Riddles Karelia. Mysterious white sea

It’s no secret that Karelia quite deservedly consider one of The most picturesque corners of Russia. At the same time, the republic is the edge full Amazing mysteries and unsolved secrets, which excite the imagination not only by local locations.

In this article we will talk about Unidentified flying objects, who notice over the Karelian land is not so rare, and about the occult secrets associated with White Morce.

To begin with, provide some general information. Flying objects of unknown origin seriously interested people even at the beginning of the last century. Over time, a fairly widespread view was formed that the mysterious objects in the sky appear spontaneously, and their appearance is not possible to predict.

Of course, it has the right to life, but in fact everything is much more difficult. The assumptions about the frequency of their observation are usually built on the basis of Specific researchers hypothesis, but! Regarding the fact that unidentified flying objects are actually, based on the processing of statistical data on their appearance, it is possible to determine with some patterns of the spatial and temporal distribution of the mentioned phenomena.

For example, astronomers have long calculated Approximate schedule of convergence with our planet of meteoric flows and individual comets. Thus, unidentified flying objects can be like Pure Physical Phenomena of Unknown Nature, so I Flying devices of another civilization, However, the frequency of their observation and territorial framework, in which observers notice them, will not change.

Karelian UFologists collected more than five thousand messages On the observations of unidentified flying objects in the republic. Is such a volume of information for analysis?

Oddly enough but Karelia It turned out to be a very attractive place for "flying plates»And other aircraft unknown. Most often they are noticed in the territories White Sea and Pudozhsky districts, and also near White Sea and Lake Lake. It is possible that such popularity is due Ancient cult facilities, which are preserved in these territories.

Some UFologists also argue that the frequency of observations of all sorts of phenomena is related to the presence on the surface of the Earth Special "points" or "Geoactive zones". Their characteristic feature is the influence that such points have on the flora, fauna and man.

According to one of the common theories, such "zones"Are peculiar"Antennas"With the help of which the planet allegedly exchanges information and energy with the rest of the space. If you put on the map known "geoactive zones»Map observations of unidentified flying objects, it turns out that the latter most often" appear "in such abnormal zones.

By the way, the foci of the development of ancient cultures in the territory Modern Karelia, Ways of population migration and the location of the sanctuary are also associated with "geoactive zones". Coincidence?

As you know, with Karelian coast of the White Sea associated a large number of myths and legends. As an example, the city of Kem, the origin of the name of which scientists have not yet been able to explain.

The greatest distribution among local historians received a guessed, according to which it is formed from the ancient Indo-European word "Hem", which is translated as "Big River". On the other hand, the only Indo-European people who donkey on the territory of modern Karelia became Slavs, which means that the unknown people whose representatives gave the name of the river, lived in these parts long before the appearance Finno-Ugro.

Add to it Mysterious country hyperbeda and Fashionable drawings on boulders At the Belomorsky coast &# 8211; and questions will be even more.

Wine mysteriousness Also Body Archipelago, which consists of out 16 Islands. It is located near the water route connecting The city of Kem with another archipelago &# 8211; Solovetsky. Tourists are attracted here not only picturesque nature, but also various historical and cultural monuments.

The islands have a lot of parking of ancient people, cult complexes, stone labyrinths and sacred stones &# 8211; Seidery. In general, the researchers discovered in their territory more than eight hundreds of various structures from the stone, some of which is truly unique.

For example, when creating a cult complex on the island oleshin, the ancient residents of these places created Pretty original layout, and another such complex in Northern Europe Simply do not exist. By the way, most of these objects was created by Saami, which began sew a few years ago.

On the islands of the archipelago, the ruins of the stone observatory and all sorts of testimonies of the adherents of the ancient occult practices are preserved here.

Of particular interest among lovers of the whole unknown causes rock, on which the image is carved pagan God Odin, who worshiped the ancient Germangic tribes. Under it is an antique sacrificial stone with a hole in the central part for the flow of blood, but much more interest is A large object from granite, very similar to the throne.

At the moment, he will overthrow, at the same time they made it not ordinary hooligans, but Monks from Solovetsky Monastery, which was much better known about the true purpose of this subject.

Riddles Karelia. Mysterious white sea

Interest of various kinds of researchers to White Sea Pretty stable. There is an assumption that there are some kind of in its vicinity "Energy fields»And other objects attracting numerous esoteric. Also not excluded the possibility of visiting these places Reichskanzler Nazi Germany, which, according to official data, never visited Russia.

How did this assumption arose? The thing is that during one of the expeditions by Body Archipelago Ledean’s group found on the island Natural grotto, in which the remains of the German military uniforms of that time were discovered.

Yes, during Great Patriotic War German troops occupied part Karelia, But the coast White Sea they never managed to occupy. Thus, before cities Kem and before Body Islands They did not get. Or maybe they visited the mentioned places secretly?

After familiarization with the biography of the infamous German Fuwer Adolf Hitler it becomes clear that he was interested Occultism. Special SS troops Ikali on the territory of the occupied Nazi Germany countries various artifacts that, by convictions Hitler, could strengthen his power and even help seize control over the world.

Body Archipelago In this case, it was not just a mysterious corner, but a place in which could be preserved one of the altars of God ODIN &# 8211; Supreme God of the ancient Germannsky tribes. Cult object Hitler Considered as one more step towards the revival of pagan beliefs.

Fuhrer has repeatedly visited the occupied Norway, from where before Body Islands almost hand. According to some data, at the beginning 1940s personal Adolf Hitler’s Submarine was repeatedly desirable in waters Barents Sea. Whether he retained from visiting the island related to the Supreme Divine of the German tribes?

Answer this question is no longer possible, but indirect signs suggest that Hitler or his closest surroundings still visited here. At the same time, this visit to them clearly did not go. The invaders in the Russian north were never delayed for a long time.

So, on North Karelia, In the place isolated from the modern world, preserved Ancient cult monuments. A significant part of old beliefs over time has become part of other religions, but structures, one way or another, related to paganism, remain unclaimed.

Now researchers have to study the features of each of the islands Body Archipelago, in order to understand the features of the worldview of our distant ancestors.

Understanding your own past should help people make predictions for their own future, which does not look like such cloudless. Who knows, suddenly in these islands, mankind will find answers to many fundamental questions? Time will show.

Riddles Karelia. Mysterious white sea

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