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Rested on the southern coast of Bulgaria in August 2011. To travel to Istanbul, I decided to use the services of Shans Tur (works around the coast, organizes trips along the coast and to Istanbul; from Istanbul on Thursday and Monday). The cost of a two-day trip with one overnight stay in Istanbul 70 euros per person (for one day without overnight, it seems 40 euros). Let us give a program. Buses are international, comfortable, but: when paying, require confirmations that you will go really on a large bus. There are cases that when people are little, lucky on a minibus. In total, the road takes 8-9 hours and, having gone on a minibus, you will come to Istanbul exhausted, untouchers, broken and will not be up to the city.

The bus goes late in the evening (at 21-22 hours, depending on where you live on the coast in Bulgaria). The road to the border (KPP Malko-Tarnovo) takes about 3 hours. At the same time, the road from Burgas to Malco-Tarnovo is very bad (curve and broken). On the checkpoint on the Bulgarian side from the bus, you can not go out (they will collect the passport and put marks), in the Turkish side it is necessary to approach the window and put a stamp on the entrance (on the way back – about the departure). In the Turkish side there is a small Duty Friend (cigarettes, perfume, brandy, whiskey). Border control takes 30 minutes. After the border on the Turkish side, the road is excellent. About 3 to 5 hours, not reaching 90 km to Istanbul, stop. You can eat (if the appetite woke up, and you did not fall asleep), drink (but only non-alcoholic drinks, there is no beer). Take euro and dollars. In August, there were cool and better to have some warm clothes.

In Istanbul, the bus drives around 7 am. In Istanbul, a small bus tour of the city, then walking (begins in the Sultan Beyazit area): the city center, the blue mosque (there was a very good guide),.Sofia. Excursion to the boat on the Bosphorus (1.5 hours, from the Galata Bridge to Fatih Sultan Mehmet, very interesting). Aquarium visit (on an amateur; who is not interested – near the aquarium Big Shopping Center Istanbul Plaza: European Complex, take cards). Free time (for nutrition and shopping). But: Specify the program at the accompanying, and then instead of.Sofia You (at the request of most) will be told on the Grand Bazaar.

From Istanbul Departure at 16-18 hours., One small stop for half an hour (to spend the remaining lira, if there is no lir, then euros or dollars will take), arrival on the coast of Bulgaria from 22 to one o’clock.

Follow the city map in advance and guide. On the peninsula where there is.Sofia, fuels, blue mosque and in the historic center easy to navigate. Ul. Ordu goes to St.Sofia as it were in the center of the peninsula. To the left of her, to the Golden Rog (to the Maritime Station), the area for expensive hotels and restaurants.

Opened in the hotel Dalan 3 * (near the street. Aksaray). For one overnight stay quite suitable. Near many restaurants, shops. From the hotel to St.Sofia 20-25 minutes on foot. Can be on the tram on the street. ORDU (before stopping ok. 5 minutes.).

Exchangers in the center (for example, on Turgut Ozal and Ordu) a lot, the course is the same everywhere. In stores in the center take euros and dollars, but do not accept cards. In small stores trap!

Bus station near the Galat Bridge is Sodom and Gomorra! Keep bags and pockets!

Under the Galat bridge, several dozen Harcheven (but the people – a lot, noise, gams, boring). In the harchev, good fish. Delicious meat dishes, but portions are much smaller and more expensive than in Bulgaria.

Very good juice-Fresh from orange to pomegranate, carrot, multi (and not expensive, on ORDU 3-7 lir, in harchevnya – more expensive).

Ride from the south coast of Bulgaria to Istanbul. Burgas, Bulgaria Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

On the street. Hamidiye (about middle) there is a saloon as in the wild west (for those who are bored with Eastern exotic) and in general in the area (from the Galat bridge to St.Sofia) Many Harcheven and Little Stores in T.C. with alcohol (Turkish wines not bad).

In general, go worth it, if not yet, I did not have the impression from Istanbul, as in the movie "Run". Were happy to return to the Orthodox Earth.

Flies that can be with Shans Tur.

1. Bus (what I wrote at the beginning).

2. The program can crumble. So we had to move away from the hotel at the age of 17. (I expected to leave things and walk around the city), but late in the evening they were told that we are leaving at the hotel at 12 o’clock., We are going to aquarium (aquarium?), and from there for 16 hours we leave for Bulgaria.

3. Leaving things on the bus, check with the accompanying, the bus will be lucky or to the hotel. Istanbul arrives 2-4 buses of this company. What buses will go to Bulgaria on the same day, others will be taken in different hotels. Buses are changing, it is possible that your luggage will remain in one bus, and after the excursion will be lucky on the other.

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