Rialto Bridge

How many in the world of bridges, but this is not anywhere, this is a fact. Rialto Bridge in Venice – not just a business card of the city, it is already a long time ago. So much power, expression, meaning, is full.

Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) – the personification of the Venetian idea. The oldest And, by the way, the first of four bridges through the Grande Channel, he was and remains a mancraft for tourists. There is always a pussy. Just Babylon! He connects a rapidly living area San Polo with respectable and pompous and representative area San Marco . It embodies the unity of trade and high politics, the quality inherent in the Venetian lifestyle and thought.

How to find a rialto bridge

Rialto Bridge connects two shores of the Grande Channel , Therefore, the easiest way to get to the Vaporetto, on this channel passing.

Rialto Bridge on the map

it Routes №№1 and 2 . From Piazza San Marco Need to go On Merceria Street before Campo San Bartolomeo . With Piazzale Roma to go a bit harder, but if you remember that the main direction in Venice is straight and a bit of a sideline, then remembering our reference point specified in the articles Five Venetian Skol and Where to stay in Venice , From Zoolen Grande di San Rocco, go on, following the turns of the road and behind people walking in the same direction. Almost all of them go to Rialto.

You will pass by the Church Santa Maria Gloriosis Dei Frari , passing through the cattoport, a little barely drinking through the courtyards and slots, go out to Campo San Polo and the eponymous church, then again through the cattoport Ruga vecchia , which will straight will lead you to the market Rialto , And from him to the bridge – even the hands are not necessary: ​​the bridge will arise myself.

Do not be afraid to get lost, look at the walls and look for the reference pointers "Per Rialto".

Rialto Bridge is open around the clock. Late in the evening there is even quieter: not so crowded. However, shops located on the bridge will already be closed.

What is interesting on the bridge Rialto

On Rialto, you can only do two things: a little View on the Water Channel Grande , and then with his head rush to trade .

On the bridge work 24 shops and shop , in which they sell souvenirs, bags, decorations and jewelry. Pushed among the crowd of tourists – the pleasure of an amateur, but this ritual is the most advanced continuation of the atmosphere, the centuries reigned on the Rialto bridge. Trade always conducted here and learned the most important world news. Today, news is not reported, Venetians in this area look only as needed, Thousands of people on the bridge are tourists .

remember, that Prices here , In the heart of Trading Venice, high . Even small souvenirs are an order of magnitude more expensive than in areas removed from the tourist trail.

Having descended from the bridge in San Polo , You will be able to walk along the beggar beggar San Jacomo Square , And go to Church of San Jacomo di Rialto . She, by legend, considered the oldest church of Venice , However, researchers have long denied this statement. And anyway This church is not similar to other Venetian temples , Today there is a museum of musical instruments, the entrance is free .

On Campo San Jacomo there is drinking fountain , And in front of the church you will see the crankshaft statue of the hunchback, holding a pedestal. From the pedestrians, orders and decisions of the Venice Government, and on the figure of Gorbun ( Gobbo di Rialto ) At night, there were various sorts of proclamation and seamless sheets.

A little further, through the arches, you will pass to the market Rialto , which stands here from time immemorial. Traded in the market not only fresh fish and gifts of the sea, but also vegetables and fruits. Around the bridge, the inconspicuous number of cafes and restaurants, but they are better not to be seduced. Why? Read the article Where to eat in Venice .

Rialto Bridge

If you come down from the front of the bridge in San Marco , stores and boutiques. This part of the district is also trading, but trade here is already above. Souvenir shops and shops will find in these places, but they still will be given the place to shop brand clothing , branded bouquets.

In thirty-fifty meters from the descent from the bridge is located Campo San Bartolomeo – Saint Bartolomeo Square. From here you will get on Piazza San Marco , and K Strada Nouva You can go out, and to theaters Carlo Goldoni and La Fenic get. And all the streets will hold you through a huge number of shops and shops, shops and langocks, boutiques and other trading establishments.

As a council, I can call you only for restraint and caution. Narrow streets, many people – hold bags with wallets in hands hard. It’s so just in case.

History of the bridge Rialto

The most narrow place on the Grande Channel has long served as a place of crossing and communication between the two parts of the island capital of the Adriatic. The first pontoon crossing was constructed here in 1181 year. She was called Ponte della coin . Whether due to the fact that there was a monetary courtyard, where Venetian dukati was minted, or because they took a fee for the use of the crossing.

In the middle of the XIII century There was a need for a constant bridge: the area was growing rapidly and growed, the number of people increased, the capacity of the pontoon bridge was obviously lacked. Erected wooden bridge , who also could swallowed to the Grand Channel could be held big vessels.

In 1310 The bridge caused severe damage to the effects of the inside, and in 1444 year after collapsed From the abundance of people who were on him.

An new bridge was erected, also wooden. Now there are already shops of merchants. In 1524 He also could not stand and collapsed. The authorities decided to build a stone bridge and announced Competition for the best project . Among the participants of the competition were Michelangelo , Andrea Palladio, Jacopo Sansovino. But surprisingly all the winner became few well-known Antonio de Ponte , Whose project B 1551 year was recognized as the best.

Bridge erected between 1588 and 1591 . The base is resting to 12 thousand piles , Lagged. A huge 28-meter arch connects two shores of the canal. No matter how predicted raspiets, the bridge stands from the same time and pleases the eye of the Venetians and guests of the city with their free and volatile.

Rialto Bridge

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