Reviewed on a trip to Pattaya from the girl

Thailand appeared the first country in Southeast Asia, which I visited, so the impressions he left a very bright. After a long thought, my friend and I decided to go on the journey in Pattaya 2018 – one of the most popular resorts.

Why did I decide to visit Pattaya

Initially, the idea was to fly at more expensive in Phuket where you can much more easily swim without a visit to the islands. But many familiar advised not to do this, referring to the fact that in Pattaya is more interesting, more places to visit.

For the first time in the Asian country, we did not risk "savages" for the first time, so we bought a batch tour: a flight and a hotel with breakfasts cost us 40,000 baht. At that time I lived in Samara, there are not much departures from there, so I didn’t have to choose the dates for a long time, and we planned holidays at the end of March.

We flew to the huge and amazing airport of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi: such a large-scale structure you need to search for such a large scale. Before we reached the city via shuttle provided by the travel company. Hotel – Centara Nova 4 *, located in the central part of the city, but a little far from the coastline.

If you look at the map – this is not critical, but in fact, there was some inconveniences. The sidewalks in a pair of quarters around our hotel were not completely absent, and walking on the roads for which people are constantly worn on the bikes – not very safe.

By the way, next time if I go to Thailand for a short period of time (a month is already a lot better to shoot a house or an apartment in a condominium), then give up breakfast. In this very decent hotel, they were incredibly monotonous, and on the fourth day of the same sosisochek and omelets can be greatly bored.


We – are not big fans of tours with tour companies, especially if the window is more than 35 degrees of heat. But getting from Pattaya somewhere independently much more difficult than with an organized group, so we still decided to look at the proposals of the guide.

The first, the cheapest excursion called the "crocodile farm", surprisingly, liked most. There really can be viewed on crocodiles literally at the distance of an elongated hand, if you wish, feed their chicken on the fishing rod (we did not have such a desire). But the main thing – the farm is combined with a small zoo, where you can look near and without cells to look at the tigers, followed by trainers, stroke and feed the bananas of elephants and giraffes. Bananas for this are sold right in place, and cost 50-100 baht for a decent basket.

Crocodile farm in Pattaya

All this is on the territory of a very green, pleasant, refined garden, seated with flowers, figurine cropped trees and other plants. In addition to the listed animals, there are exotic birds, pony and even bears, and in a small pond you can feed the brilliant scales of carps.

The second excursion – the Tropical Park Nong Nuch – I liked smaller, but it was also connected with the unbearable heat, which fell on that day. The park consists of several major thematic gardens and locations located mainly in the open. Exceptions – Orchid Garden at the very beginning, as well as a saving car park with air conditioning, where you can admire the collective models of car expensive brands.

The excursion program includes show with elephants. They are very cute, and honestly, very sorry: in such a heat and on the legs, it is hot, not to play football to entertain people. In addition to plants, the gardens are filled with the most diverse statues and sculptures – from the classic Thai Lviv from the stone to the whole hordes of lemurs, tigers, zebras and even huge red metal ants.

I really liked me a small and minimalistic garden of cacti. And the final point of the route is located on a decent at height of the hill Pagoda, offering a survey view of the gardens. Climb there on the forty-degree heat, too, was a special test.

And finally, the third of our excursion was "Uninhabited Island to Rin" &# 8211; Maximum relaxing day of our trip. The essence of the "excursions" is very simple: you are in a group of 10-15 people planting in a high-speed boat and dismiss the nearest unstyle island with a sandy beach. Swang about 40 minutes there, but it is much further than the islands with municipal beaches. There is no smooth account on the island, except for canopies from the scorching sun and a clean sand and transparent sea beach. As an entertainment, we were offered fishing from the boat, and as amenities – litters for lying, cool water and masks / flippers for swimming.
Here is the island on the video:

The trip is designed for 6-7 hours, most of the time is given to lying on the beach of in-seal and bathing. Between the case – the usual, some table dinner right on the boat. On the way back we were taken to the island of monkeys, but I did not have a special desire to communicate with aggressively tuned primates accustomed to the fact that tourists constantly feed them.

In general, the excursions left positive impressions: in Pattaya there are not so many activities that you can occupy if you do not plan to spend a day in the hotel pool.

Over time remained when in Thailand for a Russian man was very cheap. Now prices are largely comparable to our, especially if we are talking about food, and the most expensive part of the journey remains a distant flight. Pattaya is good for the presence of large shopping centers and small supermarkets of Networks 7 Eleven and Family Mart. Around our hotel was as much as 3 such, and there you can always buy something to eat for the evening. There are also sold soft drinks in glasses with ice, which in this climate is incredibly by the way.

7 Eleven in Pattaya

Excursions cost us 300-1500 baht. The cheapest is a crocodile farm, as it is partly incorporated in the price of the tour, the most expensive is a deserted island (it largely depends on the fuel prices for the high-speed boat). Lost in the city can be 100-200 baht, but there are very decent restaurants with high price tags. And there are street macashnitsa with food, which my girlfriend and I went for a kilometer, so strange and unhygienically looks. You would have become a dubious look soup in cellophane bag?


In the city, if the weather allows, it is better to move on foot: he is not so huge. The main transport of the city is the so-called "Tuk-Tuki" (generally the right name ; Songteo 😉 who have nothing to do with Tuk Tuki authentic, which can be seen in Bangkok.

Reviewed on a trip to Pattaya from the girl

Songteo &# 8211; Analogue of our minibuses in Pattaya

Here they are conventional pickups with open bodies equipped with benches for seating. There are no stops as such, the routes are indicated on the map very doubtful. So, the only way to use – catch, jump and go to the desired point. How we were explained by local – if Tuk-Tuk turns no way where you expected, you just need to hurry and look for a new.

The second popular way of moving around the city is a bike, mostly representing small mopeds.

We didn’t take such a lease, so I can’t share our experience, but there is a rental on every corner. The main thing is to familiarize yourself in advance with the rules and laws that are very strict in Thailand.

Pluses and cons of Pattaya

Pattaya – the city is original and interesting, especially for those who come for the first time. But before the first trip it is worth considering some of its features.

  • Good Developed Infrastructure: Supermarkets, Cafes, Restaurants, Clubs and T.D.;
  • Tasty and cheap tropical fruits – both in supermarkets and markets;
  • interesting and tasty, though unusual, food;
  • Friendly and surprisingly calm population.
  • Almost a complete lack of opportunity to swim in the sea: for this you need to swim on the islands (worth a penny, but time takes);
  • Dirt: You can see the most real garbage directly on the central, shining lights of expensive institutions Street Pattaya;
  • A large number of transvestites and women of easy behavior on the streets.

If we talk about the question of security, then it primarily concerns exactly the last point: at night it may not be very comfortable on the streets (even if it is not "that Walking Street") because of the defiantly dressed girls (and not only girls) sitting and strolling almost everywhere. On the other hand, we did not notice any aggression in your direction, and in no adventure.

Pattaya city with a huge number of discos, bars and girls and more suitable for men’s holiday

Theft, as we were told, in Pattaya is not very common now, but girls can grab the handbag passing by on the bike guys. This problem is solved very easily: we went without bags and always kept phones with you. At the same time, no day, no night, no one tried to approach us on the street with criminal intentions, and on the second or third day we became much calmer.

Do not listen to those who say "yes it is not Thailand at all, why go there". Real Thailand, with all its flavor, which deserves attention.

Reviewed on a trip to Pattaya from the girl

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