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I note immediately that the historical center of Palermo is the largest in Europe. On his inspection will be required days …I suggest you the most favorites, the most exclusive and stunning of your uniqueness to create the image of Palermo. For you to choose from several options, these routes can be addressed to and on the contrary, objects from other excursions, at your request:

Review tour of Palermo - Palermo, Italy Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Palermo on

1. sightseeing tour " Kingdom of two Sicily »The most important fragments of an antique Palermo expressing the city and local residents themselves. Demonstrating that arriving at Sicily, in the largest region of Italy, you can notice this contrast of completely different places both by historical events and by folk traditions. That specifically formed the characteristics of the character and temperament of the Sicilians who came out of different cultures and peoples: from the wisest Arabs, the noblest Normans, chaotic, forever fun with Grottesco of Spaniards. I recommend for guests for the first time you visited Palermo or for tourists of the arrivals for a short time. Excursion from 4 hours depends on the individual application and your free time. Excursion is possible both in the morning and after dining. Let’s start a tour of the holy mountain towering in the city center. For Palermituta, this is a secret holy place of pilgrimage. Each local inhabitant until the child will answer you that the soul and heart Palermo is His Holy Patrone Santa Rosalia. She worships Palermo since 1624. According to Popolo legends, it is she (more precisely, her holy spirit) saved Palermo at that time from the terrifying epidemic of Peste plague. Palermitani worship her very passionately, share with her and troubles and joy. Constantly confident in their petitions to her. What settled myth among tourists to make a desire in the holy place of her buried remains. Mountain is also famous for its battles in the first Punic war (Amilcare Barca Father famous Annibale). Even in the hottest Sicilian day at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, you can feel the coolness and light breeze and the main mystery and plugness of this place. Not only the Holy Grota will give you a pleasure of a walk in Mount, with his tops you can see unique sea landscapes, all Palermo with his famous elite seating area in the Gulf, Castello Utveggio castle, a stadium and nature landscape and terrain landscape. In the local bar, drink freshly squeezed juice from seasonal fruit (it will be either red and yellow orange, bloody pomegranate or juice from Fichi d’India).When you descend from the mountain, you will be a visit to the famous Palermo Beach Zone. Recreation of European titled nobility with their elegant villas in Liberti style and the famous water restaurant. Also spontaneous stories of some villas of this zone with leadership. Zone is also famous for its diversity restaurants. Where you will be offered just caught octopus, shaped and cooked on your eyes with fresh lemon in a colorful clay plate with Sicilian Maitolike. And necessarily with a glass of cool White Sicilian Wine. All of this you can try on the restaurant bar stand overlooking the street (10 minutes of bliss).Next, proceed through the central elegant street to the historic center of the city. With a stop at the Bolshoi Theater, Palermitial Pride. And here we are already at the Cathedral of Palermo. This is a masterpiece of the Middle Ages and our days. In the truth eighth miracle of light! His construction and restructuring were dragged from the 12th century until the 20th century. Inspected by the words theatrical eclectics of styles, which combined various religious elements. Harmony between different worlds religions. The impression is as if it is carved by a single skillful ivory jeweler and is presented for our review. It is in this cathedral that the sacred relics of St. Rosalia are kept in his right central altar, the patroness of the city of Palermo. And the most important burials of the Norman kings, a powerful state with the huge territories of the Kingdom of two Sicily! Let’s go on a cozy little street with a Sicilian flavor and not a big museum-workshop of Sicilian agricultural carriages and puppets Pupi (Knights Paladini). Chestnaya drawings will tell you in brief history of Sicily (starting with the famous Beati Paoli sect, the battle of Saracinov and Glory of Normanov).Corso Vittorio Emanuele’s noisy tourist streets, on small lanes with homes known (not yet restored after bombing of 1943) Let’s go to the central square, the historic center of the city, the first urban intersection, the theater of the Sun, Quatro Canti – so much names (beginning 17th century) . If you are not very tired, let’s go to church, one of the best ideas of world baroque. T. E. Sicilian Baroque from Marble Inlaid Polychrome Stone. In the same way in the shadow and coolness of this divine masterpiece before, squeezing, looking at the amazing ceiling with paintings, stucco and statues and refreshing the miraculous waters of this church. Coming out of this baroque palace, we get in the period of rebirth. Senatorial square with its unique fountain of snow-white marble Carrara. And of course, the Palace of Senators and its famous rooms, statues and decorations. You have ever ever been in the cabinets of the city mayor? I suggest you to visit the political center of Palermo. Let’s go out of one gold room entering the next burgundy, we will begin and take a photo in the chair of the Chairman of the Senate Palermo, we will admire the weapon of Napoleon, presented to the Palermantic nobility and of course the famous chandelier from oak, with its evolution in lighting. Which initially covered the meeting room of the Senate Candles, after functioning on kerosene, then electricity and finally electricity. From the window of the Senatorial Palace, we will make photos in a wonderful perspective into two medieval churches of Arab-Norman-style. Excursion can be continued by visiting these churches of the 12th century, entered in UNESCE as the heritage of this period. At the end of the excursion lunch / dinner in Tipiko Schiliano Restaurant.

Review tour of Palermo - Palermo, Italy Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Palermo on

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