Restaurants and cafes in Germany

Despite the dominance of migrants in Germany, Germany is still able to maintain loyalty to their kitchen: they go to typical German restaurants and drink beautiful local beer.

What restaurants are in Germany

Beer restaurants in Germany

Being in Germany, be sure to go to the traditional German restaurant. There you are waiting for solid authentica: Music burghers, sausages or scrubby teeth in pork legs, drinking all this with a beer from huge lithuan mugs. It is called such typical beer restaurants in various federal lands can in different ways: Beer Birstube (Bierstube), small family Lokal Taverns (Lokal), "Beer basements" Birkeller (BierKeller) – they really are usually under the houses. The difference between them is small: everywhere serve one or more varieties of beer (their emblems are often hanging in front of the entrance) and appropriate food.

Under the sign "Knape" (Kneipe) Hiding a small beer, located in some distant residential area, designed for residents of the surrounding houses. There go to skip the mug of a different bump and discuss the latest news, so the choice of snacks is minimal.

It is not bad to eat in the suburbs can be in Gastststette (Gaststätte) – Small restaurants with a poor choice of delicious dishes (usually homemade kitchen) accompanied by some beer, usually produced nearby.

Want to easily taste the best beer, then go to the restaurant during brewer. Such institutions are called Brojus (Bräuhaus) or Birhaus (Bierhaus). The range of dishes there also does not affect a variety, and usually it is heavy for stomach meat dishes. But the atmosphere (yes, perhaps the interiors) did not change the last couple of centuries: massive wooden tables, under the chairs and the characteristic black smell in the air. Beer there naturally served.

In the summer in cities and villages open Biergarten (Biergarten). Most often, these "Beer at the plenier" Meet in Bavaria. You will see there all the same long massive tables and giant mugs. Initially, only beer was served in Birgarten, a snack was always brought with them. In modern "Beer gardens" will feed you and come in, however, if you come with your meal, you should not drive out.

Lunch in such medium German restaurants without drinks will cost 12-15 euros, with beer – 18-20 euros.

Slow-Food in Germany

In the last decade, the country’s gastronomic world changes. If earlier, national restaurants were famous for good tasty, but monotonous are not particularly useful for sensitive stomach dishes, now Germany begins to compete with such legislation gastronomic fashion as France or Italy. German cooks are inhabitants of the best cooks throughout the planet and, returning to their homeland, open up high-class establishments and create "New German cuisine" – Based on vintage recipes, delicious and useful dishes are inventing and prepared from bioproducts.

Now in this country more than 250 places are awarded prestigious stars "Michelin". Enjoying gastronomic delights – the pleasure is not cheap: lunch without drinks can do in 80-100 euros.

Fast Food in Germany

Fast food restaurants are also present at the open spaces of Germany: there are all the most popular networks with hamburgers, chickens and pizza, there is also a local Nordsee network, offering seafood dishes.

International cuisine

From "Foreign" Restaurants in this country are the most popular Italian and Chinese, more and more Arab and Turkish institutions appear. If "pan-European" Institution with average Mediterranean cuisine – salads, pizza, french fries, meat and fish dishes.

In large cities it is not difficult to find Indonesian, Surinames, Malaysian, Lao, Pakistani, African and many other institutions. As a rule, emigrants who know the true taste of exotic dishes and are able to prepare them. Prices in such restaurants are usually lower than in traditional German – dine without drinks will be possible for 7-9 euros.

Features of restaurants in Germany

Restaurants and cafes in Germany

Most of the variety of restaurants in large cities. In the center, gastronomic fusion reigns, closer to the outskirts there are areas inhabited by immigrants from some kind of country – they are concentrated in them the relevant restaurants. In the province you are mostly waiting for the classic German beer, Italian pizzerias, coffee shops and fast foods.

It is quite difficult to eat in Germany Vegetarian: specialized restaurants are not particularly common even in large villages, and in the menu of ordinary cafes mainly present dishes from pork, beef and chicken and even vegetable soups are prepared on meat broth.

Usually, portions in restaurants are very high, so ordering it is careful not to stay one on one with a giant swine knee.

In most places, plastic cards of the main payment systems are taken without problems, but there is still a small cabach for the outskins and in the bedroom areas, where they will agree to deal with cash only.

In small family provincial restaurants there are a chance to face the language barrier: not all the Germans of the older generation are freely expressing in English and, there more, in Russian. Therefore, it will not hurt to know the names of the main dishes on the German nashchia.

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes

The Germans have breakfast early, so the first cafes open watches at 07.00-09.00: You can have a snack, drink coffee, buy a sandwich. From 11.30 and about 15.00 Beginning to work, waiting for people for lunch. At this time you will be able to buy a comprehensive lunch at a bargain price. With 15.00 to 17.30-18.00 Some restaurants close for a break so that after this time to offer guests dinner. In the evening visitors are happy with hours to 22.00-23.00.


Nobody will require tips from you in German restaurants, but if everything has arranged, you can leave waiters for work 5-10 percent from the amount of the account or simply roundate the amount to smooth numbers: give "Trinkgeld" (TRINKGELD) in 1-2 euros, even if you paid much more, not considered to be acknowledged.

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