Ride from Sousse to the capital Tunisia

The main attractions of the country Tunisia – Carthage, Sidi-bu-Said, the Bardo Museum are located in the capital, which is also called Tunisia. Most tourists go here in organized excursions, but it is more convenient for many more and more convenient for many.

In this article, tell me how to go to the capital by train of Sousse and El Cantaui Resorts. Immediately, let’s say that for more distant resorts Monastir and Machia described by us the method is fits bad – too expensive and tedious.

Next, prices and schedule 2020 are indicated in this article.

The most frequently asked question

Is it possible for a day trip to see all the most important attractions in the capital Tunisia?

Respond. Yes, you can. But for this you need:

1. Move between attractions on a taxi, no trams.

2. In Carthage, watch only the hill of the Birs and the terms of Anthony, the rest of the seats do not attend.

3. In Sidi-bu sida and the Bardo Museum for a long time not linger.

4. Be morally ready that you will not have time for the first evening train, therefore, do not have time for dinner at the hotel.

5. Dining in fast food or not lunch at all.

6. In the medina of the capital, not a foot, there you can just get lost and lose a sea of ​​time.

Several important points

Drive on weekdays. The train will be free spaces, less people in museums. Although the weekend has its advantage – less traffic jams on the roads of the capital.

In the city of Sousse two railway station. For a trip to the capital, you need the main station "Gare de Sousse" ("Gare De Sousse"). See his photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. The second station Bab Jdid ("Bab Zhird") is not suitable, it serves only the branch of the subway Sahel.

Train schedule in Tunisia changes extremely rarely. But still, we recommend to check the schedule with the official site. How to do this, we told in the article "Trains in Tunisia".

Morning train from Sousse

From Sousse hotels to Gare De Sousse station ("Gare De Suss") from 2 to 5 kilometers, riding up to 10 minutes, taxi will cost 2 to 4 dinars.

From El Kantaui hotels to the station from 8 to 12 kilometers, to go to 20 minutes, a taxi will cost 6 to 15 dinars.

The actual course of the dinar is looking for in our article "Tunisian Dinar". About Taxi Tariffs Read our article "Taxi in Tunisia".

Sometimes you can save on the station to the station on the minibus, as read in our article "Minibus in Tunisia".

The first train from Sousse in Tunisia leaves at 4:10 am, for tourists it is uncomfortable. The most convenient for tourists the train is an express at 7:30 am. You will not have time to have breakfast in the hotel, so we recommend in advance to ask for the reception of the Breakfast-Box at the reception (dry paja).

Express at 7:30 pm fastest, reach Tunisia for 2 hours, but get ready for late for 10-20 minutes, trains in Tunisia are common. If you arrive on schedule, then you will be at 9:32 am.

If you want to arrive in Tunisia before, sitting on the train at 5:50 am, in Tunisia it arrives at 8:00.

Ticket price – 10.3 dinar, children under 6 years old. What a ticket looks like, look at the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

To buy a ticket, go to the checkout and tell the word "Tunis" and show the number of tickets on your fingers. You can say quantity in French: "A", "Dy", "Tua", "Katre", "Senk", "SIS".

On weekdays, tickets are in stock even 5 minutes before departure, but still we recommend come for 20-25 minutes to accurately leave. After all, the next train in Tunisia will be only at 13:40, and it makes no sense on it.

At the station you can go to the toilet, it is clean, but paid – 300 million (0.3 dinars). The toilet is located in the district area, and the door is closed there. Need to go to the control and say "toilet", he will miss. On the platform orient on the "Toilette" pointer.

Exit to trains open 5 minutes before departure. The train does not confuse, most likely, at this moment it will be at the station only one.

Trains from Sousse in Tunisia Little – just two cars. See photos of this train on the left, click to enlarge.

The trains look a little futuristic, and inside the submarine – narrow and low passages, periodically the rows of seats rise or descend.

These trains have electrical outlets, but not always good. If a socket is important for you, we recommend checking it right after landing. If the socket does not work, transfer to another place.

Most of the route enters the ORDOO mobile operator coating area. If you buy them SIM, you can spend all these two hours to spend carefree on the Internet. Read our articles "How to buy SIM" and "Internet in Tunisia".

We arrived in the capital, then?

After leaving the door of the station building in Tunisia, see a large tram station, fenced by a fence. Go ahead, the station is going to the left. Here, be extremely vigilant, especially with children. Car traffic in this part of the city is dense, and Tunisian traffic police drivers do not admire, we talked about this problem in detail in the article "Security in Tunisia".

It will reach the intersection on the street at which the Catholic Cathedral will see, a monument to Arabic philosophers and the left will be barbed wire, car guns, dots and a BTR. This Embassy of France in Tunisia is one of the most well protected objects in the country. Photographing the French Embassy is strictly prohibited!

Congratulations! You are on Avenue Habib Burgibiba – the main street of the capital. If you get left at this crossroad, then you will reach the medina of the city of Tunisia.

If you get right, you will pass on Avenue Habib Burgibiba, you will reach Tunisian Big Ben, pass under the overpass and find yourself at the Lung Metro station "Tunis Marine". From here you can get to Sidi-bu sida and Carthagene. Read our article "Metro Tunisia – TGM and Tram".

Most tourists travel on a light metro, watching Carthage, Sidi-bu-Said and on the same light metro in the evening they are returned to Avenue Habib Burbibiba and then on foot to the station. If you want to get into the Bardo Museum, then you take a taxi to the museum, from the museum to Taxi to the station. Taxi drivers in the capital are rarely spoken in English (about Russian generally silent), so remember two phrases: "Bardo Muzy" and "Gar De Tunisis".

Ride from Sousse to the capital Tunisia

Evening train in Sousse

The first evening train in Suss departs from Tunisia at 18:00. For tourists we recommend that it. On the way 2 hours 20 minutes, have time to dinner at the hotel. Sometimes this train is canceled, and you have to wait for the next at 18:45.

If you have time to dinner do not plan, you can sit on the train at 18:45 and 20:30. Last train at 21:45, it is categorically not recommended to be late for him, the next train is only at 4:45 am!

Ticket price back – 12.3 dinar.

If they arrived at the station earlier, it is most convenient to wait in the rest room, the entrance to it from the perrons. This room has a TV, non-smoking room, although inside the tunisians still smoke. Smoking Rules Here are few observing what we talked about in the article "Smoking in Tunisia".

There is a toilet at the station, it is paid – 300 million (0.3 dinars).

In the sussa will be too late. You do not need to worry, Tunisia is the most educated and secure country of North Africa. Just sit down on a taxi, show the Taxist bracelet all inclusive, it will accurately understand the destination.

More important advice

– If you do not smoke and do not transfer the smell of tobacco, then do not sit on the front seats for the cabin cabin. The septum passes the air here, and the machinists almost always smoke the entire route. Smell tobacco will be constantly.

– If you feel loyal to tobacco, then sit down for the engine. Through a glass partition, you can watch ahead.

– Station in Tunisia is quite large. Watch photo on the left, click to enlarge. In advance on the scoreboard, look at the path number, from where your train leaves.

– This trip will have to walk a lot, probably, this is the most tedious route of independent tourists throughout Tunisia. Take care of comfortable clothes and diverse shoes, what we talked about in the article "What to take in Tunisia".

– If you can agree, let the hotel will cut the bracelet on the reception, on arrival will make a new one. The fact is that the bracelet clearly gives you a foreign tourist in you, will become an attractive goal for pockets, fraudsters and closed in stores. We talked a lot about the latter in the article "How to buy in Tunisia without deceptions".

– In the way nowhere will not need a passport. You can not take it with you, and restrict ourselves to the hotel voucher. But do not forget to bring insurance policies with you. On the peculiarities of tourist insurance in Tunisia, we talked in the article "Insurance in Tunisia".

– Never advise about independent trips with your hotel guide. These people earn on the sale of excursions, and naturally, the hotel guide will be "with foam from the mouth" to prove that it is very difficult to get very difficult, expensive and dangerous. In fact, get there easy. All photos in this article are made by our chief editor during his last trip on this route.

Successful trips to the capital, and read our articles about Tunisia (Links below).

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Ride from Sousse to the capital Tunisia

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