Return to Tuscan. San Quiriko d’Orcha and retro cars

Settling in the heart of Valley D’Orcha, it would be quite uncomprisingly not to look into one of the most famous her medieval towns – San Quiriko Val d’Orcha, near which we settled in a wonderful agrotourism.

In the past visit to Tuscan, I performed this sin in Tuscan, having shutting up such a nice city from the program, and this year it was determined to correct the case and honestly inspect the sights. But, as you know, a person involves . -:)

Almost immediately, behind the gates of the old city, we were passionate about the whirlpool of an event, an extinguished neighborhood not only Tuscany, but also all of Italy. On this day, on the medieval streets of San Kwiriko passed the risk of retro cars. And not just a rally, but the famous race "1000 miles" ("Mille Miglia"), the third day of which so successfully crossed our way – 🙂 And could it be possible to stay indifferent to such a spectacle?

Starting from 1927 and until the middle of the century "Mille Miglia" was one of the most famous world races, she was also called the most beautiful auto racing in the world, in our time it is true – hundreds of renovated old and even rare sports car vehicles do their own route in the midst of stunning Beauty of Italian landscapes and the streets of picturesque vintage cities. Now, however, these are not real races, but just a colorful parade, and in the past it was real rally on winding Italian roads, which, by the way, did not overlap for this – 🙂 The route of this year began and ended in Brescia, passed through Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome and many other cities and amounted to 1796 km. We caught him in the midst of the third day when, after the night in Rome, the Autoprad was sent back to the north, and on our happiness drove along the streets of San Kviriko d’Orcha.

All famous automotive stamps, such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati, actively participated in "Mille Miglia", was the case of prestige to win such a race. But in 1957, Mille Miglia was closed due to an accident on the route, when due to the explosion of the wheels at high speed, one of the cars crashed into the crowd, which resulted in the death of pilots and 11 viewers. In 1977, the race was resumed, but already in the form of a calm safe rally for rare cars, and the main condition of the event was the observance of the high-speed regime.

This year, representatives of 39 countries from all continents came to the race. It is 430 crews, which is 860 people, and among them the Italian teams make up the advantage. Many crews from the Benilyux countries, a little less than Germany and the United Kingdom. Pleased that there are teams and from Russia. 430 crews – it became, 430 retro machines, which belong to 75 car brands. Thanks to the talents and painstaking work of my wonderful friend, we managed to refretage some of the cars- 🙂

In this photo, the British sports car HEALEY SILVERSTONE 2400 of the 1950th year of release, produced by Donald Healey Motor Company, such cars managed to release only 105. Crew: Pilot Italian Luca Pascolini, and as a navigator, a successful American restaurant and TV presenter Joe Bastianich, which in his interviews one of the publications outlined his attitude to the race: "I like vintage cars, the atmosphere of Mille Miglia is the cleanest emotion that I ever experienced.Here and passion for cars, and love for sport, and the spirit of rivalry. This is my big passion, I am very happy to participate in the race and intends to defeat ".

And here we have a Japanese crew – Takashi Watanabe and HotSumi Ichiba by the 1949 car Stanguellini Fiat 1100 Sport released in Modena. Participated in all the most important races of Italy, including "Mille Miglia" 1950 and 1951.

Another Italian car AMP Alfa Maserati Prete 2500 exists in a single copy. It was created in 1948 by the Roman mechanic and pilot Placido Prete to participate in racing. He combined Maserati chassis with an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 engine, installing the body of a sports car of its own design. And the name AMP came from the initial letters of Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Prete. Driving Mario Tomasoni, with Him Stefano Melis. On the Internet it is said that the next day, after we watched the rally, this car got into an accident in Modena, hanged first in the van, leaving on the other street, and then into the tree, having demolished the road sign. The crew did not suffer, but the car was damaged. And, by the way, this is not the only car in the race of this year, caught. This is also mentioned about the incident, the defendants of which were once two participants of the race, and both Ferrari! Write, risky overtaking. Also noted the British crew on Lamborgini and the Germans on Mercedes.

Briton Jaguar XK120 Lightweight, with the British team – Steven Osborne and Rob Smith. Assembled in 1950 in the lester. Its feature is a lightweight body, which is fully made of aluminum, so the characteristic of LightWeight in the model literally this is.

Very popular in the 60-70 Italian car Fiat 600 Multipla, produced from 1955 to 1969. One of the possible characters of Italy of the past years, which is even mentioned in the song Toto Kutuno "Italian":




Return to Tuscan. San Quiriko d'Orcha and retro cars

E UNA 600 Giù di carrozzeria "- it’s about him- 🙂

Dutch crew Pieter and Lars Olthof on the Florentine Car Benedetti Giannini 750 Sport of the 1950th year of release. Participated in "Mille Miglia" in 1952!

Well, and again a real racing Italian- 🙂 Ermini Fiat 1100 SILURRO MOTTO of the 1950th year of release.

We have not seen the winners of this year, probably because they joined the action in his ripple, and the leaders of Giovanni Rally and Daniele Bontetti on Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 SSA 1928 released, were far ahead. 🙂

I reject a bit of the spirit and visiting a couple of churches in the center of San Kwiriko, finally, we looked at the Horti Leoni gardens to slightly enjoy the silence, walking along the trimmed rims of the bushes.

After the Reva Motors in the midst of stone walls, this little park seemed a real oasis of rest- 🙂

But what is curious, I also discovered one of the locations of the series "Medici". True, here they took a little, and this place, apparently, was designed to depict one of the corners of Florence. Interestingly, how the real video of the park Leoni is the real video of the Santa Santa Mary del Fiort, which has not yet completed the famous dome, on which the famous dome has not yet been completed. In the video, which will leave here, about it at the end of the roller. Well, and to whom the cars are interested in, they may be curious, as the old Italian race passed on the streets of San Quiriko:

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