Return to Tuscan. Picturesque neighborhood Val D’Orcha

A couple of years ago, being a short-sighted tourist who fell into the beautiful Tuscan Dali, with the help of wonderful friends found thanks to the tourist forums, I managed to ride a little on some picturesque and beloved photos of Val d’Orcha. I told about it here . But it was uncomfortable to me too much to use the generosity of the beautiful people who took part in that time, so that time it turned out a good sightseeing walk to navigate the terrain and better to prepare for the next time.

This year I had a great company, and the car in addition, and here it was possible to not only admire local beauties in the regime, but add to your route the trails still. For that endless gratitude to the automotive soul of our warm company, my companion, who not only helped embody a long-standing dream of life, but also a courageously rose to dawn to ensure that this dream was implemented

And so unforgettable dawn this time for us was the sunrise over the Val d’Orcha Valley near the famous Villa Belvedere (Podere Belvedere) – and one of the most photographed in this area.

Of course, in Tuscany there are a lot of similar hills with houses surrounded by cypress alley no less picturesque than here. But for some reason, photographers-professionals and lovers from around the world continue to finish here to take the display of their own dawn over the valley. That’s why I did not give me this thought of rest not one year since I happened to see a completely magical photo made by some master, on the Internet. The photos of the villa glowed with magic light in the first rays of the rising sun, surrounded by clubs of a flutter fog. In this our arrival of fog, we did not find it, for this, they say, we must come in October-November. I’m just a photographer, so I did not expect to get a masterpiece, but reasoned like this: I do not take a picture, so at least I love- 🙂

And to admire it was the truth! Magic lasts literally a couple of minutes when the first rays of the sun appear due to the hill to the left, and first highlight the grass on the slope, while the villa itself remains still at dusk.

A few minutes later, the sun rays get to her, and everything around is illuminated by gentle golden radiance, the herbal cover of the hilly valley is softly highlighted, and the spectacle of this indescribable beauty personally made me just numb from delight, forgetting that I wanted to shoot.

However, something still happened, though more video than the photo, though this way of self-expression is closer to me

I can immediately say that despite the readiness on the topic, I still made a mistake by choosing a deployment point Start of the access road to the villa 43.066168, 11.614723. At this point, the poles and wires climb on the frame, no matter how you try. I remembered that I read about it in other reports. And what they advised to move away to the right if you face the villa. But it seemed to me wrong to walk on the grass on a private territory to choose the frame better. Moreover, as soon as we appeared, a mysterious car left for us, who watched us all the time while we were there. I think this is a guard from the farm. I read about the fact that such an annoying attention of photographers to this place is very annoying local farmers, so it was ready for disassembly in the case of which, and even more so did not go from the access road. Shortly after us (and we were the first on the spot) a few more photographers arrived, but they all got up gone – 43.065417,11.613306, where it was indeed recommended in some reports, and where I did not decide to go – 🙂 Probably, there was really "the very" right angle. Well, but I have my own one – 🙂

When the first delights of the colorful meeting of the new day were lightened, we soon moved to the next picturesque point – Kapella Vitaleta (Cappella Madonna di Vitaleta).

At first they raised her from the road – from here: 43.073199, 11.624606. There is, where to stay in several cars. And a wonderful chapel view.

In this place from the road, a small driveway is departed to agrotourism, also asked by cypresses, and so if you walk a little forward over it before turning, then ah! A stunning view of the valley and a pienna, towering over it opens.

For the Pienna, in the early morning, however, an unsuccessful view, because the sun rises right behind her, but how the grass is blown on the hills of the valley! And how fastening the larks in the sky, Mmm, unforgettable – 🙂

Having admired afar on a chapel, we moved to her closer. A couple of years ago I have already been here, and knew that the place was popular with photo tourists. So early morning, immediately after sunrise, it was an excellent time to stay alone with this amazingly harmonious little church. In addition, the plans were to shoot her in the rays of the sunset. In the meantime, we cheerfully slapped along the gravel path in the direction of the chapel, enjoying the twilight cold to replace the warmth and singing of birds in the fields. The car was left, like last time, on a small patch, a little uncomfortable to the place (43.070366, 11.642068).

What can you say, minutes spent in silence near the walls of the chapel, are priceless!

The sun rose higher, and we hurried to explore the famous landscapes of Val d’Orchi, and this time we went on the main cypress "attractions" of the valleys.

In some places I have already been, but this time we managed to spend a little time to spend the time, waging in the vicinity. The main actively photographed cypress "star" of these places is a small, but very picturesque cypress island 5 km from San Qiriko D’Orcha (his photo from my past trip I led at the beginning of this story). Two years ago I found myself in these places at the time of stormy blossom on the hills around him, this time landscapes were restrained.

But we were walking from the soul along the track, leading past the island, enjoying the views.

From the side angle, it is clearly visible to Montalcino, spreading on a distant hill.

And if you go a little ahead along the track, the second one is found from the first cypressic island, only here the trees are planted in a circle, forming a cypress ring, which is also quite picturesque.

It is a pity that in the center of the circle is a real garbage: messengers of the mountains of sand and gravel, standing old rusty technique. Perhaps it is planned to improve this patch, but so far it looks not too beautiful.

Cypress is a very popular tree in the Italian landscape. In ancient times, this plant symbolized death and sorrow, and the roots of this meaning, apparently, in the old ancient Greek legend about the friend of Apollo Cyparis, and here I will quote someone else’s work:

"On the island of Keos, in the Carto Valley, there was a deer dedicated to the Nymphs. Beautiful was this deer. His branched horns were messed up, the pearl necklace decorated his neck, and the gems descended with the ears. Deer completely forgot fear of people. He went to the houses in the village and willingly stretched her neck to anyone who wanted to stroke her. Everyone loved this deer, but his son King Keason loved most of all – Kiparis, Favorite Friend of Apollo. Kiparis drove a deer on the glades with juicy herb and to the ringing streams, he decorated the horns of his wreaths from fragrant flowers, often playing with a deer, threw a young cypress, laughing, he was on his back and drove on it on a blooming Carto Valley. There was a hot summer noon; The sun paled; All air is full of air. Deer covered in the shade of the midday heat and lay down in the bushes. Random where the deer lay, cypress hunted. He did not recognize his beloved deer, since he was covered with foliage, threw a sharp spear in him and struck to death. Horrified cypress when he saw that he killed his beloved. In Mount, he wants to die with him. Apollo consisted in vain. Mount Kiparis was repeatedly, he prays a sober god, so that God would give him to be sad for him forever. Apollo injured him. The young man turned into a tree. Kudri him became a dark green cheese, his body dressed the bark. He stood with a slim tree in Ciparis in front of Apollo; As an arrow, he left his peak into the sky. The Apollo sighed sadly and said: "I will always grieve about you, a wonderful young man, you will grieve and you about someone else’s grief. Be always with mournful!"

In the light of this legend, the mention of the network of graves hiding in the canopy of some cypress islands in Tuscany. Yes, and I myself, walking around the neighborhood of Montepulcianly 2 years ago, noticed that many cypresses lined along the track from the cemetery to the Church of San Biangio were installed stone signs that resemble gravestone tombstones.

At the same time, the cypress was a symbol of inequality and eternal life, and here, probably, the meaning in the special properties of his wood, which is resistant to rotting and contains oils that scare insects and killing microbes, which saves the imperious object put in the box made of this plants. His shoots were used to embrace mummies and impregnation of parchment. According to the versions that came to me on the network, the ships of Alexander Macedonian and even Noev Ark were built from the cypress wood.

But not only the symbol of sadness and grief it became a tree. It is believed that the cypress protects the house, next to which grows. I think, real estate Tuscany under reliable protection – 🙂 Slender cypress alleys are guarding along the driveways almost on any farm or villa, they give a shady coolness on hot days, and the joy of beauty connoisseurs, and we remember that nothing can to be done just so, because there should be more beautiful!-:)

One of the hot places favorite photographers – a cypressive alley of Farmhouse Poggio Covili,. Stopped approximately here 43.022071, 11.635214 to admire the side angle on the alley.

Reaching the entrance to the access road, of course, did not hold on the experiments with the perspectives, but nothing of it did not come out. Yes, and the sun was already in the very zenith, the light was so bright and blinding that we were without regretful.

By the way, right in front of this farm we met a field with blooming poppies. In which we immediately and climbed.

In this my trip, I finally overtake them. Chasing them and last time, not very successful. And this year, Fortuna smiled a little me, and I found my poppy field, on my head- 🙂 And along with Popsy found a fatty mold.

Return to Tuscan. Picturesque neighborhood Val D'Orcha

Seeing the woven, mounted by alamic floasts, I forgot all caution and broke into the most.

Considering now the heap of photos, made in the fields, I continue to guess, on which one of them was waiting for this disgusting individual. Here you have to make a reservation that the vaccinations I did not do it, and these vaccinations are able to protect only from encephalitis. Medical insurance, by the way, does not include the "tick-free" case, I was warned about this in the office of the Insurance Company (Irony of Fate, right?). However, by finding the reptile, I immediately called the insurance, and I was sent to me the address of the nearest hospital, where it was necessary to drive to extract the tick. There we spent in line for about four hours, and the help of me was rendered, pulled out infection. But in Italy, they do not make any tests on infections in the extracted mclutter, as in Russia. It is believed that this region is not endemic by encephalitis. Gave a pack of antibiotics and bill for payment (cost in 30 euros). And now, now after a few months later, I’m still checked for Borreliosis. So be careful! Remember such a danger. On Italian tick, by the way, called Tick, in the hospital only one girl in the receiving rest owed English. And communication with the doctor was very difficult, even though I own the Azami of Italian. In short, it is better not to get into this situation.

And we drove in one place, near La Foce, promising a beautiful view of the winding track among the hills (its coordinates 43.025409, 11.762695). Parking on the observation site Here: 43 ° 01’41.2"N 11 ° 46’29.5"E.

There is not such a memorable view, as the most famous "drunk" road at Montikiello, but also good. Although the grown bushes partially blocked the panorama opens from this site.

Finally, I drove to the beautiful road serpentine of these places under Montikiello, I already told about this place last time. The coordinates of the site overlooking the road 43.061959,11.722691.

As in the case of a cypress island, the nearby hills were not covered with a carpet of yellow flowers this time, but the landscape still seemed to me quite impressive. However, this time we managed to drive through this winding track before staying on the hill opposite. The fragment of this trip can be viewed in the video, which turned out on the results of the walk of that day.

From there, it also opens the view of the pienna. Now, when I have already started to nicely numbered on the ground, I would still take a walk on a bike (on electric) in the surrounding area. Rental E-Baikov is in Pienace.

The last bright stroke in the picture of the day was the sunset at Capella Vitaleta.

And this evening I gave me not only the amazing paints of a fading day, but also an interesting meeting. I have already mentioned earlier that I had long dreamed of going to the phototour to Tuscany (and not only there) with a real artistic photo master. Once in childhood and youth, I seriously fond of photography (still analog, film, with all its charms in the form of a dark laboratory and the smell of fixation – :)) and even planned to become a photographer, going at the footsteps of my favorite photo studio head. But fate ordered otherwise, the profession was video. And the photo remained great passion, however, at the amateur level. Therefore, I wanted to take over the part of the mastery of the real professional, and not in the lecture room, but in place, in the fields. I rewrote long before the trip with a very good photographer, a real master of artistic photography, hoping to join his photographic. But, alas, it did not work out, but it was formed to come to blessed Tuscan lands with his camera, and ride along the most beautiful point of the valley. And here we are writing along the already familiar gravel track towards sunset colors, to the loved Kapella of Vitaleta.

Going closer, we find that there are already many people here, and all of them (well, almost everything) tactfully, so as not to interfere with each other, lined up in a row before the chapels waiting for the last sunlight.

And here I understand that this is a group, and, most likely, organized by phototour. I look around, and I see that very wonderful photographer, on a trip with which I could not get gather!

So, unexpectedly for himself, I still participated in a big master photo shoot.

As they say, it is necessary to dream very much, and the desired will come true. I have always worked, much of what was dreaming about, with time it was realized, because I never stopped dreaming- 🙂 As they say, you can not crawl, at least Lagge and lie in the direction of your dreams – :)))

And the sunset succeeded in glory! And this stunning Capella Rakurs, who shot at that evening a dozen photographers from different parts of the world was above all praise. The sun before you finally rolled, it snapped for a short time because of the clouds, gently godify the grass in front of the observers suffered from delight, and Tuscan twilight came.

The full version of the video about the beauties Val d’Orcha Valley can be viewed here:

Return to Tuscan. Picturesque neighborhood Val D'Orcha

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