Riddles of Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian culture is perhaps one of the most exciting pages of human history. No vain Russian tourists so loved Egypt – Not only for the warm Red Sea and its inexpensive hotels on «All inclusive», But for the most interesting excursions, which only happen on mass resorts – Trips to Cairo to the famous Pyramids Giza, and traveling to Luxor to the Pharaoh Valley and Karnak Temple. Acto, Egyptian civilization is distinctive. According to some ideas reflected in the Egyptian myths about the creation of the world, people arose from the tears of the God of the Sun. Two main cults were formed in ancient Egypt: the cult of Osiris and the Sun cult.

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For a long time, the pyramids were associated with solar theory, since the sun in Egypt was the main deity, and Pharaoh was the son of RA, the God of the Sun. It was believed that the pyramids symbolized the frozen stream of sunlight. After all, it is known that the walls of the pyramids were lined, and their dazzling radiance could see many kilometers around.

But two researchers g.Bewwell and E.Jilbert put forward another hypothesis – Star. According to researchers, in the culture of ancient Egypt, the stars were considered a manifestation of the appearance of various deities. It was based on the fact that Pharaoh, although he was the embodiment and the son of God of Armenia during his lifetime, but after death she was identified with God Osiris – king of the postal kingdom. According to some sources, there was a sacred stone Benben on top of the pyramid of Heops – The symbol of the Phoenix, Sacred Bird of God Atum.

Atum as the night sun was identified with Osiris. Perhaps the pyramids combined both cults – and the sun, and Osiris, but only the sun’s sun. Stone Benben was starry (probably fragment of the meteorite).

All this picked off researchers to the idea of ​​the connection of the pyramid not with the cult of the Sun, but with the cult of Osiris. If the god of RA in Egyptians appeared in the form of a solar disk, then Osiris – in the form of the constellation of Orion.

Why not assume that the pyramids symbolize the stars of Orion, and not the sun? Before that, about the connection of the pyramids with the night sky, or rather with the heavenly kingdom of the dead Duat, with the stars, few people wondered. The kingdom of Duat was in that part of the sky, where the ocolopolar stars never fell over the horizon, that is, existed in the representation of the Egyptians forever. Researchers came to the sensational discovery.

They found a number of correspondences between the stars in the sky and the pyramids on Earth. Three Stars Orion Belt Repeat Pyramid Placement in Giza. Their size corresponded to the brightness of the stars, and the situation relative to the Nile River was similar to the position of Orion stars relative to the heavenly river – Milky Way!

Moreover, it was found that other pyramids are an earthly copy of the stars. It turns out that the architectural structures of the ancient Egyptians reproduce the map of the starry sky. Having created a copy of the kingdom of Duat on Earth, they, according to the laws of magic similarity, provided the possibility of moving the dead to the Heavenly Kingdom of the Dead.

Then it becomes clear why the Egyptians did not spare forces for the construction of the pyramids, although in the pyramids most likely, the pharaohs were not buried, and why after the IV construction dynasty stopped. The Egyptians have already created the sky on Earth, as they say in one secret Egyptian text: «Both in heaven and on earth».

Riddles of the Egyptian pyramids of tourism articles from the tourism

Thus, the pyramids were «star gratis» and were not intended for specific pharaohs, but for the magical identification of any Pharaoh with the king of the afterlife of the kingdom, Osiris and moving it after death from the ground to the sky in the kingdom of Duat to continue life in eternity.

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Riddles of the Egyptian pyramids of tourism articles from the tourism

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