Return to Tuscan. From Tuscany to liguria. Portofino

When I started writing the final part of the story about our amazing journey in Italy in the spring of last year, little indicated a nightmare, in which we will soon find me. I generally stretched this pleasure, wrote about the almost whole year seen, savoring and as if re-experiencing those wonderful days. The last part somehow reluctantly came out from under the pen. But when the catastrophe broke out in so much a favorite country, it was simply impossible to believe it. The land where life loves in all its manifestations! It seemed impossible to continue to rejoice at life when it happened around. And this trouble now came to our house. And who knows when life returns to the previous direction? It is clear that nothing will no longer, as before. When it becomes again possible to enjoy the beauty and a variety of this beautiful world? And whether such an opportunity will be given to the risks of repetition of events and economic consequences? It remains only to hope for the best, and with trepidation to revise the footage, mentally tolerated into happy moments. Hoping that the best times will come.

And the started must finish.

Our trip along the spring Italy was filled with amazing discoveries and indescribable beauty throughout the way.

So it also wanted to finish her like, and we looked around for the farewell to the cozy, loving celebrities of all categories, Portofino. Acknowledge, once a long time ago, when it was just beginning to fight the expanses of Italy, I confused this village with an equally famous cute positano. And now, when, in the footsteps of the loved film "Under the Sun Tuscany", I also visited in a romantic positano, and in the battleheaded just untouched Beauty Tuscany, the walkway led me in Portofino.

I will not say that this place shocked me to the depths of the soul, it, of course, is very cute and comfortable, and I, perhaps, I understand the love of a different artistic bohemian, who has founded here, but still my heart remained on the Amalftinian coast (not counting Tuscany, of course same- 🙂

However, Portofino is a worthy example of a coastal resort town, what a lot in Riviera. I think the special atmosphere of relax and rest here creates its location. As if clamped between two rocks, the old center, if you believe sources, closed to the road movement. Therefore, silence and clean air, and only a soft splashing waves. A small bay in which Pier Portofino is located, covered from the winds, which means that yachms are fairly safe here. I would have a yacht, probably, I would also chose such a place for a holiday – 🙂

We left the car in a paid parking near the pier of the town of Santa Margherita Ligure, and went to Portofino by the sea. Ships go once an hour, and after only 15 minutes we went to the pier of the famous fishing village:

(I will make a reservation in advance that the diverse versions of Love in Portofino songs were deliberately used in the video, I suppose, I gave it, only the lazy didn’t do it. 🙂

Looking at this serene beauty, you will be wondering. After all, this small and such a cozy corner of Italy has a centuries-old history. And though it is believed that the mention of Portofino in the royal documents appeared only in the 10th century, but this place is known in the Ancient Roman times. According to the slant, the senior in this bay existed a settlement with the name of Portus Delphini, which is obliged to his name a variety of dolphins who lived in the oldest times of this coast.

Residents of the village lived fisheries and trade. And such a quiet measured life inhabitants of Portofino led centimes. True, in the XIII century, the village became part of the Genoese Republic, and part of her flotilla was anchored in this bay. Later, when the natural bay of Tigullio could no longer hold out the growing fleet of the Republic, Portofino passed under the jurisdiction of Florence, then Sardinia, and in 1861 he became part of the United Isaly.

In the 19th century, when in search of a rest, the aristocracy of that time began to visit the bay in the bay, a new life began at the former fishing village. This place has become extremely popular. Whoever visited Sigmund Freud, Gi de Maugmund, Ernest Hemingway, in our time, many modern stars own in the vicinity of Portofino villages, George Clooney, for example, or Silvio Berlusconi. Building in the old town is prohibited, but even on the green picturesque hills around the seaside city to build a residence may not. Madonna attended this wonderful town to celebrate his birthday here.

In addition to the beautiful villas over the Cove, Portofino attracts the old castle and the Church of St. George (Chiesa Di San Giorgio), the patron.

We went there, having flowning on the ground in the Harbor Portofino. Hence (44 ° 18’06.4"N 9 ° 12’39.6"E) upstairs lead upstairs, we quickly turned out to be at the door of the church.

When I began to read about the Saint George and his life, I did not come across the most famous sources of mention of Portofino. But on many resources dedicated to the city, it is said that in the 11th century, the Crusaders brought from the Holy Land on the Ligurian coast of the relics of St. George, and in honor of him on this rock the church was built on the residues of more ancient chapel. Alas, the temple of the 12th century has not been preserved after several rebuildings and bombs falling into it during World War II. In 1950, the church was restored by the old plans.

Return to Tuscan. From Tuscany to liguria. Portofino

And in her modest simple interior you can admire the statuette of the saint, its image can be seen on the bas-reliefs that adorn the entrance doors. We all familiar with all this image – the rider who kills the Snake speaking – a similar image symbolizes George the Victorious, which decorates the coat of arms of Moscow. Evidence of the martyrdom of the saint preserved a lot, in different languages ​​and even in different religions. They all set out the story of Georgia who appealed to Christianity, who was inevitable suffering and torture for seven days, but out of them unshamed. That just did not do with him! In various sources, he was tortured by a wheel, stuck with knives and swords, beat the sledgehamps, broke their heads, interrupted bones on their hands and legs, forced to flee into hot iron boots, threw in molten lead, in one word, ingenuity on his torture was high Level. But no suffering forced to renounce the saint from Christ, he was out of all the torment, it was unharmed, in this way the wonders of healing and turning a lot of believers in Christianity.

In addition to multiple healing, he made a lot of miracles, and one of them is the most familiar – a miracle about Zmey. According to legend, George killed the serpentor who devoured the unfortunate victims sent to him.

It is this story and captured on the images of George-victorious, he is present on the coat of arms of the Russian Empire and in Heraldry Moscow.

Here, from the threshold of the temple, the most iconic views of Portofino, familiar many. Great place to hold back and stop time while enjoying the moment.

If you walk from the temple further along the hinge tracks on the hill, we will be with the castle of Brown, built here on the site of the old fortress.

But the castle acquired his beautiful garden and the modern appearance of the castle when I went to own English Consul Montagu Yates Brown, who turned the ancient fort in the villa.

We did not look at the exposition of the castle, limiting the walk through the territory of his garden, because of it, no less chic species were opened than from the Church of St. George.

The time of our stay in the beautiful Italy rapidly approached the end, this evening we were waiting for a plane from Milan home, so a leisurely walks along the embankments and a visit to the Abbey of San Fruttozo remained for later. I really hope that this "then" will still have us. And we can still realize what has been postponed, and what dreamed of! Favorite Italy Forces to go through this terrible test, and we all health and good luck!

Return to Tuscan. From Tuscany to liguria. Portofino

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