Restaurants and cafes in Switzerland: Personal experience

If in the pre-Christmas season it is difficult to come up with something better than a wooden hut, where they are prepared on heavy cast iron frying pans, then where to go to the rest of the time? Options are a pretty set, but still a little of the most, that they managed to capture in Basel 🙂

Perhaps those who granted to the city for the meeting with beautiful, strictly shown the Kunsthalle restaurant on Steinenberg 7.

In this "Art gallery", Of course, there will be murals, but from few famous masters, the rate goes to the art of gastronomic. Much attention is paid to so beloved worldwide Italian cuisine. From the names of Vytello Tonato, Risotto with Saffron, Ravioli and Farphalale Ryabit in the eyes 🙂 and it’s good that Ryabit, because there is from what to choose! In addition to the cuisine of the South of Europe, there are also Swiss specialists (for example, in Zurichsky meat, about which we will still talk another time), and the rare menu costs without a solid.

Cute Place Zum Braunen Mutz In the very center of Basel on Barfüsserplatz 10, it can boast of both excellent meat, in particular beef under the sauce of fruit with spicy red cabbage and potato graphic (cm. above) and fish.

Another Notewer Basel Restaurant – Safran Zunft on Gerbergasse 11. The place of action is interesting in itself, because going inside, you are in the guild building, known since the 14th century. The menu must match the severity of the building? I have a hurry to say what corresponds, and there is perhaps everything. And especially that "all" Refers to marble beef 🙂 And how not to note the home apple sorbet with Calvados?

I strongly recommend both two hands vote for Baracca Zermatt on BinningerStrasse 14. This is no longer a restaurant, it is again a simple alpine hut, which is especially nice to my heart. The motto of it – "WO ZERMATT DRAUFSTEHT, IST AUCH ZERMATT DRIN!", or where Zermatt is written, there is Zermatt and inside. Feel atmosphere, hello from Matterhorn? Having settled behind the impressive wooden table, glancing on the hunting trophies on the walls and on fire in the fireplace, you only need to wait for a heat-edge bowl (Caido) with molten cheese on the burner.

Restaurants in Zurich

In the area of ​​the Central Patus Street of Bahnhofstrasse (Bahnhoffstrasse), not so many restaurants, as they approach paradenplatz (Paradenplatz) more. Far from all deserve attention due to their "Tourist taste" and high prices.On the left bank of the Limat River (Limmat), in the rich Zurich charm Raione Nyederhof (Niederhof) with its shops, cafes and street artists, inexpensive restaurants are concentrated. Most of the truth is not typical Swiss, but Italian, Spanish t.E. Just those where even the indigenous Zurihets go willing.

But Swiss Schuchi is a great place to taste the Swiss national dishes not too alleviating the wallet (according to Swiss standards of course).. Sometimes you are waiting for disappointment: the institution is joined by groups of Chinese and you have no place to sit down.

If all the same hunger visited you on "road" Limat’s shore, pay attention to the Rotusseri at the Storchen Hotel (Stormogen – Aist), which is always open after lunch, which is especially valuable, t.To. Restaurants in Zurich usually close early and open again only after 7 pm.Rôtisserie is where the game roasts on a verta (spinning).

At the very beginning of the famous Agustinergasse alley (AugustineGasse) you will find "Talning" Antinori (CantineTta Antinori) – its branch is in Moscow (in Moscow was not, but I suspect that she is pavinous). It is also open without a break, a little close, the place is a bog and, perhaps, you will push the knees under the table with neighbors neighbors.

Shpüngli (Sprüngli) – Cafe for 2m (European on 1m) floor to paradeplatz. I recommend confectionery by which firm and famous. As for the usual meal – not too good, and the prices are high.

On "Earth" (on the 1st floor in Russian) – shop and cafe, analogue of St. Petersburg "North". Recommended Luxembourgril (Luxemburgerli) – miniature cakes. Tip: Click Luxembourgs of different varieties a whole box and put in the hotel in the refrigerator, packed and fly home – they will survive.This is the experience of both our and the saleswoman who gave us an excellent Swiss service. Yes! In the Swiss size is the best service in the world.

Enjoy the Swiss cuisine once 😉 Well, where is normal, without fuss, dine in the evening? Counterto (Contratnto) is completely close to paradeplatz and frateloster (stained glass stained glass!). Excellent Italian cuisine, prices bite – be careful, but the place is just beautiful, but not the pathos and the crowd of the Chinese do not threaten.

Restaurants and cafes in Switzerland Personal experience

Outfit main dishes and wines. Especially good in this institution stack with risotto. This is not just a cozy restaurant, here you are taking dishes and enjoy modern art.

"Blind cow" (Blindekuh) in Zurich – the very first restaurant where they eat in complete darkness. The idea is not patented and, you can open the same in Uryupinsk. I don’t have pictures, guess why? And sink coffee.

Nice kitchen in Cafe du Center Geneva

Somehow we did not work out with the local cuisine, the raklet and the fondue of 35 degrees did not want, the duck in the high kitchen restaurant was undeveloped, like the veal in Zurich, by the way, at all like the original.

Went to wander through the streets in search of a cute restaurant with tables on the street, which turned out to be a problem, since such a choice is small, stumbled upon Cafe Du Center Geneva and a pizzeria next to him. Even was a free table.

Well, we did not wait for such an institution, since the usual tourist place.

But it turned out that they have a good kitchen and a large selection of really fresh seafood. I broke off on the oysters, the choice of them was very big and they were the freshest.

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