Ride with children by car to the sea, what to expect?

When ahead of the summer vacation perspective was clearly described somewhere on the coasts of the Crimea, the mood significantly improves, despite fatigue from saturated work.

But if this is a family trip with children – you need Prepare in advance To various "surprises" on the road. The main plus on travels with kids is the presence of your own car.

What is the flaw and benefits of the sea trip on your own car with children?

Positive sides: when the presence of a car can save vacation

The list submitted below proposes to familiarize themselves with the main advantages of traveling on its own vehicle:

  • No need to adapt to the schedule.
  • This type of travel will be much more economical than, for example, by plane.
  • In the car you can comfortably accommodate, strangers will not interfere.
  • There is an opportunity to independently choose the road.

The main advantage – this is freedom. On passenger transport there is a baggage restriction, you need to adapt to the schedule, and there is nothing to say about the conditions for children!

Negative side of the disaster using the machine

Despite the advantages of the advantages of travel with children on cars, there are disadvantages:

Ride with children by car to the sea, what to expect
  • Children take a very long time in one pose, you need to constantly do stop.
  • Not all kids are well transferred a long path on the car – in the child’s road can show strongly.
    Traveling a car takes a lot of time compared to the aircraft.

Despite all the difficulties, it is important stock all necessary Things for children on a trip. And, most importantly, patience and dreams of warm sand on the beach.

What you need to take with you in the autocessing with children to the sea coast

Not every child is well tolerating the road, the heat in the car – kids more often experiencing stress, associated with a change in the situation uncomfortable position in the car.

To The trip was as comfortable as possible, And for parents, and for children, you need to stock such things in advance:

  • Charging for phones, plibs.
  • Machine in the car – it can be a bracelet or special pills. Everything is bought in the pharmacy.
  • Holders for tablets or phones – when children do not quite know – you can turn on your favorite cartoons.
  • Be sure to take on a trip Several bottles of water without gas.
  • For children, get in advance toys, vests or sleeves for swimming in water.
  • Tanning products – prerequisite for kids to avoid sunburn.
  • Follow the presence of a special side curtain from the sun on the door of the machine, if there is no tinting.
  • Do not forget about snacks. Roadside cafes are not always useful for children’s stomachs. Ideal for food in the car there will be light fruits, stare porridge, loaf, cookies.
  • First aid kit and so each driver should be, but if children are also present, better her Adjust the necessary drugs. Medicines are best placed near the air conditioner if it is too hot in the cabin.
  • Replaceable clothes for children, lots of linen.

This is a list of the main need for a child. At your request and opportunities, You can not take with you many suitcases and buy missing remedies or clothes in the resort.

What if the child is capricious on the trip: how to calm and entertain

Children’s whims, cry and whining in long routes – already far from news for advanced parents. But not always conceived ways to cheer the child on the road work, as it should.

About the way to distract and relax the baby in the car it will go further:

  • Can Pre-stock new and inexpensive toys, give them as needed and in turn.
  • Purchase a table for children’s seating in the car – so the child will be able to sculpt, draw, play and do not experience discomfort.
  • You can pamper delicious food, But it is better not to overdo it if the child is strongly defined in the car.
  • At any trip, it is important to stop at least once an hour and give a walk to the child.
  • You need to plan the beginning of a trip to the day’s day dream – it will be some calm hours in stock. Yes, and the child will sleep and will be ready to play.

If the route is too long, it is important in advance Think about overnight. Now easy to find hostels or roadside hotels with toilet and hot water. Overnight in a car with children will not lead to anything good.

Ride on the sea with children’s own car – this Pretty complex vacation option. But the child will still remember a happy family trip for a long time, and parents will gain new knowledge, experience.
The main thing is not to bother on the trifles and enjoy the collaboration!

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