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Nai Harn suitable for lovers of relaxing family holidays and wintering workers. Hotels on the beach are a bit, but in the area there are condominiums, apartments and houses for rent from month and more. A variety of restaurants here is not so big as on Patong beaches, Karon or Kata. Near the coast, in a casuarine grove, lined up in a row of cafes and macashnitsa, in front of the temple, restaurants and shops are located. A large selection of institutions is located on winding streets behind the lake. You will find coffee shops, restaurants with different kitchens, bars, cute cafes and even discos. From Nai Harn Beach only 10 minutes by car to the famous fish market on the beach Rawai and Children’s Park Rawai Park with a restaurant Love Rawai. Introduce you to some restaurants of the district.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Cozy place with the European interior and Thai hospitality. There is a large selection of breakfasts in the menu: Muesli with yogurt, cereal, toasts, croissants, fruit pancakes, sandwiches, all kinds of omelets and desserts. Beverages offer coffee, tea, frosses, smoothies and protein cocktails. Middle account per person 200-300 baht.

Natural Efe Macrobiotic WORLD

The restaurant offers a macrobiotic kitchen based on a harmonious combination of products and cooking methods without the use of sugar, industrial salt, glutamate, refined oil and other artificial ingredients. Restaurant Cannot be called rawed, Although in the menu Large selection of live dishes: salads, soups, smoothies, Detox juices, Energy breakfasts, spreads, milk from nuts and seeds. From other dishes, you can order sandwiches, sandwiches, spaghetti, falafel, snacks, breakfasts and Asian hots with rice. The restaurant uses only organic foods and cold spin vegetable oils. If you wish, you can sign up for culinary courses or visit the buffet. Middle account per person 350-450 baht. Read more about Restaurant>>>

Terrace Restaurant Nechell Efe

The Book Cafe

Unusual book cafe, located in a Thai house surrounded by Hippie’s atmosphere. There is a real library here. Can be read for a cup of coffee or buy a book you like. The restaurant menu is not so big and suitable for breakfast: porridge, granola, pancakes, omelet, sandwiches, fruit juices and smoothies. Here often satisfied different interesting events, master classes and children’s sites for Russian-speaking expat. Middle account per person 250-400 baht.

Mahasamutr Sunset Bar

A wonderful bar for a sunset meeting attached between Nai Harn’s beaches and Ao Sein. The kitchen here is Thai and does not particularly shy exquisite taste, and the service is very saba-sabai. This is worth come to skip the beer bottle or taste an exotic cocktail. Those who wish can swim in the pool. Middle account per person 400-500 baht.

The owners of cat cafes


Cute Coffee Shop, where the main owners are cats of different breeds. The interior is made in pink colors and resembles a toy house. On the menu only drinks and desserts. Cats are very affectionate, play with visitors and try to climb into a cup with coffee. Middle account per person 200-300 baht.

Green Tamarind Kitchen

If you bored Thai food and want something more familiar, be sure to visit Green Tamarind Kitchen, where they are preparing the best burgers on the Nai Harn beach. Portions are not just big and able to feed a hungry man, they are huge. In the menu Burgers with Swiss Cheese, Bacon and Blue Cheese, Cheeseburgers, Chicenburgers and even vegetarian options. You yourself can choose the degree of roasted cutlets, order additional ingredients. From Thai cuisine in a restaurant Delicious salad from Papaya, Tom Yam and some other dishes. Middle account per person 300-400 baht.

Burger in Green Tamarind Kitchen

M.M’s Pizzeria

The name restaurant received the first letters of the owners – Maggie and Mario. It opens in the evenings and specializes in Italian cuisine. Delicious pizza, salads, pasta, desserts – all attracts visitors. Middle account per person 350-500 baht.

Los amigos

In walking distance from Nai Harn Beach, near the lake, Meksican Restaurant Los Amigos is located. There are always fresh guacomole, Tako, Enchilad, Fakhitas, Cesadilla and delicious Margarita and several types of Tequila. Middle account per person 300-400 baht.

Restaurants in Phuket - Nai Harn Beach, photos, prices, reviews Phuket guidebook

Cesadilla in Los Amigos


Cozy family restaurant for the whole family. Here serves Thai and Italian dishes. For children there is a game room with mats, so parents may not worry about their children. Delicious pizza from a wood-burning furnace, including vegetarian, a large selection of pasta, salads, snacks and desserts. Middle account per person 350-500 baht.

Crepes Village

Cafe with French pancakes suitable for family breakfast or lunch in gazebo among greens. At least here and serve breakfasts and Thai cuisine, trying pancakes, they are excellent. Do not compare them with Thai Roth or American Pankequers. There are more than 10 species of pancakes: classic, with egg, ham, spinach, chocolate, banana and ice cream. Middle account per person 250-350 baht.

Speat with ice cream ball

Rock Salt Restaurant

The restaurant for special occasions is located in The Nai Harn. The terrace opens a chic sea view and beach. The restaurant is suitable for lunch, dinner or sunset meeting. The menu presents Mediterranean cuisine with Thai notes: paste, pizza, mese, meat and seafood dishes. Middle account per person 600-800 baht.

Restaurants and cafes Nai Harn on the map

As you can see, stay hungry on Nai Harn beach will not work. I described my favorite restaurants and cafes. Besides them, about the coast many ordinary Thai establishments, where they cook well. And do not forget about the markets that are located near, and about shopping centers, where there are cafes and restaurants. Detailed information about other beaches you will find in my mobile guide. Pleasant rest!

Restaurants in Phuket - Nai Harn Beach, photos, prices, reviews Phuket guidebook

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