Rice with fire in the country of morning freshness

Those who have come across the Korean cuisine on the occasion is firmly confident that it mainly represents something fiery-burning, which is why it pulls to sneeze. In addition – Koreans Dogs eat.

All this is true with the clarification that the dog in Korea is expensive delicacy, and the main dish of Korean meal is rice – prepared separately or in combination with other croups.

By the way, rice is not the original culture of those places at all. Rice was domesticated in South China, and in Korea he got only in the middle of I thousand. to N.NS. However, once hitting the peninsula, the rice became the basis of the nutrition of Koreans, and the entire life of the country for many centuries was subordinate to the rhythm of the life of rice fields. The main advantage of rice is high food efficiency. The hectare of the rice field usually gives more calories than the hectare of a wheat field, not to mention the pasture. This means that with an equal area of ​​fields from rice landings, more people may feed. Of course, rice is a time-consuming culture. However, in densely populated Korea, there were always problems with the Earth, which can be used under arable land, and never – with people who had to process this lot.

Boiled rice () plays in the Korean tradition even a bigger role than that belongs to bread in Russia. Even the traditional greeting of Koreans sounds literally so: "Whether you are boiled rice today?"

In the traditional Korean food, rice served as the main source of calories, and all other dishes played a minor role. All these snacks, including the most famous of them – – were intended primarily in order to diversify the taste and giving vitamins. Required calorie giving rice.

Rice in Korea is still the main dish, the basis of any or almost any meal. Like centuries ago, all other dishes are considered only as additives to. According to polls, 80% of Koreans believe that rice must necessarily eat three times a day: for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner.

From rice in Korea, the flour, it is eaten in the raw form (the so-called chop rice loaves).

However, most often rice turns out to be on the Korean table in the form of rice porridge, which in Korean is called . Korean porridge – absolutely fresh, it is impossible to add neither oil or salt, nor, the Lord, Milk. All additional tasteings in the Korean cooking are introduced with snacks (they are called), while rice should create a perfectly even, unlucky taste background for the perception of these snacks. Small plates with snacks are set around a bowl with rice.

Far Eastern rice has large oblong grains with a high content of gluten, so boiled rice is not scattered into separate grains, and sticking out, forming enough large lumps that are convenient to take chopsticks. However, in contrast to all the other their neighbors in East Asia, Koreans eat rice porridge with spoons, and not with chopsticks. Sometimes a few barley, soybeans or beans are added in the rice before cooking, but most often eating simple boiled rice.

Rice with fire in the country of morning freshness

Second place after rice occupies – a sharp vegetable dish, which is usually prepared from celery, cabbage and radish or cucumbers, seasoned with salt, garlic, ginger and red pepper, with the addition of onions and marine mollusks.

An important place in the diet of Koreans occupies a soup without any a meal. Korean liquid soup – invariably fed to boiled rig. very popular in Korea, and there even a saying "People of Korea – Soup people" (according to Korean it sounds in rhyme). Soup may be lean, or maybe prepare on meat or fish broth (in the latter case, small dried fish usually use for the manufacture of broth). Koreans soup eaten with rice, and also three (or at least twice) a day.

Seafood, meat or poultry, green vegetables, herbs and roots are also served.

On the table before each put separate cups for rice and soup, and all the rest of the dishes are located in the center of the table, from where everyone takes her food. When eating use spoons and special chopsticks.

The favorite dish of Koreans is, slices of beef, roasted in the rookery right at the table; Previously, they are soaked in marinade from soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, garlic, green onions and other seasonings. Koreans prefer sharp, spicy food, so the red pepper is invariably present in their dishes as seasonings.

Rice with fire in the country of morning freshness

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