Return to the World of Childhood: Disneyland

One of the most ambitious parks of the rides of the world is undoubtedly the legendary Disneyland. Finding here, a person turns into a small child, sincere and infinitely happy. Outside this fabulous country, the routine of affairs and the bustle of the days remain, all worries and problems.

And otherwise it can not be, because here you never know what is waiting for the turn: adventures, fantastic meetings or even danger &# 8211; Events can develop so unexpectedly and rapidly, realistically, it is sometimes difficult to remember, it is just a park. Sometimes it seems that some miracle managed to get into the most real fairy tale, the wonderful and beautiful, where you can communicate with your favorite fabulous characters and plunge into this charming atmosphere.

Creating Disneyland is associated with the name Walt Disney, organized by a multiplication studio. Removing numerous beautiful cartoons, this man at the same time rushed from one extreme to another. To the great regret, there was no overwhelming of Nazi views. But this is the case of the conscience of everyone … But let’s not talk about sad. Conversation will go completely about another.

The history of the park, which we can visit today, begins From October 1, 1971, when the doors of the country of Disneyland opened first in Florida. On an area of ​​11,300 hectares, real cities and villages were erected. In one, there is a charming snow white with her friends, dwarves, in the other you can see Tarzan, and in the third – it is necessary to try to hide from the wizard char who belong to the arrived guests are not friendly. Such an amusement park cost its organizers at 400 million dollars, but not passed years, as all costs were replenished with more than.

But it is worth saying that The very first Park Disneyland was discovered even earlier, in 1955 in Anaheim, California. It was also divided into several zones, however, was not so technical as his follower. In such a form, Disneyland pleased the children and adults until 1989, and then closed due to unprofitability, and the Park in Florida, having got rid of his main competitor began to develop rapid pace.

And now we walk on the individual area zones. Thematic zones are just eight: The world of adventures, the world of the future, border country, the main street, the country of fantasy, New Orleans, Mouhaloun and amazing, mysterious country of animals. Already in one names it becomes clear that it will be interesting here, not only for children, but also serious in ordinary life, adults.

Return to the world of childhood Disneyland

Let’s stop at every corner Read more. Visiting the corner called Adventure World, You really have to plunge into an unforgettable adrenaline and unknown atmosphere. First, you will have to take a journey through the jungle and the so-called cruise in four continents. Robbers, militant indians and wild tribes, cowboys and other characters wave visitors to this zone at every turn. And according to their mind, it is impossible to accurately determine what they have on the mind, but it is the sensation of the drive and spurs the guests of Disneyland.

Border country To the slightest details reproduces the atmosphere of the Wildest. Here you can not only meet with the most different fabulous heroes, but also ride the train on the railway, enveling the mysterious mountain of thunder, on a diligence and steamer.

Muluong – The habitat of everyone famous Mickey Mouse. He welcomes guests with a welcome and inherent hospitality. Here you can enjoy the energy of dizzying attractions, which are very, very much.

Fantasies, animal and future countries surprised by the unusual scene formulation and variety of species. And finally, the main street allows you to plunge into America of the beginning of the twentieth century. Equestrian carts travel through the streets, people walk in the costumes of the fashionable era. From here and begins a fascinating tour of the park.

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