We rest in March: where in the spring to go to the sea without coronavirus? Photo

Spring’s offensive is already felt in the air. Usually in March, the last frosts also come into force and the ice is often the ice, although of course this year is not counting, but still so you want to warm up in the sun and feel warm! There is a way out: go to the sea.

However, where to go in March to rest on the sea and be confident in good weather and unforgettable beach impressions? And still need to take into account hysteria with coronavirus, choosing the safest countries. So let’s consider the best directions.

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So, the turmp for you picked up the best trends for rest in March:

  • Thailand – Always win-win

March is considered an excellent time to visit this exotic country. It is now in Thailand there is no suffocating heat, and the sea warms up to 27c. Sometimes there are a short livne, giving freshness.

In March, there is no passion, prices for excursions and souvenirs are reduced in comparison with the tourist season, which lasts from November to February.

  • Maldives – Paradise for «MORERANOV»

The Azure Sea and white beaches will form imagination with their magnificence. Active Sun will allow you to quickly get a chocolate tan (do not forget sunscreen!), abundant blossom of bright colors will surprise the abundance of paints.

Many entertainment along with the familiar to many water skiing and diving will surprise an unforgettable punching on the hydroplane above the islands. And their many here! You can even feel like Robinzone Cruise – in the Maldives is possible and this!

  • Sri Lanka will attract exotic excursions
  • Resting in March where spring go to the sea without coronavirus photo articles on tourism from the tourism

Choosing where to go in March, do not forget about the amazing island in the Indian Ocean – Sri Lanka. It is here that a large number of excursions are offered for the most distinguished taste.

The rich history of Ceylon and the cultural heritage will expand the horizons, and the need to restore mental equilibrium will allow to get acquainted with the masters of Ayurveda.

  • India, Canary Islands, UAE.

So it is not easy to choose where to go in March-April, because at this time there is a wonderful weather on Goa, in the United Arab Emirates, and the Canary Islands are ready to surprise with their unique sandy beaches. Studying offers to travel agencies, you should focus on your preferences, and the trip will become a real spring fairy tale!

  • Safe overwhelming without coronavirus

And given this psychosis, which covered people in many countries around the world about the coronavirus, experts at the request of the correspondent of the info «Turprom» compiled a list of the most popular countries from Russian tourists, where at the time of the beginning of March did not identify any infected coronavirus (the first six – For summer holidays, and in the last two you can fly on a beach holiday right now):

  1. Turkey
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Cyprus
  4. Montenegro
  5. Tunisia
  6. Malta
  7. Cuba
  8. Dominican Republic

We also compiled a second group of relatively safe countries – where a small number of infected is revealed, but most importantly – For many days, their number has not increased. Indirectly, this suggests that the authorities managed to deliver a rather reliable barrier to coronavirus, which means resting there quite safe. In alphabetical order, these are the following seven countries:

  1. Egypt
  2. India
  3. UAE
  4. Russia
  5. Thailand
  6. Sri Lanka

We also picked up for you some more interesting materials with photos that help to find inspiration for new travels:

    (PHOTO) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo) (photo)

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Resting in March where spring go to the sea without coronavirus photo articles on tourism from the tourism

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