Restaurants and cafes in the UK

In modern UK, it is more difficult to try real English cuisine: it is infrequent, and it is quite expensive. Therefore, going to the shores of Misty Albion, get ready for acquaintance with exotic foods from the whole planet.

Features of restaurants in the UK

In recent years, as in many other European countries, authentic British institutions are gradually closed, inferior to immigrant pizzerias, Chinese and Indian, Arab and Vietnamese, Turkish and Mexican, Lebanese and Thai restaurants, Japanese drying with "conveyor belts", Greek taverns. The popularity of exotic food grows all the more so it is usually worth it is much cheaper, but it is good, because both the chefs themselves, and the main customers, not so long ago, having moved to the foggy Albion, have not forgotten the taste of native food. Among this abundance of foreign food, it is not easy to find truly English establishments, and in some areas of cities and it is not possible at all.

Such changes are noticeable even at the Michelin guide: in the UK, quite a few institutions are listed in this reference, however, among the last replenishment, more and more "Inrogenous" restaurants.

What to do if you still want to feel like a British? Being in this country, it is necessary to visit this English pub and try local el and beer there. Networks of pubs belonging to concerns of beverages spread across the country. As a rule, interiors there are pleasant, but the quality of the dishes leaves much to be desired. There are institutions open at small brewery: in such places there is quite peaceful. Also on British expanses there are independent pubs that have more freedom in the choice of varieties and sometimes a great range for those who want to arrange an extensive tasting.

In urban pubs, the British are usually going to skip the cup-other after work and discuss the news. They do it too noisy, so you should not hope that in such a place will be able to eat in silence and rest. Sometimes many visitors are standing on the street, because it is cheaper.

It’s good to eat in the pubs, as a rule, only snacks and the simplest in the cooking dishes are served there, and sometimes after 18:00 and they are stopped to offer something other than foam drink.

Meanwhile, if the food is more important than the tasting of the ala or porter, it is better to go to the so-called gastropab – it is good chefs prepare delicious dishes.

Another type of typical local venues in which you can meet true Englishmen – Coffee Shops and Confectionery. In them, as a rule, you will be offered to drink a cup of good coffee and order something sweet to him. All UK has network coffee shops: British Costa Coffe, Italian Café Nero, French Café Rouge and the omnipresent Starbucks, meet you and confectionery Paul, Valerie and others. However, true gourmeans are better to choose unique establishments, which can usually be found in small cities (or, for example, with family hotels) – the fragrant drink is boiled there according to the most apparatus rules, and cakes will be baked according to old family recipes, although the amount in Check in such places will be more.

Of course, in the UK you can easily find both fast food. In addition to the usual signs found around the world, there are truly British places – such as very popular people leading a healthy lifestyle, Pret-A-Manger.

Prices in UK restaurants are quite high. You can easily dine without drinks in the English center of the middle river, it will be possible to do about 20 pounds, in Indian or Turkish restaurant you can do the 10th. The cost of meals in fashionable establishments can begin with 70 pounds.

Bank cards of basic payment systems throughout the UK are accepted without any problems. However, it is necessary to pay carefully "Plastic" In cheap institutions of Asian kitchens – there are cases when tourists disappeared money from the account.

Opening hours of restaurants and cafes

In the morning, hours from 08:00, coffee shops and pastry, offering breakfast.

Restaurants and cafes in the UK

Approximately 12:00 comes Lanka time for office staff. Restaurants and pubs start working in which you can eat well or order a simple integrated lunch. Now the traditional time of eating is changing, people cease to adhere to "historical" graphics. In general, Lunch is generally a small meal. More solid "dinner" "shifted" For evening – at 17: 00-19: 00. Dinner used to be a small feast before bedtime, but these days there is no time at all. Now for many lunch (he takes a break during working hours) becomes the only day meal. Restaurants go to meet the wishes of customers, and usually dine, in our understanding, you can hours until 17:00.

After that, the time of dinner should have started, but the average Englishman, most likely, after work (that is, from about 17 to 21 hours) will go to the pub. At this time there is most of all people, the owners arrange all sorts of Happy Hours. Dinner – less popular, however, if you still decided to this, then you know that in solid restaurants, the time for evening meals occurs around 18:00, and they are closed to 22: 00-23: 00, although a lot of establishments completed work already by 19:00, and the weekend may not open at all. Pubs are usually happy to visitors until 23:00 or, if they have acquired a special license, up to a much longer time.


Give or not tip in the UK – the business is the master, however most of the waiters are still waiting for you, and some attendant personnel (especially from restaurants with exotic cuisine) can hint on their desire to get money over the account even overly persistently. So that everyone is satisfied, it is worth adding to about 10-15 percent to the final amount, only if the service fee is no longer included in it.

Other situation in the pubs: Every drink is made to order at the rack, so you or immediately give 1-2 pound bartender, or it remains at all without tips, which happens much more often and is considered normal.

Fraudes in the restaurants of Great Britain

Visiting restaurants in the UK, it is worth being attentive. Their employees who recently moved to the foggy shores from hot countries brought with them old habits, so sometimes in institutions of exotic cuisine you can face different "Asian" Options for deception. So, you may say that, although the dish is sold for grams, the minimum portion is for two (and then bring half less, I do not fail to double the cost of the kushan in the account). Or "forget" Report Additional Service Place. Or generally declare that prices in the menu are distributed only for the option "with myself", And those who want to eat in place should pay a substantial amount for each occupied place. And exactly this amount is not spelled out nowhere to keep her waiter. Options mass, not charming the European atmosphere and always be alert!

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