Review of the places you need to visit in Italy

"All the ways lead to Rome" – the famous proverb says. You can add that tourist paths are still in Venice, Pisa, Florence, Genoa is one of the standard sets of excursion trips. Some cities are enough and a couple of days, but more often to feel the atmosphere and rhythm of life, you need to spend much more time in the city.

What you need for an ideal trip?
Of course, first of all, the idea of ​​what you want to see is: information about attractions, guidebooks, cards, recommendations. There is nothing better than communication with people living there, "ill-facing" these places. Such Rome You will not see any excursion, especially if the goal is unusual / non-standard places, street. As a rule, such people may be the owners of apartments, locals, familiar forums and social networks.

2. Skiing

Italy – a country of rest for any season. In the summer you can go trekking in the Alps, and in the winter there to ride skiing. Italy ski resorts can be divided into two large zones: Eastern and Western.

The western zone forms the resorts of Sestrier, La Tuil, Kurmayor, Aosta, Cervia and Gressoney. Being on the border with France and Switzerland, they repeat their best features: an excellent modern system of lifts and a well-thought-out network of well-groomed trails. Kurchayor has a common zone of skiing with the French chamonium, and the Cervinia is connected by the lifts with the Swiss resort of Zermatt.

The Eastern Zone forms the region of the Dolomites Alps (Madonna di Campillo towns, Val Gardena, Val di Faca, and T.D.) and Alta Valtelllina (Bormio, Santa Katerina, Livigno).
The characteristic feature of the ski resorts of Italy is to combine several zones of skiing in one large with the help of a unified system of lifts. It is very convenient for tourists, but often completely confusing: where the boundaries take place between the resorts, no one knows, so tightly equipped the slopes, and it’s easy to move with magnificent snow fields of one for no less beautiful slopes of another.

How to get? In the season, tour operators put a large number of charters so that tourists are convenient to get to different parts of the Alps. Main airports: Turin, Milan, Venice.

3. Holidays on lakes

In Italy, a large number of lakes, the main part of them are located in the northern part of the country. Main (the largest and most popular for recreation) Three: Garda, Como and Maggiore.

Lake Garda
Italy’s largest lake spread from the foothills of the Southern Alps in the north-east of the country and covers three provinces: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino. Is half an hour from Milan. Here is good and in summer, and in the fall: moderate climate, beautiful landscapes create an atmosphere of a peaceful rest. Officially season lasts from February to October. The average temperature in the summer +26 degrees.

Nearest cities: Milan, Verona, Venice.

Lake Como
Located in an idyllic corner of Mountain Italy, the lake attracts tourists who come to ride boats, walk among the picturesque hills, to learn inspiration or just relax. The coastal zone is famous for its cozy villages in the medieval style and numerous old castles.

Lake Maggiore
Romantic Lake Maggiore is located on the border of Italy and Switzerland. This is an amazing place in its beauty. It is always warm and sunny here. And nearby the ski resorts of Zermatt and Chervinia – there is snow and cool. Therefore, coming to the lake and walking under the palm trees, every time they wonder – another planet.

Lake Maggiore is the second largest Lake Italy. The main attractions of the lake: four islands Barromemea (Isola Bella, Isola Dei Pescatari, Isola Madre and Isola San Giovanni), an oasis of untouched nature and rich history, Botanical gardens Villa Taranto with 30,000 plants, Pallavicino Park with a zoo and a botanical garden and a lot Much more.

4. Beach rest

In Italy, everyone will find a beach in the shower. These are classic beaches (lured by tourists-packet) in the Emilia Romagna (Rimini) region, and Sandinia Snow White Sands, and Sicily Volcanic Plates. Naturally, it is difficult to imagine a person who will go to Italy exclusively for recreation "Zabachkom".

As for the seas: the East Coast of Italy belongs to the Adriatic Sea. Western – Tyrrhensky. Only on the very north of the Western coast in the area of ​​Liguria region, the sea is called Ligurian. The eastern shores of the basilicate regions and Calabria come to the Ionical Sea in the south of the country. To the south of Italy, the Mediterranean Sea is also located, to which Sicily and Sardinia islands.

Beach Liguria They are divided into sandy (Riviera di Ponent) and pebble (Riviera di Levante). As everywhere in Italy, municipal beaches, umbrellas and sun beds are available at an additional cost.

Venetian Riviera – Well-groomed, equipped, long and wide with small dolomite "golden" sand.

Neapolitan Bay. Most beaches are located on special platforms, stairs are descended to the sea. Rocky coast and pebble beach cause special transparency of the sea in the Naples Bay.

Ischia. The bulk of the beaches of the island of sandy, relatively small. There are also beaches platforms.

Capri. Beaches on the island predominantly rocky.

Review of the places you need to visit in Italy

Sicily. Sea on Sicily amazingly clean, calm and warm. Beaches – Sandy (on the South Coast), sometimes sand-pebble or stony (in the north). Frequently found cut from volcanic stones.

Sardinia. The sea off the coast of the island is considered the most beautiful in Italy and is recommended for lovers of scuba diving. Sandy beaches, there are very extended, and there are small coves. Often the equipment on the beach is offered for free, as there are no resort towns, hotels stand right on the beach on a decent distance from each other, so only guests are resting on one beach. The distance to the sea is determined only by the territory of the hotel.

Adriatic coast. Beaches wide sandy, equipped, municipal and, as a rule, paid. Some hotels include beach service in the price. Sea warm and shallow.

Milano Marittima Beaches Further differ from the beaches of Rimini – there is no road, separating hotels and the sea, and the hotel of the first line are located directly by the sea.

Amalfitan coast. Amalfi and Positano – the most famous resorts on the Amalfi coast. There are always a lot of tourists here. Charming and fantastic species, probably the most beautiful in the world: a caressing view of the seascape, cozy bays and rocks, tearing into transparent Emerald Sea, lemon and orange trees, palm groves. Wonderful multicolored houses, cathedrals, decorated with bright Miolia, narrow streets, terraces rising from the embankment up the slope, among citrus gardens.

5. Shopping

Classically shopping centers in Italy are considered Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples. Someone more soul city shops, someone give out outlets.

In Rome, unconditional shopping streets are Via del Corso, Via National and the area of ​​the Spanish staircase, where the stores of expensive world brands focused on. From the outlet, you can mark Castel Romano – the car-outlet with a bunch of stores of famous and not very brands.

In Milan, it is worth starting with Piazza del Domo, to continue in La Rinascente department store. Also, you can also roam the Via Monte NapoleOne or Corso Venezia. In the vicinity of the city there are outlets.

In Naples, you can walk through the streets around Piazza Dei Martiri – here you will find the concentration of all famous boutiques. From outlet, you can visit La Reggia in the suburbs of Naples. You can get by bus-shuttle.

Standard sales of seasonal collections are held twice a year: in January and July. Discounts begin from 20-30% in the first days and up to 70% in recent days (the truth is almost the right size and models).

Review of the places you need to visit in Italy

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