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Where are the suitcases that did not find their owners, and what to count in the event of a delay or loss of baggage.

23.1 million losses were lost during flights 2015. Statistics leads international company Sita, its service on the search for Luggage WORLD TRACER SYSTEM enjoys the whole world. According to statistics in the Baggage Report 2016 report, for 2015 the airline transported 3.5 billion passengers, and therefore, 1,000 passengers account for about 6.5 lost suitcases. It is two times less than in 2007.

Why luggage is lost

About 50% of lost bags remain without owners due to inconsistencies on flights with transfers, 15% do not reach the aircraft due to lack of tags, another 15% travelers are not taken from conveyor belts in the luggage zone. The remaining 20% ​​remain without owners for other reasons.

Where are suitcases

If at the front desk, an employee glued to your suitcase tag with the wrong code, then your things will go away in another direction.

On the tag prints the personal data of the owner of the suitcase and bar code out of ten digits: the first corresponds to the category of baggage (for example, 1 – for High Priority), the second three indicate the flight number, the last six is ​​the serial number of the suitcase. While moving on the ribbon, the scanners read the barcode and sort the suitcases on other ribbons from which the bags fall on specific flights.

2. In uncertainty

If the tag fell during the ribbon movement with a suitcase, then the scanners will not be able to read the information and send your things to the uncertain baggage zone.

Forgotten suitcases ride on the conveyor in the zone of the luggage of 30 minutes, after all bags from the flight were unloaded. Then they carry them to the warehouse at the airport, and baggage detectives are taken for work. They are trying to find owners of suitcases and return them things. If the tag on the suitcase is safe and preserved, then the employees of the luggage service are driven by the owner’s name and quickly find its contacts. If there is no traveler data or tag on the tag, then detectives enter the WORLD Tracer system description of the appearance of the bag and create an electronic statement about the disappearance of things.

Almost all world airlines enjoy World Tracer System. The system allows you to track the luggage around the clock for 100 days from the date of submission of a loss application. Outless bags found at the airport are in the World Tracer base, so employees of airlines and owners of lost suitcases can track them in a special code.

If five days after the admission of a suitcase in the luggage service, its owners did not appear, then the bag is revealed. Often the examination of personal belongings helps the detectives narrow the circle of search. Customs officers also participate in the procedure – they confiscate what is forbidden to carry abroad.

Two more weeks of unsuccessful searching for owner baggage employees carry a suitcase to the warehouse.
What happens next

Three months of suitcases wait for their owners in a warehouse at the airport. If the luggage detectives fail to find out who they belong to, then suitcases of orphans are considered lost forever and go to the auction.

Auction houses are exhibiting an overhex suitcase at very low prices. At the same time, neither sellers nor buyers at the auction know that there is inside bags is a lottery. At best, you can find a good camera or jewelry. At worst – a whole set of someone else’s clothing in dubious condition.

What to do if you lost a suitcase

Return my baggage!

Contact personnel Luggage search service before exiting the arrival area or contact your airline representatives. If you had a transit flight, for example, you flew from Moscow to Phuket with a transfer in Seoul, while the flight Moscow-Seoul was performed by Aeroflot, and the flight of Seoul-Phuket was performed by Korean Air, then you need to seek help in Korean Air.

You must provide employees with a luggage tag, which was on your landing trip, fill out the application, specifying the contents of the suitcase, its characteristics (size, color, state, brand) and your contact details. Search status You can track using the World Tracer service or find out by phone.

Things are wanted within 21 days from the date of receipt of the application from the passenger. If during this time your suitcase will not find, you can submit an official complaint and rely on monetary compensation for the lost suitcase. The amount of compensation is established by the airline in private.

If the suitcase simply flew away at the address, the carrier airlines will redirect it to you. You can count on compensation. In the event of a luggage delay, the airline pays a passenger amount sufficient to buy things of essentially if the city arrival is not a tourist accommodation and there are no friends or relatives to which he can seek help.


In the terminals of some major airports of the world (for example, in Paris, Charles de Gaul and at Brussels airport) there are devices for self-delivery of baggage (Self-Service Bag Drop). To take advantage of the service, you need to pre-register for the flight online or in the self-registration kiosks at the airport.

The system works very simply. You put a suitcase in the niche of the machine. There your luggage is weighed, and in the case of a message on the screen of the machine, information about the extra charge of extra kilograms. Then you enter your personal data and information from the landing coupon. The machine prints the tag for luggage, you attach it to your bags, and they go to the processing system.

According to SITA, 77% of airlines and 88% of airports will make the service of self-delivery of baggage by 2018. About 60% of international airlines will release mobile applications in which passengers will be able to track their luggage status, and in case of its loss, get a notification with instructions.

By the way, in 2015, about 85% of lost baggage was returned to passengers by the courier service within 36 hours, and this reason to be glad!)

Return my baggage!

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