Return to Ocean. One day in Malaysia. And what inside the backpack?

We returned to the ocean and settled in the village of Patuwatha, which is 3 km from Hikkaduva overcrowded tourists.

Another budget guesthouse for 1500 rupees per day with a green garden and an open aquarium in the living room. There is a bad Internet and no hot water, but there is a kitchen. And we will finally be able to cook borsch and fry potatoes! Rice and curry are already tired.

In the yard there is a huge tree, which covers the whole territory with its giant branches, there is a hammock under them, a platform for BBQ and a table with benches.

Acquaintance with Malaysia

Having lived on the coast of about 5 days, on the airline Airasia airline we went to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. When landing on the flight, we inquired in advance the presence of return tickets from Malaysia, which we did not have, but we said they we have. We believed. Just in case, we had a unpaid ticket booking Kuala Lumpur – Moscow, which is automatically canceled after 8 days.

So, we are in an airplane, a huge Airbus A330 with armchairs in 3 rows. Around a lot of Chinese, on board you can carry water and food, when you insperse you do not particularly check.

Time on the way was about 3.5 hours – and already at 22:00 local time we arrived in Malaysia. Passport control, we got our luggage and went to look for a way out of this enormous airport. After 40 minutes, we were already sitting on the bus, which went to the central bus station of the capital. Ticket for such a bus is 10 Malaysian ringgitis (170 rubles) per person.

Next, cooperating with the backpacker from France, we got to Chinatown on a taxi. Where, bypassing about 5 guesthouses, settled into one of the cheapest, with common shower and small rooms. There was no windows in our room, only a bed and bedside table, and it was 6 square meters. meters, but on one day we were enough. Such apartments have only 38 ringgitis (650 rubles). At the same time there was excellent Wi-Fi and adequate administrators at the reception. Throwing things in the room, we went to the next round-the-clock store "7ELEven", have dinner and went to bed.

In the morning of the next day we went to study such a mysterious Kuala Lumpur for us. But before that, looked at the bus station and bought tickets for the evening bus to Thailand.

The first point of our route along the capital were turrets "Petronas", about which we heard earlier were seen in films and computer games, but only now they could get close to them.

Return to Ocean. One day in Malaysia. And what inside the backpack

This beautiful architectural structure was built in 1998, construction lasted 6 years. In the building of 88 floors and 78 elevators, the height of the towers – 452 meters. On the 42th floor of the tower are connected by a glass bridge, called "Sky Bridge". The building itself is made in Islamic theme and is an eight-pointed star, because Malaysia is a country where the main religion is Islam. Most of the construction occupies office space, on the lower floors there are shops of famous world brands.

Next we swept on the Monorail Tramway and landed in the area of ​​Independence Square. After examining the circle, we made several frames for the story and went to the beaks "I ♥ KL". We did not find anything special in them and went to the building "Central Market", which is essentially an ordinary market for tourists and has been working for more than a hundred years.

Our walking with return to our Chinese quarter, where life is almost round the clock – everything is traded, who are things, and who is food. In Chinatown, you can buy everything we order on "E-Bay".

Returning to the guest, we handed over the room, waved the rain, left our backpacks at the reception and went to look at night turrets "Petronas". Yes, it was how it was walking, because they lived not so far to go to the tram. In the night, this architectural miracle looks even more beautiful than the day.

Malaysia stayed in our hearts forever. The combination and high technologies and nature in the city is everything about Kuala Lumpur. This place is really suitable for life.

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