Rhodes Island – Greece Pearl

Among the tourists from all over the world, rest in Greece enjoys extremely popular. After all, this country combines the richest history, culture, distinctive traditions, a beautiful nature, a fertile climate and a warm sea. One of the best Greek resorts is considered to be Rhodes Island.

Briefly about Rhodes Island

Rhodes is a relatively large Greek island, which is located in the Aegean Sea east of Crete off the coast of Turkey. Its area is almost 1,500 square kilometers, and the population is approaching 115 thousand people. Every year almost 2 million people attended him.

Interesting places in Rhodes

Rhodes Island is a unique place where the sun shines almost all year round. Therefore, all year round, his magnificent beaches are filled with rest. There are many of them all over the perimeter of the island, however the best are the eastern. There is less windy, and the sea is calmer thanks to the close bank of Turkey, to which less than 40 kilometers. But in the West, the steady wind is often blowing, so there is a real pilgrimage place for windsurfing lovers.

The capital of the island of Rhodes is City of the same name. It was founded long before our era and found the flourishing of Hellenic culture. Earlier, one of the wonders of the world was built, famous The Colossus of Rhodes. Unfortunately, it has long been destroyed. But without this gigantic statue in the city there is something to see. In the harbor of Mandraki, where Colossus stood by legend, since the 15th century was preserved Fort of St. Nicholas, he is now open to visit.

No visit to this island costs without inspecting his main stronghold, Rhodes Fortress. Built in the 14th century, she at one time was considered the most impregnable in the whole Christian world. Perfectly preserved to our time. You should walk along the medieval streets of the fortress, and visit Palace of the High Master of the Order of Hospitallers.

The fortress of the island was protected from the raids of the Turks, however, at the beginning of the 16th century, and they could not prevent the subject of the Ottoman Empire to capture him. And only in 1912, the Turks left him. During their domination, a lot has changed, the church replaced the mosque, many chapels were destroyed. Now all Orthodox cultural heritage is actively restored. Well, after the Turks, only their gorgeous Baths and 14 mosques, among which the most significant Suliman Mosque early 16th century.

Rhodes Island - Greece Pearl

The history of the island has been more than 5 thousand years old, and here has been preserved Many antique buildings, among which the most famous is Acropolis in Lindos. He is not so well preserved as Athens, but still impressive. You should also visit Ruins of the ancient city Kamiros.

In addition to the Rhodes fortress around the perimeter of the island were defensive fortresses, forts and ancient castles. it Fortress Feracklos 14th century, former first with a pirated nest, and then firm by the Byzantines. Unapproachable Monolithos Castle rises almost on a stater height on a climbing rock. You can get to it only by narrow path.

And finally, the visit to Greek territory can do without guilt. Popular tours to the best wine glazing, Village Embon. It is located in a hard-to-reach place in a secluded mountain valley. Thanks to the unique microclimate, grapes here grows special, which gives local blame the indescribable bouquet.

Rhodes is a real pearl among the islands of the Mediterranean, paradise for those who love to enjoy calmness, silence and sun with a cup of cocktail, lying on the chaise lounge of the first-class beach. Or enjoy the amazing Greek cuisine and the ancient ruins of this great country.

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