Restaurants and cafes in France: personal experience

Just the one where it all started. The first time I filed an acidic wine here, so-so. When I came here for the second time – I was advised by the excellent wine, the crazy and tasty and crazy and drunk and then repeated only him for me, and for Madame, which made friends with me. Madame works at the hotel opposite (about him – a little later) at the reception and cocks in the bar to drink a coffee shop or wineca. Although it seems that she is always a little under the shaf. It is not necessary to say that she was simply charming with her skinny voice, inaccuratedly raised on the head of a duct hair and not producing a long cigarette. The door of this bar is always labylined! The interior of the pure-French, similar to the antique shop: a lot of old smokers, pillows, many postcards, few tables for visitors and they are exceptionally old and all absolutely different styles.

Where to eat in Paris cheap

Nutrition in Paris is not a problem at all, but pleasure. During the day almost all cafes and restaurants offer "Complex dinners". The cheapest offers I saw in the Latin Quarter – starting with 13 euros, in the area of ​​the opera – more expensive, 17-19 euros. Such a lunch usually includes snacks or soup on choosing, second dish and dessert.

Some cafes for this price are offered to choose a snack and a second dish, or a second dish and dessert. If you also order a dinner and drink, then the price increases by 4-6 euros. I was on average having lunch in different places for 25 euros, including drinks.

Breakfast 6 euros at the hotel I did not buy, learning in advance that they consist mainly of croissants with jam.

As I was alone, then took a coffee with me and a small coffee maker and cooked myself coffee in the room, buying everything you need for breakfast in the monophospix supermarket located nearby. If I had traveled not alone, I would love to breakfast in numerous coffee shops nearby, offering more diverse breakfasts from 6 to 9 euros.

Restaurants and cafes in Paris: where to go

Restaurants on the Elysee noticeably more expensive. Of course, there you can try all French delicacies – seafood, frogs, fondue, fu gras (if it is not sorry for the geussy, which for the sake of this plower forcibly faded in the throat. The spectacle is not pleasant, by the way). Local, dressed in office suites Clerks prefer to dinner diverges through the nearby brasseries, away from the Champs with their prices, absolutely not paying attention to the viscous crowd around itself, as it should be true to the true metropolitan residents. However, on the Elyseys, you can eat quickly and cheap in Kwyika and McDonaldsah. Especially in their macdo, there are beer. There is no beer in Russia, because on our trouble managing our MacDonalds part-time son of one of the directors of Coca Cola. Therefore, from drinks, we are doomed to drink only Cocca, sprite and phantom.

A lot of five kopecks are written about Parisian cafes. They are interesting and in a kind of interior, which allows the complete mixing of all sorts of styles and the curious manner of the behavior of visitors. If in other European countries, visitors are mostly lazily dorms over a cup of coffee, occasionally unscrewing and slowly smoking a cigarette (and in South America, in general, sitting on the clock as the heroes of Ellala), then in the Parisian cafe as inside a small anthrailer, life and reigns relaxed and having an atmosphere.

Parisians spend in the cafe many hours – something drinks, eat, constantly talking, exchange news, argue, dream, leafing newspapers, kiss. Bartenders and waiters lively talk with visitors. All chairs on the terraces are deployed towards the sidewalk and all there sitting by Volens Nolens are witnesses from various scenes from the life of the city, which they are quiet, but actively comment on, apparently feeling entirely in response for that piece of France, which falls in their field of view. We basically have lunch there in such Brassrushki. But there are a number of institutions that we visited for the most part for the purpose of rest and showing children, and sometimes only after learning about his loud name.

Restaurants and cafes in France Personal experience

This, for example, Ladur&# 233; E WWW.Laduree.FR not like, but attractive place. There is something like a shop where they sell for removal, and there is a hall in two floors, where a couple eating cakes with the lutera flags behind the tiny tables. Cakes there really very tasty, bring tea in silver chairs. Packaging and appearance of cakes develop famous designers. Lyadur in Paris place has long been cult. Here you need to know a little France. Similar cupcakes are in other numerous bakery. But, having received a box of Lyadur, every sensible French divine understands that if her Pierre spent on the pineage for 4 EuroBe instead of one, then it’s all – Tryndets. And it means this current one – he matured and right now will suggest her hand, heart and peut etre to be a bed to dream of him in the attic (that’s just a communal in half in half, here she will turn a hurry). The last time we in Lyadyur also gladly ate something tasty and multi-storey under fragrant coffee.

Then Angelina. www.Angelina-Paris.FR is on the side of the Tuileries on the Rivoli. Queue. Safdering half an hour, you are in two rather large clouded raids by the captured by tourists who absorb the Mont Blanc Cakes, as well as all sorts of cupcakes and biscuits and bonbon. Mont Blanc this, by the way, is a good and satisfying thing, he ate him, as he had sought. There is a shop with cafe too.

Another famous cafe in the center of Le Nemours at Place Colette next to Comedy Frances. There you can sit on the street under the columns, drink chocolate. Entourage inside the corresponding. Angelina Jolie B "Tourist" caffeine there in the beginning of the film.

In general, in Paris in abundance there are also truly chic cafes and restaurants. Only pay and Le Vin Est Tire, Il Faut Boire. With a luxurious interior, many mirrors, the aroma of good candles and t.NS. Evening if you wish you can spend very effectively. Staging on expensive evening toilets expensive ladies, eat exclusive stinky cheese, look like an angel waitress. Home from there will be delivered on a good car. Recommended at that very moment when the limited number of women in the hall begins to force you to take a fresh look at the remaining. And it will be more and more and money for ddutti will remain.

It is clear that the best times "evening restaurants, Parisian Balagans" Already behind and from such places as Maxim or Angelina gilding has long flown, but, but by having been there, then more than once you will learn these places in books, movies, in the photo.

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