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On the island of Phuket many restaurants and cafes for every taste. Stayed hungry in Thailand unreal. If not Thai cuisine, so italian, german or russian. On most beaches, quite a few restaurants, cafes and other foodstuffs. I will not dwell on ordinary Thai establishments, sometimes hundreds sometimes, but I will tell about interesting restaurants with a highlight, where the quality of food, on my personal taste, deserves recommendations. I’ll start with the beach of Karon.

Brazilian restaurant El Gaucho


No doubt, this is one of the best restaurants in Karon Beach. It opened almost 30 years ago and since then it does not cease to please his guests with great seafood dishes. A unique interior, harmoniously combining natural rocky ledges with a tree, and a gorgeous view of the Andaman Sea create a romantic atmosphere, suitable for both dinner in a family circle with a sunset meeting and for more festive cases. Restaurant On The Rock is located in Marina Phuket Resort, right on the rocky cape. On the menu you will find traditional Thai cuisine and all kinds of seafood from the royal shrimp on the grill to lobsters under cheese sauce. Middle account 800-1200 baht per person.

Dino Park

Another restaurant, located in Marina Phuket Resort. You will immediately get into the era of dinosaurs and fantasies from the cartoon about the Flinston family. Middle account 400-500 baht per person. Read more>>>

Restaurant and Bar 2Gether

2Gether Restaurant & Bar

Not far from Phuket Orchid Resort & SPA has a restaurant and a 2Gether bar, which was twice awarded the title of the best restaurant on Karon Beach in 2012 and 2013 from the Internet portal Trip Advisor. The menu here is truly extensive: Thai, Italian, Swedish and French cuisine. You will find excellent steaks from Australian beef, schnitzel, cutlets, pizza, pasta, lobster soup and much more. In the evenings, live music is played, and for the youngest guests, a children’s corner is cooked, where they can play while their parents dine. Middle account 400 baht per person.


Restaurant Veranda is located near the circle in the wall of the Simplitel Hotel. If you missed Russian cuisine, juicy kebabs, searer or real booster, you are looking forward to. For small guests, a special children’s menu: oatmeal and semolina, dumplings, chicken noodles soup, a puree and a lot more. Veranda’s restaurant specializes in exotic crocodile dishes, ostrich, sharks and seafood. Not bypassed Thai cuisine: Tom Yam, Tom Kha, Pat Thai, Cashew Chicken and Other Popular Dishes. Middle account 400 baht per person. Download a special discount restaurant Veranda>>>

Grilled Ostrich in Veranda Restaurant


Opposite the Veranda restaurant is located the best Japanese restaurant on Caron. Here is a real paradise for Japanese cuisine lovers: sushi, sashimi, poppies, rolls, tempura and much more. For amateurs offer real Japanese sake, homemade wine and a large selection of various tea varieties. On the menu you will find inexpensive business lunches. In addition to divine sushi and rolls, in a restaurant for your children made a playground with a trampoline, a slide and pool with balls. Capture socks for children. For young visitors offer children’s menu. Middle account 400 baht per person. Download and print a special discount from the Tokyo restaurant>>>

The Secret Cliff Restaurant

Another restaurant overlooking the Andaman Sea is located on the pass from the beach of Karon on Patong, at the hotel The Secret Cliff Resort. Romantic atmosphere is suitable for dinner together or for the whole family. The menu features Thai, international and Italian cuisine, a large selection of seafood and all sorts of steaks, pizza, pasta and a wide wine list. In the evenings, live music sounds, and the sunset looks just unmatched from here. Middle account 400-800 baht per person.

Restaurant The Secret Cliff overlooking the caron bay

Two Chefs

One of the branches of a fairly famous on Phukety Restaurant Two Chefs is easy to find on the street leading to the hotel Centara Karon Beach Resort. The network of steak houses was opened by two chefs from Sweden in 2007. On the menu you will find all sorts of meat and seafood of Thai, Mexican and international cuisine. Separately presented children’s menu and vegetarian dishes. Here you can order a delicious cake for your celebration with delivery directly to the hotel. Middle account from 400 baht per person.

Bai Toey

The traditional Thai restaurant Bai Toy is located on the street leading to the hotel The Old Phuket Beach Resort. The unusual atmosphere of this institution will take you to a quiet cozy provincial town of the middle of the last century, where time flows slowly. So was Phuket Town. Order shrimps wrapped in noodles, curry or chicken kebabs and enjoy the mood when Phuket has not been another popular tourist resort. Middle account 400 baht per person.

Restaurants with seafood in caron

Restaurants on Phuket - Karon Beach, Photos, Reviews Travel Guide in Phuket

On the beach street, next to Andaman Seaview and Phuket Island View hotels, there are several restaurants, where seafood is preparing great. They stand in a row, pass by impossible. Lamai Restaurant, Halle Hallo, Bounty Seafood, The Twins or Lamit – you choose where to go today. All restaurants are preparing approximately the same, seafood lie in "Boat" on ice right in front of the entrance. The interiors of restaurants are simple and no sophisticated, because the whole thing in Thai dishes with seafood. Middle account per person from 300 baht.

Karon Cafe

Popular from the guests of Phuket Island since 1989 Restaurant Karon Cafe is located on the street near the Centara Karon Beach Resort Hotel. Here you will find a wide range, including steaks, pasta, pizza, traditional Thai and European dishes. We are glad to offer a separate children’s and vegetarian menu. Lovers wake up late will please the presence of breakfast for every taste throughout the day. Middle account 400 baht per person.

Las Margaritas

On the same street near the Centara Karon Beach Resort Hotel is located mexican restaurant Las Margaritas. You will try not just traditional mexico dishes, but a real tropical fusion with Hawaii, South American, Thai and Indian notes. And for vegetarians offer special options with Tofu. From alcoholic beverages Try Sangria or Margarita Cocktail: Strawberry, Lemon, Mango or Pineapple. Middle account 400 baht per person.

El Gaucho

It is impossible to pass by the Brazilian restaurant El Gaucho in Mövenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach. First, you can sit right in the open sky or on the veranda and enjoy the sunset, slowly sipping an exotic cocktail, or in the air conditioned room. Secondly, the EL Gaucho restaurant itself offers as a choice of menu dishes – Thai dishes, pizza, seafood, and a buffet of Brazilian snacks, salads, meat cuts and many other. Middle account 800-1200 baht per person.

Live music in the Angus O’Tool’s Irish Pub

Irish Pub Angus O’Tool’s

This Irish Pub and Gasthauses are located directly opposite the entrance to the Hotel Centara Karon Beach Resort. Here you will find a large selection of beer: Kilkenny, Guinness, Forster’s, Magners, traditional menu with steaks, steaks, grilled fish, sausages and other dishes. Breakfast is prepared for guests throughout the day, and in the evening you can see a football match or listen to live music. Middle account 400 baht per person.

I hope now you have an idea of ​​where to eat on the beach of Karon. Of course, the above restaurants are not affected not limited. So the choice is yours. Bon Appetit!

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