Return to Tuscany, Announcement

A couple of years ago I managed to fulfill a long-standing dream – visit Tuscany and see with my own eyes some of those beauties that they were not allowed to sleep peacefully at night, urging everything to quit and come to these blessed places in order to breathe in this air, to sue these landscapes, to do so yourself flavors, taste and sounds of these places.

But when I said that the dream was carried out, I still a little curved soul. Yes, I managed to carry out such a trip, one and without a car. And this, of course, was unforgettable.

I told about it here. See the wonderful Tuscan towns lost in time and traveling by public transport. Now it is still ready to recognize the rightness of most travelers: to get acquainted with the beauty of the Tuscan land is better, of course, knees on her roads by car (motorcycle, bicycle). Since all restrictions associated with the schedule of transport are removed and the issue with the movement of baggage is resolved.
This year I was lucky enough, I had a wonderful company and the opportunity to do this trip by car and with a person close in spirit. For which I am infinitely grateful to fate, because, finally, my old Tuscan dream has been realized in the form and completeness, which she followed in my imagination. Well, or almost- 🙂

And here in May of this year, the trip took place. To say that she was saturated, saying nothing – :))) We drove about 1,400 km by starting from Rome Airport, and finished the route at Milan Airport. We had 11 beds overnight stays, mostly apartments and agrotourism. It was in a certain sense of the test for strength – 🙂 We visited some of the most picturesque corners of Lazio, Tuscany and Liguria. We from the soul pampered themselves with dishes of unmatched Tuscan cuisine, we practiced our Italian in the weather, the 330 gig photos and the video were filmed, met dawns and sunsets, completely appreciated the unpredictability of May weather. Met interesting people on the road. No, unfortunately, without adventure.
And the route for 14 days was drawn to this:
Rome Airport – Viterbo – Chivita Banoredzhio – Sarano – Pitillano – Sovana – Terms of Saturnia – Montalcino – San Kwiriko – Pienza – Montepulciano – Cortona – Abbey Monte Ooliveo Maggiore – Abbey San Galgano – Castle Broolo – Radda in Chianti – San Jimignano – Volterra – Spice – Chinckwe Terre – Portofino – Milan Airport.
I will add that, being under a strong impression of the historical series "Medici. Lords of Florence", Which not so long ago came to the screens (by the way, calling his tongue does not turn the language, rather a multi-sized film), in the process of preparing the trip found that many places we are going to visit, become locations for filming this exciting story. And after I looked at the documentary films on this topic and further revealed, history and places, with her connected, played with new paints and found life in my imagination.

Walking through the streets of those who have previously loved the faults and Montepulcianly, I saw the traces of the story, so beautiful and reliably told by the film series.

It is not surprising that they chose these places to turn the narration, as well as in Volterra and Viterbo, because here the time as if stopped, not to mention the fact that similar to the Florentine Palazzo Vecchio buildings are located in Montepulciano and Volterre.

I, of course, was not at all locations of this historical epic, but on many. After all, I did not plan it, it happened so by chance- 🙂
What you can not say about another Tuscan city – Cororton, where I also dreamed of looking away for a long time, since I saw a very soulful and very female film "Under the sun Tuscany".

I remember well how the image of Tuscany and the old Tuscan house, which became the center of that story.

By the way, I was mistaken earlier, thinking that part of the episodes was shot in Montepulcianly, everything was removed in Corton, and a little bit in Rome and Positano, in which I also visited the film, I also visited some time ago what was told here. And now, finally, Corton!

Return to Tuscany, Announcement

Italy in general, and Tuscany in particular, at different times inspired many movie masters. Impressed by these places, Andrei Tarkovsky also shot here.

We visited here and we.

In this trip, the stars were correct in many ways – 🙂 I do not consider myself a master photo or video, but once some time studied the profession of the photographer, and the specialty became a video editing, however, mostly news. But the photo and shooting video remained a big passion for life. Well, whether it is bad, but this is what I get great pleasure! Watching the work of photography professionals, I always wanted to take a little experience with the real masters, and the last few years I dreamed of joining the photo tuscany. I tried to realize this idea for 2 years, he was written off with one wonderful photographer and was preparing, but for various reasons it did not happen. And it was necessary to happen that in this trip, the fate still brought me me with the very photographer! Arriving to shoot at sunset to the Kapella of Vitaleta, which is not far from the Pienna, we faced there with a group of European photographers who are located at the chapel in a row, waiting for the last rays of the sun to make a spectacular shot. And among them I treated my online friend, it was just one of his photographic equipment, in which I unsuccessfully tried to go and I.

What a pity that my phototour with such a master remained a dream, but who knows, maybe one day will succeed? After all, it is his photos of some corners of Tuscany and inspired me on this trip!

So, I hope I can tell about everything in order. This is probably a story that will be unprecedented and stretching for a while – too many places and impressions that need to be comprehended, because remembering the experienced, we emotionally come back to the moments that we made happy in our travels.

Return to Tuscany, Announcement

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