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Disneyland is one of the most visited places in Hong Kong. If you want to arrange a holiday to your children, then you will definitely visit this place, and if you want to arrange a holiday also yourself, then stop at least a couple of days in the thematic hotel on its territory. Hongkong Disneyland Hotel – a real fairy tale from Childhood from Walt Disney. Stopping in one of three hotels near Hong Kong Disneyland, you will get a tremendous pleasure and will plunge into childhood. Perhaps this is one of the best thematic hotels in which we stayed. As part of this article, we want to share their review of accommodation, show the hotel from all sides, as well as reveal a few secrets on how to get discounts and gifts. The article turned out to be very voluminous, so for the convenience of navigation, use the summary under the first photo.

Hotel Hongkong Disneyland – holiday from morning to evening

How to book Hotel Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

Book a hotel near Disneyland Hong Kong in different ways: on the website of the Hongkong Disneyland Hotel, on the whole Booking.COM or search the cheapest option using the aggregator, for example, RoomGuru or Hotellook. Immediately you warn you that the price variation will be very large – from $ 300 to $ 1000 per day (sometimes even in the same number). Anything is not trite, but in this case you need to read carefully, which is included in the price, and expose your priorities, and then consider benefits. It is important to understand that there is no universal version and it all depends on what is important to you and what you are willing to donate.

Hotel Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

Room price in Hongkong Disneyland Hotel next to Disney

Permanent special offers, time of year, day of the week, holidays can change the alignment, so you should not fully rely on our calculation, it is better to recheck at the time of booking. So let’s compare, all the options and choose the one that will suit you. For comparison, take a trip for two days in November (weekdays) for a family of two adults and one child is 6 years old.

Hotel Hongkong Disneyland

Booking offers several rooms for the price of $ 592 in two nights. Higher-category room, breakfast and the ability to cancel the reservation can increase cost up to $ 1630 in two days. The same number on RoomGuru can be found from $ 590 in two days. The hotel’s website offers prices from $ 560.

Hotel-Castle near Disneyland

All options are offered approximately the same level of prices, but on the Disneyland website, very often there are quite good special offers that allow you to save well or get a "special" service. We are talking about special packages that may include entrance tickets to Park, breakfast, free Upgrade rooms and other buns.

Discounts and special offers in Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

All special offers are available on Disneyland website in Hong Kong. Carefully see the validity period, because sometimes the action acts a very small period and it is important to book in advance. For myself personally, we chose a package that included:

  • Two nights in the hotel (with an increase in the level of the room from the standard to Deluxe)
  • Breakfasts for the whole family
  • Priority registration
  • Late check-out
  • Free shuttle service to the airport after the end of the holiday (there is no airport to a hotel such a shutter).
  • Two-day tickets to the park (private entrance for hotel guests almost without queue)
  • Coupons for lunch
  • 2 PHOTOPASS (one in the park, one during breakfast with heroes)
  • Fast Pass on certain attractions
  • Booked Place for Parade (Day and Night)
  • Toy for the child

All this cost us more than if we booked a hotel through Buking, bought separate tickets to the park and dined for money in a cafe. But places on the parade, priority entrance to the park, breakfast with cartoon heroes, toy and attention to the child was worth overpaying. Here’s just talking about priorities, whether you are ready to pay more to get into the park, get a toy, upgrade numbers and fastpass or not (perhaps the toy includes and when booking a room through Booking, but information about it is not found succeeded).

Tickets in Disneyland, Coupons for food, fast pass and other bonuses

There could be a promsion from Disneyland, who would give a discount to our readers, but we visited the hotel at our own expense and no discounts from them we have, so our feedback is completely unbiased.

Hotel Infrastructure Hongkong Disneyland Hotel: Photos and Description

Hotel review needs to start a review of the room, and then stroll through the territory, look into all restaurants and test children’s rooms.

Reviewed and review Hotel Hongkong Disneyland Hotel

On the eve of the Chinese New Year in the hotel, everyone decorate, even the entrance to the room

Hotel Hongkong Disneyland (many photos)

We took a standard room that we rose to the level of Deluxe. The room is small, but there is everything you need. We probably would like a little more disney themes, but it’s someone like. The room has two not very large, but comfortable beds with snow-white linen.

Balls and toy – Welcome compliment for a child

The toy was taken to Moscow with me, but the balls did not become

In addition to beds in the room there are two chairs with a coffee table, TV and dresser. The table for normal operation is not very suitable – very low, but do not work in such hotels, but drinking tea is very comfortable.

Chairs and table

TV shows a standard set of channels for Hong Kong + pre-confined several children’s channels with Disney cartoons in English and Chinese. Cartoons with Russian dubbing, naturally, no.

There is also a small wardrobe in which Mimmichny bathrobes with Miki Musa and cheerful slippers for the whole family.

Slippers for guests

There is also a small tea corner with dishes and a kettle. The place is not very much, but in principle enough.

On the left of the door – this is a wardrobe, on the right entrance to the bathroom, rear room, right – exit from the room

The bar includes two bottles of water (with gas and without), coffee, tea, sugar, cream – traditional set.

All as everywhere: refrigerator, safe

But tea and coffee literally at once may be updated daily, but we don’t let the maids &# 128578;

But such cups only at the hotel near Disneyland can be found

The bathroom is combined and large in the area, which is uncharacteristic for Hong Kong. Instead of shower small bathroom.

Bathroom in the Deluxe Room

The bathroom is small and looks a bit tired

All in the bathroom in Disneyland: Caps on the shampoo especially cute

The first time in my life took home the hotel toothbrushes

Here, perhaps, all that is in the room. View from the window we had a courtyard and sea. Not to say that the number of some extraordinary, but all these small details of the type of bathrobes, slippers with cartoon characters make it very cute. For Hong Kong Room is quite large, especially bathroom.

Walt’s Cafe at the Disneyland Hotel

The hotel has several restaurants and cafes, they are all very different. Most tourists breakfast in Walt Cafe, made in the classic Victorian style. Here are served European cuisine, it is possible to use the vegetarian menu. Cafe is working from 07:30 to 22:30, so you will not cover the night dinner.

Walt’s Café in Disneyland

Our breakfast was included in the room rate, so we did not pay for it separately. If there is no breakfast, then for an adult will have to pay from 178 to 218 Hong Kong dollars ($ 23-28), and for the child 138 HKD ($ 18). If you take breakfast on the family, it turns out a completely uncommittent option, but it does not have to choose – the nearest cafe is located on the territory of the amusement park or the neighboring metro station. Lunch or dinner will cost 200-500 HKD per person ($ 25-65).

Menu for breakfast in Walt Disney Cafe

We just had breakfast in this cafe, so we can only share the impressions of the morning meals. Breakfast consists of two parts: a buffet and dishes to order. Buffet is quite typical for breakfast in European hotels: flakes, yogurt, cheese, meat cutting, pastries, fruits of their drinks Fresh and conventional juices, tea, coffee, cocoa. On the hot, you can order the scrambled eggs, omelet, pancakes, waffles. Personally, we were pleased that in January there were a lot of berries.

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