Riddle and tastes of Bangkok in the "eternal" Thai Suca Ragu

The history of this dish has been around 60 years from the moment of first preparation. but, «Continuous» It is preparing exactly over 40 or even 45 years – The coils that make it daily cannot call the exact number.

The first who came up with to prepare beef stew with the addition of a special set of spices, was Santapong Kaweenuntawong, today’s owner of the Wattana Panich restaurant on one of the central streets of Bangkok. This is a noodle restaurant, in which it is prepared, and eat, and pack on removal.

Noodles with beef and vegetables are preparing in wok – a special frying pan that is historically enjoyed by Asian peoples. Food from the voca is considered very healthy and popular, because it is easy to get enough, it is available at a price and has a million tastes, despite the small amount of ingredients, but the infinite number of seasonings and sauces.

Why is the beef stew with noodles from the family restaurant Wattana Panich, more like a soup, glorified this institution for the whole world. And why is it called «Eternal»?

The host of Nattapong establishment represents the third generation of restaurant owners. All these years, the family lives due to the preparation and sale of meat dishes and, above all, branded beef stew, which is never interrupted. Many people wonder: how it happens, and what will happen to the wok, if it is never to wash and not clean? Is it really the preparation of this thick soup lasts for more than 40 years?

Yes and no, – Restaurants from Wattana Panich. After the story about «eternal» Suc got into the media and, thanks to journalists, it became similar to the legend, Nattapong’s family explained how everything happens.

The most common misconception was the assumption that the huge wok in which stew is preparing, never washing. But this, of course, is not.

Every evening, after the closure of the institution, the remnants of the soup are blocked into another dishes, and the wok is carefully cleaned. The fact that the remaining broth is returned again and products are added for the new portion of the dish. Then everything is immediately placed on fire and stew all night. So there was a legend about an infinite process. It is the mixing of fresh and already cooked throughout the day that gives a magic taste, which so like many visitors restaurant.

Cooks and competitors dream of find out what sauces are exactly made, and that they contain seasonings that are added to this unforgettable dish. What secret keeps a poor family owners of a simple restaurant who helped them get a fantastic star of Michelin and prestigious in Thailand shell Shuan Shim?

List the basic elements of Thai eternal soup-steag easy. This is beef, loss, noodles, vegetables and many spices. Among the spices can be called garlic, cinnamon, kinse, pepper and Chinese herbs.

So that the meat becomes gentle, it is boosted at least 7 hours – During the first three whole piece, and then cut into small pieces and add seasonings so that they will impregnate broth and meat. By the way, about 70 kg beef is usually prepared for the day. Such long-term preparation is unusual for European culinary culture, but Thais believe – All that is preparing for a long time, tastier and more useful.

It would seem to be to write down the number and name of the spices and herbs, and the recipe is clear. However, it lies the main secret and the impossibility of transferring to someone accurate recipe for this wonderful food. The fact is that the correct ratio does not know even family members who have been prepared for many years and sell this soup. After all, it is never known how much the broth will remain and how much you need to add spices to get the same taste that visitors expect and for which they came.

Riddle and tastes of Bangkok in the

Nattapong confirms that knowledge is not secret – it really can not be described in numbers. Every member of the family before engaged in this family business, I tried Raga from childhood, the usual to taste unconsciously. Create the perfect combination of a complex sweet taste can only be trying and, then adding the missing types of herbs, salt, sugar and other spices. Even with all the desire, it is unrealistic to transfer such information.

The owners of Wattana Panich are great for themselves for themselves to buy a house on a popular street near tourists located in Ekkamay. The house belongs to them several decades. In the family they say that today they could no longer do, because real estate prices have increased many times.

Restaurant is very simple and takes two floors. Prices are held at an affordable level for many years. Separately, it would be worth telling about the huge wok, in which this wonderful dish is preparing. The frying pan with a diameter of about 1.5 m and a depth of more than 70 cm is exposed directly near the sidewalk and one of the family members constantly mixes and follows the degree of readiness of meat and broth.

The owner of the restaurant is very hoping that the tradition will not interrupt and business will pass into the following, the fourth generation. Already now, Nattapong’s daughter expressed the desire to continue the family’s family and participates in the preparation of the famous soup.

The admirers of local Thai cuisine consider this place to be a meat taste and are always sure that they will definitely receive what they expect because the favorite taste remains the same for many years. Some visitors in their reviews in social networks celebrate that they came here are still small and plan to bring their children. Famous guides on Bangkok often include the Wattana Panich restaurant in Tours and consider the taste of stew the best in the category Wok-dishes Thai Beef Noodles in the world.

You can find the restaurant at: 336 338 Ekkamai Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that parking in this central area is not, so it is better to use public transport or taxi.

Riddle and tastes of Bangkok in the

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