Return to Tuscan. Cortona

Perhaps some guests of my notes managed to notice that our trip involuntarily moved into a digit of a film trip, but what to do! Italy is so beautiful that there is here, then there are and exciteed the imagination of the corner of this wonderful country, who remembered the cinema and TV shows – 🙂 So in Corton, I strive for quite a long time, since I saw the frames from the movie "Under the Sun Tuscany "Yes, and about the existence of a blessed Tuscan land learned at one time precisely thanks to this film. The film is very nice, and very, very feminine, I am sure that many ladies agree with me, especially those who have been experienced in life difficult times. Over time, the plot of the cinema was forgotten, but here is an image surrounded by the vineyards of the old house and people inhabiting Tuscan hills, remained in memory. I read the book only this year, preparing for a trip, and what was my surprise when I discovered that the resemblance to the film she has a very remote! However, the main thing was unchanged – this is an old house with its history and character, and quite really existing inhabitants of the city, with their way and customs, because the writer Francis Maes practically wrote a collective portrait of Corton. Starting this story, I honestly was going to pay due attention to the rest of the sights of the city, but I deceive! What happened is a song about a movie, which inspired to meet with beautiful and unique Italy- 🙂

I am very tremendous to stock footage and author’s music, and mounted a video, compiling frames from the film with the fact that it was settled in my camera, who will be interested – can take a look and remember the best moments of a wonderful movie.

With the near future and attempt to find some locations of this film, it turned out that yet I was right when I argued that some points were filmed in Montepully, but not at all in Corton. For example, the moment when the cheerful company comes up to the city, and we even see a road sign with the inscription Cortona. And the beautiful Renaissance Church on the background of the city on the hill.

I just see in this frame we still so loved the Church of the San Biangio and Montepulciano, spread on the hill above her. It is removed from about this point (43.086498, 11.770891).

I found this angle 2 years ago when preparing for the first trip to Tuscany and Stray in Google, found such a wonderful view of the church.

Or here is another frame from the film, he then fought me right in the heart – the bus in the plot leaves Corton after the excursion, and we again see old tiled roofs and all the same church, and, of course, it was again the trick of the director – here we are We also see San Biajo- 🙂

This frame is removed, most likely, with Piazza di s. Francesco (43.094520, 11.780745).

And the thing is that San Biangio from a certain angle resembles the Church of Santa Maria Nuova at the entrance to Corton, and a little Santa Maria Delle Grazie Al Calcinaio, depending on which director meant, having arrange such a hoarfrost- 🙂 however, so perfect and beautiful that I am not surprised by the desire of the author to capture it in the film. True, San Biangio has a bell tower, but the director hid it, choosing the right angle – 🙂 In the film, she, by the way, appears once again in the wedding scene of the young Paul and Chirah, filled with a soft sunset sun, shot across the place where I met Sunset 2 years ago.

Good perspective 43.090906, 11.778845.

So the montepulsia was able to pretend not only to Florence, but also Corton too! That is why I am so inexorably pulls here, because it turns out that it is these frames at one time formed my idea of ​​small Italian cities, and gave impetus to trips to these edges.

But back to Corton. It turns out that this city is so ancient that many famous ancient cities in grandmothers are suitable. There is even the theory that Cortona is the ancient city of Italy, and the legend says that he originated in this place in 273 after the World Flood, that is, the settlement existed to Etruscov, and to Romans. And he founded him, according to legends, the son of Noah Crane. In Italy’s legends, the existence of the Etruscan settlement of Corton Dardan was born grandson three, who was destined to establish Troy, and even later, but no less famous descendant Dardala Enei gave the world in the next generations of Romula and Rem – Founders of Rome. Therefore, Corton is sometimes called the "Troy Mother and Grandma Rome" – 🙂

Whatever it was, but in the later times of Corton was one of the twelve rich and prosperous Etruscan cities, which, like other Etruscian settlements, did not avoid the romanization process. And in the Middle Ages, after the period of existence of an independent commune, which, entering unions with other Tuscan cities, eventually became part of the Florentine Republic.

In those days, a lot of religious orders were justified in the city, they built their monastery in the city and the surroundings, and the most famous Order was Franciscan, it was here that Saint Francis founded his monastery near the city. And afterwards, the Church of San Francesco appeared in Corton, where, in addition to the fragment of the Cross of Christ, there are also relics associated with the Holy. Our plans were initially quite large, we wanted to visit the Eremo "Le Celle" monastery, and the Church of Basilica Di Santa Margherita, maybe the fortress next to it, and a few more churches in the old town, but because of the circumstances managed to look only in Chiesa Di San Francesco and Cathedral Cathedral Cathedral.

For myself, I concluded that it was better to come to this city with overnight, in order to continue to implement such plans, and on the local locations to ride, and if possible, it is not necessary to do with the locations – 🙂 Corton is replete with steep lifts.

Returning to the cinema shot in this city.

Once on the central square of the Corton Piazza Della Repubblica, you immediately find out the place of action.

On this area, Francis sits, enjoying the pause in the bus tour of Tuscany, and helps to sign a postcard one of the tourists remaining, however, dissatisfied with the result.

On Via Nazionale, Francis wanders over the unfolded street market and notices the mysterious stranger in the crowd, and after it stumps in one of the stallows of the real estate agency to a photo of his future home.

From curiosity, I had a careful analysis of the film’s frames (sorry that after the trip), and found where it was removed. That I am most struck most of all, so this is what real estate agency in this place was really, at Via Nazionale, 25. At least, as of 2010, a magical google car was held along this street.

Piazza Luca Signorelli filmed a scene with a fountain.

But the fountain for filming was set temporary, and sorry, it seems to me, he would be good fit into the area ensemble.

Speaking of one of the important actors of the film, it is impossible not to mention the house. Bramasole! How many in this word for fans of the film – 🙂 Scenes with the villa shot 2.5 kilometers from the Old Town, at Ville Laura. Since we go to the footsteps of the movie, it would be uncomprisingly not to wrap and here.

It is curious that the villa itself is located on one side of the road, and the gate to her, that seemed to send the electric impulse the heroine of the film and forced her to interrupt an organized journey for the purchase of a house in Tuscany, located on the other.

We approach the place marked in Google and – u-and-and-and. Here they are this gate- 🙂

Return to Tuscan. Cortona

This scene in the film for some reason causes me a special thrill, because at that moment, when Francis realizes that in front of her the same house, the photo of which she came across the streets of Corton, there was some kind of magic that prompted to make the most spontaneous and imperfected act In her life, thanks to which as a result she managed to find his place and on this earth, and in this new life. Probably, in some of us, in the depths of the soul, the hope will always be very much that a similar miracle will happen to us – 🙂

I would very much like to look beyond the limits of visibility due to the fence, but after all, private property ..

And Villa Laura – I do not know if she was then just one of the Tuscan homes around the city, but now it is a notched villa available for booking and recreation. Therefore, it is clear to the management desire to protect guests from the attention of the film fans. I tried to keep myself in my hands and made only a couple of photos because of the fence – :)))

Rakurs, of course, not the one that was used in the cinema, but the features are guessed. Hop, persecuted by a sense of shame for trying to invade a private space, I forgot to capture the fragment of the wall with Kyot and the image of Madonna, to which every day brought flowers mysterious elderly sore. Oxnoula only when the recognizable corner flashed behind the glass of the car.

The book "Under the Sun Tuscany" was written by the writer Francis Maes, who bought the old Tuscan house, after having arrived in Italy, she fell in love with these edges. With a romantic history told in the cinema, the book almost does not associate. But, as I said, the writer described in a detail in detail my life here, and its new friends, and the process of bringing the villa and the garden surrounding her in order. And its observations of the characters and lifestyle of the local residents became the basis for creating such a warm film processing. And this house is still there, and still called Bramasole . The writer writes about his home: "The house is located on the hillside slope, rugged terraces with fruit and olive trees, and snacks over Strada Bianca – White Dear (it is sleeping with white gravel). The name Bramasol comes from the words Bramare – "passionately desire", and Sole – "Sun". And I, as well as this house, I wish you all my soul."Oh yes, a day, when I was on the threshold of Bramasol, I also passionately wanted the sun, but we stubbornly pursued by shower and thunderstorms.

Francis and her husband Edward lived for quite a long time, some of the tourists who looked in their edges told that they were lucky to meet a couple. Sometimes Bramasole inhabitants went to readers to greet and chat. They say that now Villa is sold to another owner. We do not know if it is, and as a new owner applies to guests, so this one stop was still shorter than the previous one. Besides, it was raining again, and we had to limit the pair of memorable pictures of Bramasole and leave, not attracting unnecessary attention.

In the city, by the way, not only this film was shot. Here, one of the scenes for the wonderful film Roberto Benigny "Life is beautiful". Most of him starred in Arezzo, to which my feet were not yet reached, but the scene with the theater was created here, on Piazza Luca Signorelli .

The name of the square was given in honor of the native Corton of the famous artist of the era of the Renaissance Luke Xinorelli, known in addition to otherwise and its frescoes in the Abbey Monte Ooliveco Maggiore, admire which we now and go.

This is how long ago film "Under the sun Tuscany" awakened in me a sharp desire to visit Italy, which was still realized more than once and not two. Now I finally visited Corton, however, serious attractions this time remained aside, until future. A little earlier, herself is not aware of, I got to Montepulciano, as if attracted by the magic of the beauty of these places. By the way, another episode was filmed in Montepulcianly – a historic holiday, in which Paul participated, throwing flags. It seems that such a holiday and now every year is held in Montepulcianly, somewhere in mid-August.

And in a colorfully captured by the authors of the film by the seaside town of Positano, I also visited, and I saw him in almost the same way, what a city was dreaming in a romantic feller film – 🙂

About this if someone is interested, I told and showed the video here: Italy, Amalfi Coast, 2014 .

P.S. Some practical information about Corton.

We parked the car on the free parking Parking of the Holy Spirit (43.273202, 11.986532), a few steps from which there is not so long ago built escalator, allowing without tension to climb the panoramic site on Piazza Garibaldi and the entrance to the old town. On the Internet they wrote that the place would not be found in the parking lot, but we did not encounter problems. Around noon arrived in mid-May. A good restaurant for lunch for us has become a tavern La Taverna del Gozzoviglio . Tasty and acceptable at prices. And almost 50 meters from the central square. After the walk along Corton, we moved to Monte Monte Ooliveco Maggiore, where we were booked apartments. There was a need to buy products for dinner and breakfast, and a good place for food shopping was the CONAD supermarket (43.258970, 11.980891) in Camucia, 5 km from the old Corton.

Return to Tuscan. Cortona

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