Rethymno – One of the most beautiful resorts of Greece, which is located in the west of the island of Crete between Heraklion and Haniei. The north coast of the resort city Rethymnon is an endless sandy beach, along which all sorts of bars, restaurants and hotels were lined up. The resort is famous for the nature rich in nature and monuments of Venetian times, so rest in Rethymnon is ideal for those who prefer a relaxing pastime on the beach, because wonderful clean sandy beaches are directly in the city itself. For lovers of outdoor activities and sightseeing programs in the resort town of Rethymnon, there will also be entertainment – near the city of Arkadi Monastery and St. Nicholas Cathedral, Archaeological Museums and Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Rethymno is the administrative center of the region of the same name in Crete with a well-developed infrastructure, the population of which has 20’000 residents. The city is divided into two parts – old and new. The old part of the resort city Rethymnon will interest lovers of history with their narrow streets, entertaining landscapes and the oldest buildings. Rest in Rethymnon is popular not only in the summer – Tourists’ crashes come here in February in order to visit the bright and enchanting festival. Resort Rethymno’s city comes to life at the beginning of autumn when the wine festival begins here.

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What is interesting to see Rethymno?

Top attractions Rethymno

Old Town Rethymno

Monastery Arkadi

Fortezza fortress

Gorant Gore


Church of Our Lady Angels

Franciscan church

Archaeological Museum Rethymno

Park Biotopoi

Rethymno: Excursions and events

Excursions and events in Rethymnon will learn to learn the rich history of the city and feel his unusual atmosphere of the era of the Vienician Board Crete.

Start acquaintance with the city follows from inspection of its surroundings, for example, from visiting a city park and zoological garden. In July, the park is held in the park, and at the end of June the rite of cliardon is celebrated. The next point in the urban tour will be the area of ​​four martyrs, which is located east of Kuturioti Street, the Church of the same name is located on the square. Further, the excursion leads to the mosque led Pasha, it is believed that the mosque was erected on the ruins of the Latin temple of St. Onufria.

Wonderful excursion with route "Rethymno – Fodel – Monastery Previe – Beach" will cost an adult tourist from 50 euros, its duration is 8 hours. Excursion begins with a review of the city itself, which includes a visit to the fountain of Rymoni, the fortress of Fortesz, Arching Museum and Loggia of the XVI century. Next shutdown in the village of Fodele. Here, tourists are invited to visit the House-Museum of El Greco and the Church of the Most Holy Virgin Panagia. Then the bus with tourists goes to the monastery. Excursion to the transse on the palm beach. You can visit this excursion by bus accompanied by a guide, as well as by renting a car for this.

You can visit the excursion with the route through the gorge on South Crete, crossing Crete from the north to south and back to the ring. With this excursion, tourists get acquainted with all the main attractions of Rethymnon – Kurtalotsk (singing) gorge, the church of the monk-hermit of St. Nicholas Kurtalotsky, natural waterfall from sources, monastery first and church of St. Nicholas Wonderworker. This excursion also leads to the village and the village of Rethymnon – Plakias and Argizapoli. On the only freshwater lake Kurn, the excursion ends. The cost of this group excursion will be 75 euros, the entrance to the monastery and lunch is paid separately.

With a tour of Rethymno, it is necessary to visit the Vienician port, which played an important role in the development of the city and the loggia – the rectangular building of the Venetian era with the 3rd arches, staged in the 16th century and beautifully preserved to the present day.

Do not leave the museums Rethymno. The Archaeological Museum collected the collections of church attributes, household items, jewelry and artifacts, and he is visited with a tour of the tourists. Museum of Folklore and the open-air history, which presents the attention of the most beautiful buildings, craft shops, will tell visitors about the history of culture Rethymno. In Rethymno, there is a huge number of group excursions and various events, as well as attend the interesting places of the city can be independently on the flight buses.

Rethymno history

Rethymno, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels in Rethymno Travel Guide

Climate in Rethymno

The climate in Rethymnon moderate Mediterranean, subtropical, in the summer, the average air temperature is +28 degrees, and in winter the air temperature rises to +16°C. The climate in Rethymnon will reap lovers of the bright sun – here 300 days a year sunny. At the same time, winter is soft and short and short, with an average temperature of +16°C. Reviews Rethymno, Hot Sun lovers are standing in order to go and sow on the beaches of this Cretan resort.

The climate in Rethymnon is considered useful and favorable to rest tourists. The tourist season here starts from April, when the rainy season ends on Crete. Thanks to the northern location of the resort city, Rethymnon, the weather is soft here, and the beaches are blown by the winds and the summer here seems not so hot. In order to find out the exact temperature of the air in Rethymno, watch the weather in Rethymnon by months.

Rethymno: entertainment and active rest

Rest in Rethymnon will like both active pastime and sports. Here is the diving, and not far from Rethymno there are two specialized centers: Diving Center "Paradise" and Diving Center Evergreen.

The city is located in the mountainous location, so one of the most popular activities for active tourists are walks in mountainous regions and cycling riding. For lovers of acute sensations, climbing classes or mountain hiking are suitable, which tourists come here so.

For active recreation in Rethymnon, the beaches of the city are suitable – here you can enjoy surfing or swimming, as well as play beach volleyball or yoga. Dr. Dr. Fish provides various wellness services and gives guests a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the rest in Rethymnon.

Transport features Rethymno

From the airports of Heraklion and Chania and you can reach Rethymno by bus, the passage will take about 2 hours, as well as by taxi, the time on the way will be 1 hour. Buses go from 05:00 – 06:00 am to 21: 00-22: 00 pm with interval 1.5-2 hours. The schedule must be specified at the departure station, the fare will be 12-20 euros.

Traveling on Rethymno on the tourist route will be conveniently on the excursion bus together with a group and guide. You can easily move along Rethymno, both on a rented car and by public transport.

Car rental in Rethymno will cost 30 euros per day, while the cost of gasoline is paid separately.

Route buses from Rethymno to other resorts go, as a rule, on a schedule, which can be found at stopping points and in ticket office. The cost of the bus ticket for small distances ranges from 3 euros to 5, depending on the direction of movement. By the way, the ticket is paid in special cash desks near community stops.

Rethymno, Greece Recreation, reviews, hotels in Rethymno Travel Guide

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