Rhodes – medieval knight of ancient Greece

Greece – love since childhood. The myths of ancient Greece – fairy tales for younger students – were read up to holes. And I, Soviet child, could not even dream of visiting these places.

Therefore, when it became possible, Greece was coming along and traveled, visited many archaeological parks and in museums. But on Rhodes came recently. And he shook me!

The city of Rhodes is not familiar Greece with its antique temples, stadiums, cities. For me, he is a medieval knight of ancient Greece.

Place of Dislocation of StAI Capital Island. And it was the right decision! Authentic medieval city with a fortress, numerous beaches – what else needs an inquisitive tourist?

Old Town of Rhodes

In Rhodes, a complete set of attributes of medieval cities has been preserved: a powerful fortress with impregnable walls (4 kilometers around the perimeter), Castello Castle (Great Master Palace), Middle House Residential Quarters.

Street knights

The famous Knights Street from the XIV century consisted of residencies of chilipers, still keeps the coat of arms of the Knight’s communities on their walls. It seems that the VI centuries have not changed here.

Lanterns are lit at night, and in their dim light reflects the age-old story of this place. Light flows from windows – people live there. Lady in a long dress plays on the flute of ancient music – all this creates the effect of full immersion in the Middle Ages.

And the street is becoming a cultural center. Here is a large archaeological museum and other cultural institutions.

Palace of the Grand Master (Castello Castle)

Street Knights leads Castello Castle. This is a fortress in the fortress. Built as a residence of masters of the Order of Hospitallers in the XIV century. In it more than 200 premises, they can be examined by buying a ticket to the museum.

Architecture is striking by monumentality, but, to be honest, as the Museum of Great Impressions does not produce the castle, t. To. Decoration of the same type and mostly halls. But from the windows open wonderful views both on the city and the sea.

Residential neighborhoods

Narrow Causes, High Stone Walls and Houses. It seems that time stopped here the V centuries ago, but the deaf door suddenly opens, the elderly Greek comes out of the house, seeing you, blossoms in a smile and the Naraspov wishes good morning: – "Morning"!

Labyrinth of streets in which you can get lost (in this case the navigator saves), but all the roads are still removed on the central square. Bridges who remember the Knights of the Maltese Order, Byzantines, Turkish Conquerors.

Fortress Walls

Rhodes Fortress – the biggest time in Europe. Four kilometers of powerful walls, towers, fortifications, 11 gates, wide – seems to be involved in the filming of the historical film.

Suleiman Mosque Gorgeous

Rhodes - medieval knight of ancient Greece

Transfers us in the XVI century when the island owned the Turks. Beautiful, richly trimmed building with a minaret of 35 meters high. Turkish dominion – long-term rhodes history page. Turkish shore, by the way, can be seen from the city, to it only 22 kilometers.

Port Mandraki

Seavyov meets a pair of deer – symbol of the city. They are around the edges of a narrow passage leading to the port. Once at this place rummaged Colossus Rhodes, a miracle of light. A huge figure, according to legend, could not stand the earthquake.

Ocean ferries enter the port every morning, bring tourists from around the world.

This is not all Rhodes sights. There is also an archaeological park on Mount Monte Smith with the ruins of the ancient Greek temples and a stadium II century. From there Island viewing from north to south.

In addition to historical monuments, Rhodes is rich in beaches.

Wide pebble, blown by the winds, and sandy with the whole set of beach services, paid and free – choose from what.

Fresh wind and Emerald Sea – Paradise for surfers who come here from different countries.

This city is a mixture of epochs and cultures, crossing the sea routes: Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Knights of the Maltese Order, Turks, Italians.

All of them left the memory of themselves in an unusual and unique appearance of this center of the Mediterranean. Interesting place!

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