Restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most interesting cities in the world in terms of food. Multinational megalopolis, he absorbed the kitchen of all countries, but the Asian cuisine is presented especially brightly here. In Asia, there is a food cult. It leads every year millions of tourists to Hong Kong, only to eat tasty. Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Korean, Japanese restaurants here at every turn, not to mention the kitchen of different regions of China. In Hong Kong expensive hotels and restaurants, there are some of the best chefs in the world. Often they are prepared in the style of Fusion, mixing the traditions of Asian and European cuisines.

British heritage

Hong Kong for a hundred years was the colony of Great Britain. It could not not impose his imprint and in the kitchen. In any Hong Kong eatership, you will be able to choose from two breakfasts – Chinese and English. The Chinese enters the noodle or rice, but in English – oatmeal, sandwiches or toasts and tea with milk. Also in any coffee shop, you can order traditional British fresh dough buns – scope.

Luxurious and expensive to go for breakfast or brunch in an expensive hotel. Some hotels, for example, the oldest in The Peninsula and expensive cafes serve the famous Five O’Clock TEA – five-hour tea with milk, sandwiches and cakes in the best British traditions.

Fast food

Each step has bakeries, where hundreds of types of bread and buns are sold. But not everyone to taste white loose asian bread.

Be sure to try Egg-Tart – egg tartlets come from Portugal, and egg waffles.

Cafe de Coraal – a local fast food network – offers comprehensive lunches and breakfasts of Chinese and European cuisine at economical prices. Competition makes it, for example, Japanese eaters, in which they are preparing, for example, rice with different fillings. Work and all familiar American networks.

Darling "fast food" Hong Kongs – Kong (CONGEE) – Rice porridge and noodles with fish balls and dumplings and pair buns.

It is worth remembering that the use of food in the parks and in transport is honored high fines.

Hong Kong cuisine

Popular Place for Gourmet – Ship-Restaurant "Jambo Kingdom" In Aberdeen in the form of a Chinese palace ( where they fall on a boat or ferry. There you can taste lobsters, crabs, sea ends, oysters, soup made of shark fins, turtle soup and other delicacies. The account begins from 300 Hong Kong dollars.

Behind the freshest seafood and fish, tourists go to nearby islands, for example – Chang Chao, where you can eat on the veranda by the sea.

Bars and tea houses

Hong Kong – City of Cocktails. Never do so well "May Tai" and "Singapore Sling".

On the island of Hong Kong bars nest around the famous escalator. Lai Kwan Fong can be the starting point.

On the mainland Cowlone, the most famous place is a terrace Ntsford, where you can feel the atmosphere of old Hong Kong. But if you can afford a luxury, go to one of the famous bars on the top of the skyscrapers and enjoy the panorama of the city over a glass of wine.

Trustees should pay attention to Chinese tea and Hong Kong tea houses. Good dessert for tea – famous pineapple pie – Pineapple Cake.

Restaurants in Hong Kong

Curious local drink – tea coffee and welding coffee.

Interestingly, in tea houses the main thing is not tea, but food. Usually there are steam dumplings in them – dim-samas.

Vegetarian dishes

Everyone knows that a vegetarian in Asia has a tight. Most dishes are complex, and in a plate with Tofu often pork can crash, and vegetable soup will be welded on meat broth. Therefore, we advise vegetarians to eat in restaurants during monasteries. For example, such a restaurant is near the statue of Buddha on Lantau Island. There you can not doubt that all the food will be on one hundred percent plant origin and besides very tasty.

Tips, work time and prices

You can eat in Hong Kong around the clock. Good restaurants open no earlier than 10-11 am.

Prices differ from the minimum to the translated. You can eat from 30 Hong Kong dollars. Tips are not accepted, but in good restaurants are welcome. In some restaurants, the service has been added to the account.

In the eaters, food is paid at the box office. Most establishments take bank cards.

Hong Kong tourism advice checks for catering. Restaurants Checking Receive QTS QTS Sign (QUALITY Tourism Service). In such restaurants you can count on a good service, product quality and price match specified in the menu.

Restaurants in Hong Kong

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