm, and then the time of evening meals comes, so there will be no problem throughout the day.

At the same time, the majority of solid restaurants open around noon, and the working day ends about 23 hours, and in small towns, the establishments are closed much earlier, about 21 hours you can already be serviced, therefore, being in the province, it’s not worth tightening with dinner. The exceptions are a cafe where breakfast is offered – such places work on another schedule, waiting for visitors already at 8-9 in the morning, and without a break are open until the evening.

Small private cafes may not comply with the schedule-posted on the door, so when there is a desire to visit some definite place, it is better to quickly call.

Restaurants and cafes in Estonia

Prices in restaurants

The cost of dishes in Estonian restaurants will delight any tourist: it is noticeable below the Middle Eastern and Moscow. Sometimes you can find the establishments where it is tightly lunch together with wine succeeding in just 12-14 euros! If you do not seek specially places such places, then a good dinner in a good Tallinn restaurant for two costs about 25-30 euros.

Of course, there are in Estonia and gastronomic restaurants, awarded international awards, where the kitchen will be headed by the famous chef, and the score will be different – from 70-90 euros for two and higher. But it is worth it, because these fashionable places are famous not only to the interiors, but also enieved with delicious dishes capable of satisfying the legible gourmet. At the same time, the provincial restaurants during mini hotels in small towns can be boasting particularly low prices in small towns, sometimes you can dide with dishes for 1-2 euros.

By the way, if you have a discount card similar to the metropolitan Tallinn Card, on which you can ride in transport and visit museums for free, then some discount will be offered in restaurants.

Most establishments will be able to pay out both in euro and plastic cards that are accepted throughout the country without problems.


Formally tips in Estonia can not be left, but many people still prefer to do this: if you want to thank the waiter, then it is better to add to the numbers in the account 5-10 percent. Carefully read the menu: Sometimes there is information that the maintenance fee is already automatically enabled.

Restaurants and cafes in Estonia

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