Restaurants and cafes in Hungary

In recent years, the restaurant world of Hungary transformed: a huge number of new institutions appeared, the menu in which "put" Young, progressive, but already experienced chefs, inhabited around the world. Therefore, in the province, and especially in the capital, many institutions opened, where you can eat very tasty and usually inexpensive.

Features of Hungarian restaurants

First of all, it is interesting to visit restaurants specializing in national cuisine. In Hungary, there are a lot of them, and some include high-kitchen dishes in the menu, served on the table to aristocrats, albeit a little adapted for the tastes of modern gourmets, in others it will be possible to try uncomplicated satisfying folk and "homework" Kushanya, many of which are Hungarian hostess to this day prepare for their families. For such simple dishes it is better to go to some of the traditional restaurants called in Hungary Chard.

And on the streets of cities, it will be possible to discover the Hungarian fast food with a national flavor and, of course, the legendary pastry shops, where the delicious cakes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire are preparing and is boyful coffee. Some of these institutions are open for more than a century.

Hungary is famous for its wines, the most famous of which are made in the Tokay region. Therefore, being in this country, it is necessary to visit and restaurant-wine-winning, in the wine maps of which there are at least several hundred and varied location drinks. These institutions are now in fashion, every month they are becoming more and more. It is not necessary to think that only guilt is paid there: as a rule, the winters and gastropabs are famous for the magnificent cuisine, and to each dish, an experienced sommelier will recommend the perfect suitable drink.

Restaurants specializing in the kitchens of foreign states in Hungary are noticeably less than in other European countries. However, in the capital, of course, if desired, you can find omnipresent Italian pizzerias, Japanese cafes from land, institutions where you can try Chinese and Caucasian cuisine.

If you decide to visit a very popular metropolitan restaurant or, on the contrary, some small café in the province – be sure to book a table in advance! In Budapest, many famous restaurants are filled with tourists, and free space can not be waited at all. And tiny rural institutions often work under the order – do not open if there are no visitors.

Plastic cards of the main international payment systems are taken in most places without problems.

Many popular restaurants have long become the norm of free for visitors Wi-Fi.

Alas, language problems may occur in Hungarian restaurants. Despite the fact that in most establishments there is a menu in English, the translation often happens inaccurate, and the waiters are not always able to communicate at least in English. Of course, it is less related to popular Budapest restaurants, but with difficulties you can face even in the capital, deciding to eat in a small cafe, located far from the center. The menu in Russian is not yet rare, it will be fed to you only in the most visited places visited by our tourists.

Restaurants and cafes in Hungary

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes in Hungary

As in many countries in Europe, in the morning, from about 9 o’clock, you can only count on a cup of coffee and some bun in a confectionery or coffee shop or a full-fledged breakfast in fast food institution. Solid restaurants open their doors only from 12 days. Up to 16-17 hours you can use discounts or eat more profitable on a special menu for business lunch. From 6 pm, the dinner time begins, continuing to 10 hours or until midnight. As a rule, in the evening on Friday and Saturday, restaurants are open longer. After midnight, it will be possible to eat only in night facilities. At the same time (after 19-20), numerous bars are opening, which will be glad to visitors night long. Up to 22 hours there are advantageous offers, various Happy Hour.

Prices in restaurants of Hungary

Although in Hungary inflation, and prices are constantly growing, they still remain quite attractive for Russian tourists, because on average lunch or dinner in the restaurant costs cheaper than in Moscow. So, one meal with a glass of wine in an inexpensive institution will cost about 10-15 euros, and the portion, for sure, will be large, and the taste of dishes excellent. And in just 50-70 euros, we will be able to visit the restaurant where the prestigious awards of the chef work.


Tips in Hungary give not necessarily, no one will require them in you, but the waiters will remain grateful if you thank them for the efforts and add about 10 percent to the account sum. But first look: some service allowance can be already broken in the check.

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