Restaurants and cafes in Serbia

Serbia – a real paradise for lovers of simple, cheap and delicious food. Local cuisine is very diverse: she has absorbed the traditions of many countries, from Austria to Greece. In the same restaurant, you can order a juicy kitlet and a refined cupcake – both dishes will be prepared according to ancient recipes.

Features of Serbian restaurants

In Belgrade, in recent years, there have been many restaurants of international and experimental cuisine, where you can try unusual dishes from famous chefs and young stars. Restaurants in small cities remain true to traditions and are served by visitors from corporate regional dishes: in Voivodina you will be offered a thick chicken soup, in Zlatilation – Fried Yagnyatina, and in the Borsky District – a kebab from Danube Somka.

Those who wish to meet Serbian cuisine in an authentic setting, it is worth going to one of numerous "Cafe" – traditional venues with delicious food and excellent atmosphere. Live music in the execution of folklore ensembles often plays in Kafan.

Baking and unsweetened drinking yogurt – the most popular breakfast format in the Serbs. In order to try the delicious Burek (pie from a thin puff dough) and drink it thick "Kefir", need to go to bakery. They are almost on every street and offer visitors a variety of pastries: savage – with feta and spinach, potatoes, cheese and sweet – with apples, cherries or jam. In bakeries it is not customary to linger for a long time, therefore the tables there are usually a bit – three or four, most often standing.

Portions in Serbian restaurants are quite large, especially for provincial institutions. Often one hot meat dish is enough for two adults, and the sidebar must be ordered separately. In particular authentic establishments, it may not be a menu in English, so it is better to learn in advance the names of the most common dishes. Children will probably enjoy the calf Chorba – gentle soup with slices of meat – or chevapchichi, small cutlets on the grill.

In most restaurants in major Serb cities, you can pay a plastic card, but to report it is accepted in advance. Usually the waiters themselves ask: "Cash or picture?".

Alas, smoking in Serbian restaurants is not prohibited, and local residents enjoy this might. In order not to breathe smoke, it is worth sitting on the street, and in some establishments there are non-smoking rooms.

Prices in Serbia Restaurants

In order to estimate the level of the institution where you are going to have dinner, use the checkered "Index Plecavitsa". In the cafe with average prices of Plescavitsa (juicy grill dinner) will cost 400-450 dinar (200-250 rubles), in a restaurant for more expensive – from 600 dinar.

Restaurants and cafes in Serbia

In general, Serbian restaurants are much cheaper than Russian and European. 1200-1300 Dinar (600-700 rubles) can be sorted together by ordering on the main dish, salad and a pair of local beer glasses. A cup of good coffee costs about 100-130 dinar (55-70 rubles), like a large satisfying Burek in the bakery.

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes

Bakeries open for breakfast already at 6-7 in the morning: it is at this time where you can buy a fresh pastry. Restaurants and cafes usually work from 9-10 in the morning and also offer the morning menu: it is usually scrambled eggs or omelet, toasts and sandwiches, cornpap. In big cities, lunch begins at 12-13 hours, in small – later, around 14:00. Serbs dinner rather late, about 20-21: 00, but almost all restaurants open for evening meals in 18-19: 00. Most of them work until midnight, and the kitchen closes around 23:00.


Clear rule prescribing to leave tips in Serbia. If you are satisfied with the service in the restaurant, tip in the amount of 7-10% of the account will be very relevant. In small cafes with fast food and bakery to give tea not accepted. The Serbs bar usually round the amount of the bill to the nearest digit – so that a small amount of tea.

Restaurants and cafes in Serbia

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