Restaurants and cafes in the Czech Republic

With all the abundance of first-class public catering sites in the Czech Republic, there are a number of very difficult moments that a tourist should be taken into account.

In popular tourist establishments, a table should be booked in advance. It is also recommended to carefully plan an exit in case it falls on Friday evening or weekends – many good beer and cafe are overcrowded by people at this time.

Unfortunately, tourists counting today became in Chekhov something like a national sport, first of all – in restaurants and a taxi. Almost officially with visitors here is taken in an increased fee literally for everything, ranging from rates in hotels and ending with an account in a cafe. At the same time, any additional fees except traditional "Quevert" (Couvert, full cutlery or basket with bakery products and a set of spices, default displayed on the table and included in the account), payment "for service" (sometimes up to 20% of the account) or tip (in Czech – P&# 345;&# 237; Platky), here all the time all new forms are invented "Gathering Mzda". Also, sometimes allocate a separate line so-called restaurant tax (19.5%, the regular debate is about to reduce it to 9%, "But WHO and now there"), which by law automatically turns on in the price of dishes. Abandon all these surcharges in theory you can, but do it need it in advance. And even easier to initially choose the institution without additional "Paid service" – Such plenty.

The standard schemes of the calculation was the provision of a menu on Czech, in which a stranger with the language foreigner is unlikely to allocate exactly the dish (and that price!), which he ordered, an account without detailing dishes and services (also decorated from hand on Czech), the fitting of the side dishes separately from the main course, the automatic rounding of the account in the big face and so on – options are not considered. Therefore, it is not worth it to thoroughly check the correspondence of the account with a real order brought by the waiter, and require a detail document, that is, with the costs of the cost of dishes, allowance for the service (if it is available in the restaurant, must necessarily be indicated in the account), and even more desirable – printed on the check, and not written by hand. Only after that you can make a decision on payment, otherwise I immediately require the Metrotel – and no references to ignorant personnel should act.

Also a characteristic feature of local institutions is the difference in the price of dishes when servicing in the hall or at the street on the street – in the latter case everything is more expensive. Therefore, the usual way of fraud is the provision of a client in the hall "Street menu" with all the ensuing consequences.

Restaurants and cafes in the Czech Republic

Before ordering, you should ask the dish menu (J&# 237; Deln&# 237; L&# 237; Stek) and beverages (n ; Pojov&# 253; L&# 237; Stek, Pitn&# 237;&# 269; EK) and carefully study it. In high-class establishments, there is usually a menu in several languages ​​immediately, occasionally – and in Russian. Since the service in most establishments (even in beer) conducts a waiter, should carefully discuss with it every position and number (and the size, which is important) dishes, as well as the entire associated service. Salad in restaurants usually do not have to order – sliced ​​vegetables are served directly in a plate with the main dish, but to set it a separate line in the menu is not ashamed of sure. Therefore, you should not be afraid to show a healthy void in this matter, because the difference is sometimes quite noticeable.

In the beer, only 1-2 beverage grades are usually served – they are marked on a transparency at the entrance, to demand different meaninglessly – most likely bring the same, but at a different price (it is clear that not at a smaller side). Usually beer is poured into half-liter mugs, smaller portions need to be lit apart. The moment when the empty glass is put on the table, for the waiter is a sign that it is necessary to urgently bring full, so it is better to normalize the amount is also better in advance. In many traditional beer, the waiter simply puts chalk "wand" on a special chalkboard with a number of table or place – to control honesty here is very easy. But if the service is carried out in a row, there may be inconsistencies – and empty glasses have long been carried out and prove something, and even in the capitution, it is not easy.

If there are no complaints about personnel, then you can leave "tips" up to 10% of the total cost of the order. By the way, the same pay "above" for taxis and guide services.

Restaurants and cafes in the Czech Republic

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