Ride with a dog: Tips for experienced travelers

Anna and Valera: My husband and I got acquainted with cycle equipment. I have already rode three months in Russia by bike, to which a special trailer was attached. My elderly dachshund was sitting in it. Valera rode a bike from Belarus to Malaysia, and in the Irkutsk region our routes crossed. Later, when Kapaps did not, we had two other dogs. First, the bolt, and a year later – will, both of the same terriers, they travel with us from the most puppies. Together we go around the world and almost always – on bikes. Internet audience knows us on the blog and books "And what to sit at home?".


Use convenient transportation . The bolt and the will over time mastered the cycling trailer, it is spacious, they are good there. When you move on foot so that the dogs are not tired, we carry them on themselves in special slings for animals. So the dog is reliably fixed on a person, and the hands are free. Slings We developed themselves and received a patent for their invention in Russia, and right now we pass the registration procedure in the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Stop regularly . We commit them once per hour. Even when we go, always monitor the dogs on time to be released – spread the paws, go to the toilet, ventilate. Of course, it is troublesome and slow down the movement, but it is extremely necessary to not redirect the animal. When a dog like everything, her owner is good too.

Do not fear transport . Now, when we have repeatedly traveled with four-legged friends on bikes and on foot, you think more and more about improving comfort. Therefore, they began to take cars to rent and move in this way. And in the future we dream of a spacious house on wheels so that inside there is its own kitchen, toilet and shower, desktop and spacious bed.

By train

Elena Solodovnikova, Yekaterinburg: Some breeds of dogs, including dachshund, there is a predisposition to the problems with the spine. Milka – Metis Taxa. When I took her two-year-old from the shelter, she was healthy, but soon there were problems. Unfortunately, I did not own the necessary information, and the doctors could not immediately diagnose. Time was missed and the Milku paralyzed. But her current state does not prevent us from traveling. Two times we went to Moscow, were in St. Petersburg. In the autumn we plan to go to Sochi.


Remember that the dog is able to tolerate waiting for the toilet and you can teach it in advance for quenching two or three times a day. Even high-speed trains make several stops from 5 to 30 minutes, they are enough that the pet made his business.

Pass the training courses , To subsequently either in the train, no problems arose in any public places . If there is no such possibility, you can contact a filmologist or zoopsychologist, learn blogs, videos, books dedicated to the education of animals. I for the fact that the owner of the dog should take care of other passengers and try not to cause them inconvenience. Then the surrounding will refer to the four-legged fellowship with understanding.

Do not postpone the purchase of carrying on the last day , Since its presence is the main requirement of Russian Railways, which is checked by the conductor at the entrance. Carrying must be 10-20 cm more dogs so that there remains free space. It should also be tough and stable, as the dog will not sit in one position all the time, she wants to see what happens around. She should also be well ventilated so that the animal will not suffocate.

Milk, universal carrying – horizontal, on a hard base, but made of soft tissue. And also folding: it can be carried on the wheels, and you can hang on the shoulder, and the dog will still be convenient.

If you travel around Russia, you can not worry about documents . Even a veterinary passport with vaccinations is not required. Airlines have more hard.

Purchase a ticket in a coupe, where animals are allowed . For small breeds of dogs, the purchase of the entire coupe is not required, it is only necessary to pay an additional fee for the transport of an animal. You can do it at the checkout station or RAZ. For large dogs will have to redeem all the places. But even with a small dog, more comfortable to go without neighbors.

If I’m not rigidly limited by arrival time, I do not buy tickets in advance. Determined with the date, I choose an approximate time and somewhere two options of trains. And then start to monitor the presence of free spaces. If I understand that they get out quickly, looking for alternative options and also monitor. Tickets usually buy either per day or on the day of departure in a completely empty coupe. In this case, the probability that in the coupe I will not be alone, extremely small.

If the animal is worried about neighbors , You can explain to them the situation or to pre-write notes, where to ask for forgiveness for possible inconvenience and attach earrosions and candy or another compliment.

On a motorcycle

Igor Kozmenko, Moscow: Five years ago Son without warning bought Cocker Spaniel. And since in the summer I prefer to go to the cottage in the Moscow region on a motorcycle – on the car crazy traffic jams, – I decided to teach him and the dog. Now Mesfirk – my frequent fellow traveler: We are moving together in Moscow and Moscow region, visit the festivals of motorcyclists, four years ago were in Minsk, and this year we are going to Crimea.


Rate whether to attach a bag with a dog to a motorcycle . Such an opportunity is on those models of choppers and cruises where the saddle and the tank are low. To sports motorcycles do not attach a bag – the tank and steering wheel will interfere. On Eden, the tank is located so highly that, if you attach a bag with a dog to him, it will be at the level of the driver’s head – is also not an option.

Buy Pet Transport Bag . Five years ago, I purchased Bagster’s bag, which specializes in the production of motorcycle accessories, and improved it. There were two fasteners, and I made four: two in front and rear – it seemed to me more reliable. And from the tourist mat echruster a special stand. Now, when I’m going with a moisture, I put a stand on the tank, I put a bag on it and fasten to Baku belts. I tried to fasten to the passenger seat, but so I can not see what is happening.

Pre-teach the dog to the bag . For several months, I trained Zefirk: I taught her to climb it, sit there for a while. Now she is even more like to ride a motorcycle than on the car. Closes inside and looks around, and since the bag opens with the help of the valve, I am sure that the marshmallow of it will not pop up.

Ride with a dog Tips for experienced travelers

If there is no windshield on the motorcycle, wear a dog children’s sunglasses on a rubber band . Suddenly at high speed, the animal will fall into the eye road dust or litter? Dangerous. There is a windshield on my motorcycle, and it is located at a distance of 15-20 cm from the dog muzzle, due to which neither the wind, neither the rain nor the road dust falls on the zefirk. Although she has glasses too, and two more helmets that I did from coconut. True, I put on rarely and mainly for the Phantaza – for protection enough glass.

Take warm clothes, because in the evening it can be cold even in the summer . Zefirki has a jumpsuit, but she likes a sweater more, so I usually take it on the road. In addition to him, I smell food, put a bottle of water, and if we go for a long distance – a veterinary passport.

By plane

Diana introduced, Norilsk: In our family, three dogs: American Staffordshire Terriers Shiva and Winnie, with whom, individually or together we traveled Russia, and Norwich Terrier Sonya, I flew with her to Europe. Why take with me dogs? First, I do not want to leave them to other people, as they will not be also careful about them as we. Secondly, before the birth of a child, we loved to ride a dog exhibition and even painted vacation.


Learn from the airline the opportunity to travel with pet . Choosing a date, we call the airline, we explain what we want to fly with the dog, and find out if there is such an opportunity on the flight you are interested in. With a positive answer we buy a ticket and again call the airline for confirmation of armor. At the airport we pay a place for the dog and in an hour before the departure we pass it into the luggage compartment.

Take the necessary documents . When the flight in Russia is a veterinary passport and stamp in it, confirming the inspection of the veterinarian. Abroad – this is still a certificate from a veterinarian, chip and grafting from rabies. It happens that for arriving in another country with pets is charged with state duty.

Prepare for Boxing Flight . Even if the flight is scheduled to short, it is better to put on the bottom of the boxing diaper: the departure can stay, the dog may not suffer. On the diaper I advise you to put a litter so that the dog is warmer. Once we flew in the summer in the Crimea and decided not to put it, and then our four-legged traveler had to be treated – heated.

Boxing should be strengthened – ties, clamps and bolts. So more likely that he will come safely and safe. For six years, boxing only once happened once, at the very beginning of our travels, in Moscow. He was simply carried in that kind and pretended to be nothing. Fortunately, the dog inside did not suffer.

If the dog will bark, do not swear at her for it – most likely she just worries . People also behave during the flight differently: someone is nervous, and someone is absolutely calm. If you are worried about the fact that Lai delivers the inconvenience to others, on the box you can stick the stickers like "I am flying for the first time and may be barking. Please do not swear, and the four-side passenger will be indulgent. My dogs calmly carry the flights, so I do not give sedatives, but you can consult about this with a veterinarian.

Fly to the airport in advance . At first we came for an hour for three to departure, now – about two. Before departure with a dog, you need to walk, it must be thrilled. And if there is a transplant, in the intermediate item you need to pick it up, take a walk with it, giving the opportunity to go to the toilet, drink and pass again in the luggage compartment. Of course, "cases" for pet needs to be removed. Everything goes for at least an hour, so the transplant duration in half an hour is not for those who fly with pet.

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