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Bangtao Beach – An ideal place to stay with children. The bay can be divided into two parts: the complex of the lagoon and hotels outside it. Restaurants and cafes you will find everywhere. In the complex of hotels and residences of the lagoon its tropical world with streets among lakes, shops, first-class restaurants and beach clubs. The sea has small cafes and barracks that are not owned by hotels. Over the gates of the complex, too, a lot of good establishments, it can be reached by free shuttle from any hotel. Street outside the lagoon complex, passing along Bangtao Beach hotels, Arinara, Pottit Cafes, Restaurants and shops. Of course, they are not so much here, like on Patong, County or Kate, and after 22:00 some establishments are already closed. I will tell you about the most famous places that can be visited on Bangtao Beach.

Wine Connection Bangtao

Vine Connenexne is a network restaurant, a wine bar and a store with European products. Here is a large selection of different varieties of cheese, Italian pizza, steaks, salads and meat cuts. Selection of imported wine at reasonable prices is huge. Middle account per person 300-500 baht.


Russian restaurant House of spices managed to establish on Phuket Island. Find it on the beach Bangtao is easy enough in the new Mall of Porto de Phuket. Habitual to you home Russian cuisine: borsch, olivier, dumplings, vinaigrette, pancakes and much more. You will not have a question than feeding the child. Middle account 400 baht per person. Read on about the restaurant and save the discount >>>


Restaurant Ceramics Kitchen is located in the area between the Beach of Bangtao and the monument to Söstram-heroine. It is unique with his thematic atmosphere and feeling comfort. The restaurant is built with a small ceramic factory. Ceramic Kitchen is suitable for a romantic dinner together for a family celebration and for lunch in a quiet place. In the menu of dishes of European, Indian and Thai cuisine, as well as a separate wide wine list. Middle account per person 300-500 baht. Read the detailed article about Restaurant Ceramics Kitchen>>>


Designer Kraft Bar with an unusual interior where metal and glass prevail. Walls are decorated with beer barrels. In the menu several types of spill crafting beer and tens of bottled. Snacks Rooms: Sausages, Steaks, Robryshki. Middle account per person 400-500 baht.

Bampot Kitchen & Bar

Magnificent Author’s restaurant with a private style, combining the classics and modernity of European cuisine. Chef Jamie came from Scotland and himself creates culinary masterpieces. Kitchen in Open Type Restaurant, you can watch the cooking process. In addition to meat dishes and seafood, the restaurant offers several vegetarian positions. Separately, it is worth noting the bar where the author’s cocktails make and serve craft beer. Mishalin Guide turned on the restaurant to its list by adding the award The Plate Michelin. Middle account per person 600-700 baht.

Little Paris

Real Corner of France on Phuket. French, Italian, Thai cuisine and vegetarian dishes. Large breakfast selection All day: American pancakes, granola, toasts, croissants, omelet, sandwiches and baguettes. Middle account per person 500-700 baht.

Popular restaurant Japanese cuisine, located in the Talang area, which is a 15-minute drive from hotels on Bangtao Beach. Products are always fresh, which is very important for sushi, rolls and sashimi. In the menu Different salads, hot dishes, soups and complex lunches. Tables are separated from each other by partitions, so visitors do not interfere with each other. Middle account per person 300-500 baht. Read a detailed article about Fuji restaurant>>>

Siam Supper Club

Stylish jazz-restaurant, popular among local expat. In the menu European cuisine and Thai fusion, all sorts of cocktails, craft beer and wide wine list. The atmosphere creates an interior with muted light, jazz music and photographs of celebrities on the walls. Middle account per person 600-800 baht.

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Beach clubs on the beach Bangtao

Right on the seashore there are several beach clubs: Catch Beach Club, Dream Beach Club, Xana Beach Club and Bluesiam Beach Club. Here come for morning coffee or brunch, to meet a sunset with a cocktail or dinner under the stars. In the evenings, they arrange discos and shows with fire, playing DJs, violinists and saxophonists. The atmosphere of rest on the coast appropriate: large swimming pool, delicious kitchen, excellent music and chic sunset. Middle account per person 700-900 baht. Read more about All Poklet Beach Clubs >>>

Suay Restaurant

Second restaurant Suay on the island of Phuket from the famous Chief Noi (the first is located in Phuket Town). In the past, he worked in chic 5-star hotels around the world, on QE II cruise liner, in the Mishlen restaurant in Germany and participated in the show Iron Chef Thailand. You can stay in a cozy garden or room with air conditioning. Whatever you order, one of the European dishes or Thai fusion, the feed will be exquisite. Mishalin Guide turned on the restaurant to its list by adding the award The Plate Michelin. Try branded meals Restaurant Suay: grilled shrimps with a salad of lemon sorghum or a liver duck with pineapples and lychee. Middle account per person 600-800 baht. Another restaurant Suay is open in the PORTO de Phuket shopping center.

Lemonade Club

Club Lemonade is a real leisure center for children and adults. With it, a restaurant of a healthy kitchen with vegetarian and raw edges is open. To please all, the restaurant serves chicken and seafood dishes. And besides, a herbal sauna, a spa, outdoor and closed playgrounds, a swimming pool with slides, a swimming pool for adults and a roller pool are located on the territory of the leisure center. Read more about Club Lemonade>>>

Restaurants and cafes Bangtao on the map

In addition to the above restaurants, on the beach of Bangtao there are fairs and markets with cute cafes and trays with finished food. Several restaurants are located on the territory of the Boat Avenue shopping center. Detailed information about all establishments and other Bangtao Beach infrastructure Look in my mobile guide. Pleasant appetite and excellent holiday!

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