Restaurants and cafes in the UK: Personal experience

The most popular drinks are served room temperature.

The king of sales is El. Many varieties: Pale Ale (5.0-7.6), Scottish, Porter (4.5-6.0), Stout (7.0-9.0), Bitter (4.2-4.8) and many, many others.Basically, the market captured large beer concerns who own an extensive network of pubs.

Such pubs are easy to know by the presence of a sill of a brewing company and a set of available beverages. The design of such institutions is very pleasant, and the quality of food is mediocre, but edible.El connoisseurs and lovers of German and Czech beers or like immediately, or does not go to any. Nations not very dismantling in beer, he likes enough to temporarily abandon the wine (for a glass of 4.50 pounds it is psychologically difficult to pay).

Some small brewery try to please the tastes of the public and boil wheat beer. I can safely recommend Meantime. You will be in Greenwich, be sure to visit this place. Take the tasting set and bite the cake with salmon. Those who will become short. Saturday nights there is played by the Bavarian ensemble, and the sideways give sauced cabbage to the garnish.

Return to Elym. Fullers, Nicholson and many others already mentioned networks place their pubs in the city center and provide visitors with cards for "Kroling". You can make an excellent excursion walk, regularly stinking into a new pub for a fresh portion of fuel.London pubs are visited due to special interiors resembling knightly halls or museums. To So I PAB Knights Templar on the Carey Street and nearby Pub from Fullers on the corner of Fleet Street and Bell Yard.

For the sake of joke, you can go to the oldest Pub of London. He was renovated immediately after the Great Fire and never closed – Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. He is right there – on Fleet Street. Generally, Street Streets by ancient peteral institutions. Apparently, the lawyers often pierced the nerves, so there was a lunch to relax. Of course, because the famous hairdresser worked immediately, perfectly embodied Johnny Depos. What did he fly to some attorney?The blackfriars bridge itself contains the Pubs of the Modern Epoch,. It’s just an architectural masterpiece.Through the bridge at the hotel in the building of the Old Hat Workshop, there is a cozy Mad Hatter. There is beautiful, and in the winter poured hot pimms.Right towards the theater "globe" everything is still stretching pubs. For example, Anchor.All these institutions of one price category.

Breakfast in Belfast

Instead of expected "Swedish table" With a national or at least continental breakfast, we found a couple of small bedside tables – on one jug with juices, to another yogurt. It turned out that this was exactly the usual wording "Breakfast included in the room rate", and everything else had to be ordered for an additional fee. Seeing the size of the prices in the menu on the tables (four pounds for a plug-in bun), we, even without doping the juice, in a friendly betrayed by Anathema, this offense and no longer went there.

Restaurants and cafes in the UK Personal experience

Find a replacement to the failed breakfast turned out to be easier than I thought: on the way to the center we paid attention to the institution called "THE BRIDGE HOUSE" (Bedford Street, 35-43), offered, judging by the signs and ads, a lot of food at quite reasonable prices. And signage did not deceive us. The most difficult turned out to be understood in numerous special offers, discounts and promotions, varying depending on the time of day and days of the week and difficult to combine with each other (something like a dragon poker at Asprina – who read, he will understand). Well, and dismissed all this wisdom, you will not be hungry in Belfast. For example: Full Irish breakfast ("ULSTER FRY") For two with tea or coffee, we got less than eight pounds – by local standards quite a bit, especially since the breakfast was just huge. It is worth noting that "THE BRIDGE HOUSE" – This is not a restaurant, but a pub, so that the waiters will have to forget: the order must be made by the rack of the bar, right there to fully pay, call the table number and, returning to his place, wait. Tips in pubs, by the way, not accepted. In the morning B "THE BRIDGE HOUSE" Empty – you can breakfast without difficulty, – but in the evenings pub is full, free space for dinner can be found for a very long time.

In Pubs of England – with children!

Even the most provincial pub will offer children’s menu, children’s high chair, changing devices and friendly customer relationships. In some roadside restaurants you can pour free of charge to a bottle of warm milk and to fit it in the microwave. It is located on racks where spoons, forks, sugar, ketchup etc. are unfolded.

In restaurants and pubs of England, children will always bring pencils and coloring, so as not to waiting.

Restaurants and cafes in the UK Personal experience

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