Return / exchange of e-ticket at Aeroflot

Aeroflot’s airline occupies a leading position on passenger air transportation in our country. And this is not only due to the high level of service, but also a variety of directions and acceptable tariffs for flights.

As a rule, tickets seek to buy in advance because their cost 2-3 months before the trip is much lower. But no one is immune from unforeseen circumstances, and the trip can be transferred to another number / time or to cancel.

Rules for the return of the ticket Aeroflot’s airline are quite transparent, this is precisely this popularity and trust among tourists.

New Aeroflot Rules / Ticket Return Rules due to coronavirus

  • In all tickets purchased before May 1, you can double-change the date and destination. The imposition of a fine in this case is not envisaged.
  • For renewal, it is not necessary to come to the office, it suffices to contact the company’s contact center.
  • No need to pay price difference if a flight ticket up to 31 dec. 2020 changes first time. Also, time and action increases to 30 Apr. 2012 G.
  • If your flight has been canceled, you can get a 15% discount when you buy the next ticket (25% if the ticket was purchased at the rate ; maximum ;).
  • If a new ticket turned out to be cheaper than the total amount of compensation, Aeroflot proposes a certificate that you can use for 3 years.
    Certificates are issued if you purchased tickets:
  • After February 18 – to China or from China
  • after March 5 – to other countries;
  • after March 18 – within the country.

Airlines now have the right in case of cancellation of the flight to leave money for 3 years

Adopted a law allowing airlines to leave money in the event of a flight cancellation.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 991 from 06.07.2020.

Airlines are now entitled if the flight is canceled to leave money for 3 years for all the tickets purchased until May 1, 2020, with departure from February 1 to China and from March 18 in all other destinations.

In the future, it will be included in the event of an emergency, emergency and high availability regime or when restricting air traffic.

Deposit can be used to buy another ticket in this airline. If it is missing for a new ticket, you will have to pay extra. If after 3 years on the deposit will remain the balance of funds, or it will not be used at all, then the money will be returned + charge interest for the use of funds by the key rate of the Central Bank on the Day of Return.

Exceptions that are not concerned:

  • Disabled 1 and 2 groups
  • Veteran West
  • Accompanying persons with disabilities 1 group or disabled child 2 groups
  • Large materials
  • Passengers from the list of exceptions can get a return money for a ticket within 10 days after submitting an application.

Types of refund of air tickets

Return of air tickets is two types – forced and voluntary.

Return is recognized as forced in the following situations:

  • Cancellation of the flight or its delay;
  • Changing the route airline;
  • Failed transportation by the airline (lack of free chairs on the flight, registered in the ticket);
  • The absence of docking between flights with a single transportation;
  • Refusal to be provided by the carrier service according to the ticket rate;
  • Disease or death of the passenger itself or his family members.

It is with a voluntary return that penalties apply.

The system of penalties is different in all airline carriers, however, they all have two similarities:

  1. Penalties do not apply to flights purchased at full rate, That is, in force during the year;
  2. The cheaper air ticket, the more stringent conditions for its return / exchange.

Return restrictions also apply to tickets purchased shortly before the flight, as well as on certain routes.

In this regard, this category of air tickets appeared at Aeroflot.

Features of non-return tickets are as follows:

  1. Tickets are not refundable or exchange;
  2. Return of money is not assumed;
  3. They differ relatively low cost.

Such a system is new to Russian carriers, although it has long been operating in developed Western countries, where non-return tickets can be purchased for any class of service.

Basic Rules for Return / Exchange of tickets to the company ; Aeroflot ;

In order not to have problems with the design and return of the airflight, first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the airline.

Airline tariffs Aeroflot are divided into 8 categories:

  • Premium business (booking classes j, c, d);
  • Optimum business (I, Z);
  • Premium Comfort (W, S, A);
  • Premium economy (y, b);
  • Optimum economy (m, u, k, h, l);
  • Economy budget (Q, T, E, N);
  • Promotional economy (R);
  • Youth Tariffs (N, E, T, Q, L).

Full Tariffs include tickets purchased by category Premium Tariffs.

They are valid for a year, so the passenger can change the departure date without penalties.

Penalties when returning or exchanged applied to tickets acquired by optimum tariffs.

In case of refusal of this transport, only dachshunds and cash receipses are returned.

If the passenger has acquired a ticket for a single carriage over several flight segments, but with different classes of booking in each segment, then he must know that:

  • When returning or exchanging Penalties are used in accordance with the rules of the tariff group with the most stringent restrictions;
  • If the ticket is partially used, The difference between paid and actual carriage will not be returned.

Flights to the same flight are sold at once in several rates, but you should not seek them to remember, since all the necessary information can always be found in free access on the official website or contact the support service or sales office.

When purchasing tariffing tickets, the optimum economy and the optimum business need to know the penalties when returned:

  1. Fine in the amount of 200 euros It is used for international long-haul air transportation when returning the ticket at the tariff "Optimum-Business" both before and after the end time on the flight. If the flight is performed on a medium-sighted or a dream route, the penalty is not charged.
  2. When booking a ticket at Optimum-Economy tariff Returns of the freight fee is allowed solely when the ticket returns to the end of registration for flight:
    • If the time on the way on the international route is less than 6 hours – 50 Euro .
    • More than 6 hours on the international route – 100 euro.
    • With internal air transportation on the territory between points of the European part of Russia – 1500 rubles .
    • With internal air transport on other routes – 2500 rubles .

    Comparison of the cost of fines with other airlines

    The dimensions of fines used in the return of airline tickets of the largest air transporters in Russia:

    1. "S7" Charges only for the return of the economic class ticket due to voluntary refusal of 1000 rubles (20 euros) for each flight segment until the end of registration. Tariffs "Business" and "Standard" are completely returnable, "Promo" ; Non-return.
    2. "Utair" Allows the return of air tickets without penalties 24 hours before departure.

    In this article you can learn more about how to return a ticket?

    How to return the electronic ticket (by steps)

    Aeroflot’s airline abandoned paper and moved to the system of electronic air tickets back in 2007.

    Now they can be returned not only in sales offices, but also on the official website of the company.

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